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One of the very first beauty services I performed while in beauty school was a chin wax. That’s right folks. Picture me, 17 years old, bursting with excitement to be at the stage of beauty school where I could work on clients in the education salon, and I’m next on the list for whoever walks in the door. And that woman, who was totally kind and sweet, needed a chin wax.

Despite it being perhaps the least glamourous of the beauty skills I had honed over the prior year or so, I still took good care of her and waxed her chin until there wasn’t a single stray left.

I think she tipped me $1.00. And I’m pretty sure we weren’t allowed to keep those tips so. . .there’s that.

Anyway, waxing. It’s one of those things that many of us need to do. Even those of us who don’t think they need to sometimes need to. And if waxing isn’t your thing there are a lot of other methods to try, but I happen to have a waxing pot so that’s what I do for my home eyebrow and lip waxing!

This is the wax pot and some of the applicators and strips I have. I’ve used it for years in the salon, and now use it at home.

My eyebrows are pretty thin to begin with, but I still like to reinforce the shape. I walked through the process slowly in the video, sharing tips to reduce redness (and pain!) as I went!

My biggest takeaway, if I had to choose one, is to shape your eyebrows with either a pencil or whatever you use to fill your eyebrows, to ensure you don’t over-wax. It’s better to stay conservative with the hair removal and to remove too much! While I’m talking about it, the Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil by Hourglass (I use platinum blonde) has been a recent favorite, with Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil being second in line.

I love this simple video for a basic brow filling/scultping routine!

Alright, I’ll stop waxing on about waxing because I’m starting to feel unruly and my puns need to be ripped off with a strip of muslin fabric. Oh, that last one didn’t work.

Happy waxing! Hope you aren’t as red as you usually are after using the trick I shared in the video!


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Caitlin says · 10.19.15

Love this! What brand of wax do you use?

Chantall says · 10.19.15

It’s linked just above the video 🙂

Caitlin says · 10.19.15

Thank you! Totally missed that link 🙂

Kristin S says · 10.19.15

I can’t even fathom doing that to myself! You are a professional. Whew. I held my breath while you pulled. No kidding.

I kinda adore Allison at my waxing salon. I have a boatload of coarse eyebrows and would be so afraid to do my own.

Kim says · 10.19.15

Thank you for this! I’ve never tried home waxing, but I’m always too lazy to make it out to get them professionally done!

Kim .. FAST fall makeup!

Brandi Major says · 10.19.15

You made this look very easy! Not sure I am brave enough to try this on myself! 🙂

Samantha says · 10.19.15

Thanks for posting! I waxed my own eyebrows for years, but have gotten lazy about it and have been plucking lately. This inspires me to get some new wax and get back to it! What brand of wax do you use? GiGi’s like the pot? Your waxed looked much nicer and creamier than what I was using!

April Jo says · 10.19.15

I made the mistake of letting it drip onto my lashes one day!!!! Now….**THAT** hurt! Plus, I was missing lashes for a while!

I have done my own brows for YEARS. But now, my eyesight is changing and I just may have to go get them done. I hate that.

Let me ask you this… you think that waxing your upper lip makes it wrinkle faster? So many women who I see that have wrinkle upper lips seem to either wax or smoke. What do you think? ( I know that may sound crazy but its just something I have noticed ) I use cream remover on my upper lip. Am considering it for my brows too.

Amber says · 10.19.15

I’ve been debating on which waxing kit to use, so thanks for the recommendation! It’s on order!

Flávia says · 10.19.15

Wow! I´ll definitely try that!

Jaclyn says · 10.19.15

I wish i could do this myself! Too much of a chicken! Ha!

Nearlyyummymummy says · 10.19.15

Desperately need to do my brows – does anyone know if you can get hold of that waxing kit in the UK? Xxx

Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says · 10.19.15

You are brave! I know myself and know I would mess up so I just pay the $15 to have it done to me! haha

Her Heartland Soul

Tracy Dugan says · 10.19.15

Genius! I absolutely love this. Thank you for posting it 🙂

Mishelle says · 10.19.15

I too wax my own eyebrows. I actually had a horrific experience when I was younger. I think around 15 or so… My mom took me to this really nice salon in Illinois. I was excited to actually have 2 separate eyebrows! So there’s that. lol

Fast forward 30 minutes… I had a huge chunk of skin missing and was left with a pretty decent sized scar. I’m not sure if it was because it was too hot, the way she pulled or a combo of both. But it was awful! I never went to get them done or trusted ANYONE to do them again. *I did however let one girl in beauty school thread them. She knew what she was doing and my eyebrows were hers for a short time. But for all the other wax stuff, I did it and said they did so they could get the credit lol

