Polished and Volumized Ponytail

Homemade Caramel Corn


The main reason I wanted to share this was to prepare for scarf season! I love wearing scarves in the winter, and recently bought a blanket scarf from Zara, so I need a realistic hairstyle for when I plan on wearing this really thick scarf!

It could so easily be made more polished, and I hope the sectioning trick helps you get a good deal of volume when you recreate this on yourself!







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Leslie says · 10.28.15

I was just getting ready for the day by pulling my second day hair into a ponytail and complaining to myself that it had no volume. Guess what I’m going to try? 🙂

Becki says · 10.28.15

Great tutorial. I just bought a few blanket scarves and you are right, they do need a good pony! Thank you..

Edith says · 10.28.15

What can I use in this style to stop the humidity monstrosity I always get on top of my head? Apart from the hairspray that is.

Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says · 10.28.15

Your hair, as always, looks gorgeous!

Her Heartland Soul

Melissa G says · 10.28.15

Love it. Unfortunately my hair isn’t long enough to look like that, however I might be able to make it work.

Please share with us where you got your shirt and necklaces? I recognize one from your sister!

Melissa G says · 10.28.15

Ok…the shirt looks sort of Gap to me, but couldn’t find it there. It looks so comfy, and I love the color!

Cheryl says · 10.29.15

I’m pretty sure the shirt is Ann Taylor Loft

Melissa says · 10.29.15

Just went in there, and couldn’t find anything like it! Bummed!

Joy says · 10.28.15

I think you read minds! I have been wondering how to spruce up my ponytail!

P.S. Thanks for letting me interrupt a few minutes of family time at the fair to say hello. I felt like I had met a celebrity ;)~

Sarah says · 10.28.15

What a great tutorial! My hair is a bit shorter, but I think I’ll be able to make this work. You’ve got the most pleasant voice … very good for teaching!

Diana says · 10.28.15

Yes, would love to know where the shirt and necklaces are from – and love the tutorial. I always see women with these kinds of ponytails and mine always look terrible. Thanks!

Natalie says · 10.28.15

This is such a great tutorial, thank you for sharing! I also love the length of your hair, by the way. It looks really goo!

Meg says · 10.28.15

Ah this tutorial makes me want longer hair again. My hair is way too short for this. You always make it look so easy. Beautiful!


Dominique says · 10.28.15

Great tutorial! I can never get my pony to get too much volume!


adrianne says · 10.28.15

Since I am wearing a curl today, which will be a wave tomorrow, this will be my Day 3 hair!

I also loved seeing you go through the process. I loved seeing that, just like me, the in between stages are a little funny looking. A little giggle to brighten up my morning!

Beth says · 10.28.15

I love this! Thanks for the tips. Since following your blog (at least 2 years now) I am much more comfortable trying new styles and I know how to tease my hair correctly now. Someone recently told me they wished they could be bold and try new styles like I do. Score! All thanks to Kate and her awesome hair tutorials!

Lindsey says · 10.28.15

I love this! I am really enjoying these newer tutorials with your longer hair. Our hair is about the same length now so some of the shorter hair undo vids just don’t work! Thank you 🙂

Maggie says · 10.28.15

Thanks for the helpful ponytail tutorial. Just something to note for future tutorials (I love that you are getting into them again!) – I think the background music was just a smidge too loud and was distracting while you talked, and photos at the end didnt your hair justice. As a long time reader of your blog, I’ve loved the hair tutorials and I always recommend them to friends!

Evelina says · 10.28.15

I love the way a full pony looks with a chunky scarf. great video!

Clever Girl Reviews says · 10.28.15


Kristin S says · 10.28.15

I still use your two tricks from years ago to get a good pony: clip up the crown and then let it go after securing pony and if that’s not high enough, stabbing in a few bobby pins (though that sometimes gives me a headache)

Catherine says · 10.29.15

Great tutorial! My hair is getting longer, so I definitely have to try this. 🙂 And I also need to try incorporating powder in my daily hair routine. My hair is very soft and the teasing I do never holds for more than 10 minutes, though I love the look of volume.

Thanks, Kate!

Nicole says · 10.29.15

I love this tutorial! You make it look so easy when you take it step-by-step. Thank you!! My one issue is that anytime I try to wrap my ponytail, the hair eventually falls out of the bobby pin. Do you have any suggestions? I think wrapping your ponytail gives it a nice finished look, which is great for the office, but I just can’t seem to make it work.

Amanda says · 11.02.15

I wrap my ponytail a lot. I tuck the end through my ponytail holder – also I need a larger, stronger one instead of a clear elastic. It holds all day!

Laura says · 10.29.15

Great tutorial! What color nail polish are you wearing? I love it!

sahara says · 10.29.15

I really enjoyed watching your hair tutorials please upload more!


Katherine says · 10.29.15

Oh geez. I’ve been liking the shoulder length bob I recently got…until I saw the pic of your beautiful long thick ponytail. Now I wish my hair was long enough to do that. Wahhhh?

April says · 10.29.15

I have a long bob and tried this today and had flipped up ends everywhere. I’m not quite sure what to do to fix that. Any suggestions? Thanks and I love your blog!

Abbie E. says · 10.29.15 Reply
Ami says · 10.30.15

You look great in that blue shirt! Thanks for the tutorial.

Kelly says · 10.30.15

I love this tutorial. I avoid wearing my hair up very often because I have such a hard time doing it myself but I will try following your tips! I have a lot of very fine hair and have trouble doing the soft effortless look that is so pretty, but this seems like the tutorial yo follow for that.

Laura says · 10.31.15

Kate, you are just too darling! You crack me up. I cant wait to use this during the winter.

Julie says · 11.01.15

You’ve talked before about how you are a loud breather and always sound short of breath.. have you ever been tested for asthma?

Kate says · 11.01.15

I’m only short of breath when I’m pregnant 🙂

gina says · 11.01.15

Great tutorial! What lipstick are you wearing here?

Arianna says · 11.03.15

Beautiful! This is the Serena VDW pony-tale. absolutely stunning!


Donna says · 11.07.15

I watched your ponytail video and you make everything look so easy. I did mine in a ponytail last Sunday and although it was better and I even received compliments, I still have a difficult time getting my ponytail to stay lifted up. I love it as I’m putting the elastic band on it, but as soon as I let go, the weight of my hair (which is heavy as I have a lot)

Donna says · 11.07.15

oops, sorry I somehow hit send before I was ready.
Message continues from above:
The weight of my hair causes everything to drop down. Not sure if I’m explaining it well enough for you to understand. I place my ponytail toward the middle of the back of my head, and it has a nice lift to it, but as soon as I put the elastic in and let it go, it droops down. I’ve tried bobby pins and even hair combs under the ponytail to push it back up or hold it, but not successful. Any tips on what Im doing wrong would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Kate.

Patty says · 09.20.18

Some where in your blog a list of products would be Amazing!