We (my mom and I) use the same GiGi brand. We buy it at Sally’s though. They have similar kits that you can actually just warm up in your microwave. Which I love. I can shape them the way I want and I love that. AND, if there are every any more scars (which I’ve yet to experience almost 15 years later), then it’s MY fault! Not someone else’s!

ellen says · 10.19.15

I don’t think I could ever wax my own, too scared

Chrissy says · 10.19.15

Do you have any suggestions on good wax to use for … ahem… bikini waxes at home?! I have tried the Veet ones but always end up with horrible red bumps and razor burn. I end up just paying a salon to do it, but it’s so expensive and I would love to be able to just do it at home! Thanks 🙂

Nicole says · 10.19.15

While this is a handy video, as an Esthetician who waxes brows daily, I’d highly suggest NOT putting the whole strip over your whole brow while waxing. Especially if you are just learning/trying it out at home. If you put a little too much wax on, then smush the strip, you won’t be able to see if you smushed it into the rest of your brow until you yank off more than you intended. Put the edge of the strip over the wax to the edge of the brow, so you can see the rest of the eyebrow. (If you see any hairs in the wax you want left, you will be able to see the mistake beforehand & get those hairs out of the wax.) Then pull.

Sara says · 10.19.15

Thanks for the tips!

I, too, have thinner , blonde brows. I love the clean look of waxed brows, but I always break out where the hairs used to be. Do you have any tips for reducing breakouts after waxing?

Thanks ! 🙂

Kayleigh says · 10.23.15

I’m not a professional or anything, but my best friend is… She told me not to use the same stick twice in the waxing pot. So after you’ve dipped it in the wax and touched it to your skin throw it away and get a clean one. It will keep the wax from being contaminated. I save sticks by breaking them in half on the edge of my counter before using. Sometimes I still break out, but the pimples are smaller now. Also, I used to put baby oil (to get excess wax off) & aloe vera (to calm the skin) on after I waxed, but I’ve stopped doing that and rarely have breakouts anymore. I usually wax in the morning before I shower so when I’m done I use my routine face wash in the shower. I think that helps.

Abby says · 10.20.15

Trust me- we have like the same eyebrows! Try gimme brow by benefit and Kat Von d tattoo felt tip pencil! New favorite loves

Diane says · 10.20.15

This post was so helpful! Thank you for the heads up on the Gigi waxing kit. I have had no luck with the cold wax kits you can get at the drug store. I have had luck with Zip hot wax, but have also had some burns with it too. This Gigi kit seems like a much safer and effective method. I have also used the Sally Hansen creme hair remover, but I don’t like the idea of letting those chemicals sit on my face, plus it is not intended to be used near the eyes.

Amanda says · 10.20.15

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but my eyebrow guy passed away 🙁 He was the best, a sweet old Asian man that should have quit smoking but that’s what ultimately took him. I think he did my eyebrows for 8 years or so, loved him. He made fun of how much eyebrow hair I had calling me “monkey girl,” lol. RIP Tony, and my perfectly shaped eyebrows.

Sherry says · 10.20.15

Still wondering what shade of polish that is…lol. 😉

Amanda says · 10.20.15

What is your favorite place in Cary/Apex/Raleigh to get your brows waxed?

Lynette says · 10.20.15

To avoid red bumps/rash, use Desitin (yes diaper rash ointment). Put it on immediately after waxing, leave for 1 hour, wash it off.

Michelle says · 10.20.15

This is an awesome video! Thanks for the tips, I’ve always wanted to my own eyebrows but never could find a wax that worked, though I’ve pretty much only tried Nair and Sally Hansen. I think I’ll definitely go and get them done beforehand and then just maintain, as you mentioned, because I’ve definitely got darker & thicker brows!

Katelyn says · 10.21.15

My first beauty school client was a chin wax too! But poor thing was growing a beard and really needed to be hard waxed. I tried my best and NOTHING came off with the wax strip, I was mortified! Gotta love beauty school memories!

Amber says · 04.03.16

I watched the video and I am interested in doing this at home versus getting it done at the salon. I followed the link to Amazon to purchase the wax, and after reviewing comments and other brands, I am more confused than ever. Could you make a blog on the exact essentials to what you need? It looks like the kit comes with extra stuff that people don’t use. What is the cheapest route to get what you need?