Lash Fibers + Mascara Routine



I’ve been using fibers along with mascara for awhile now. I love the bulk and length it adds to my lashes, but the commitment to applying them is not for the faint of heart! I’ve tried several different kinds of fibers, and the three I’ll touch on are Tarte’s Best in Faux Lash Extending Fibers, Cherry Blooms, and Younique Moonstruck 3D Lashes.

The fibers I used the longest, and had the easiest time with, are Tarte’s Best in Faux. My main gripe with the other two sets (Cherry Blooms and Younique) was the gel mascara that went on to “seal” the fibers. I hated that stuff! The fibers, though, from all three kits are pretty darn good.

I found that the Cherry Blooms lean toward the shorter end of the spectrum in terms of length, but it was still rather easy to slowly add length layer by layer. Tarte’s fibers were the cleanest of the bunch for me, and Younique’s fibers were the longest and probably required the most “fine tuning” after application. So, each product has it’s ups and downs, but I found that they all added bulk and length to my lashes in one way or another.

I no longer even attempt to use the gel mascara that comes in the Cherry Blooms or Younique kits, instead I use my favorite mascara with the fibers.

Because I’ve gotten a few questions about it, I filmed a very short and rather boring tutorial to show you the process that I follow with the fibers. To some it will seem tedious and pointless, but I hope this helps if you are curious about the whole fiber lash phenomenon.

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  1. Posted July 3, 2015

    Thanks for giving Younique a good name! 🙂 I would love for you to try their new formula being released July 15th to get your opinion of it then. As always, I love your blog, content, and your sweet little family!

  2. Victoria says
    Posted July 3, 2015

    I have been wanting to try this!!!:) you are amazing Kate!! Do your lashes feel heavier than usual?

  3. Lisa says
    Posted July 3, 2015

    How do you remove your mascara? I find that unless I use tube mascara, I wind up with serious raccoon eyes. Even if I think I’ve gotten it all, I inevitably wake up with big smears underneath my eyes. I’d love to try “regular” mascara and fibers, but just don’t know the best way to remove!

    • Kacie M. says
      Posted July 3, 2015

      Lisa, I use the Almay Longwear and Waterproof Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Pads (and have for years)… they’re so great at getting everything off and not leaving anything leftover like other eye makeup removers I’ve used in the past. I highly recommend it to anyone!
      This works for any type of mascara, including Fibers – which I just started using Younique into my routine.

      • Lisa says
        Posted July 3, 2015

        Thank you! I will make a Target run and try these out tonight!!

      • Posted July 3, 2015

        I wear younique everyday and I love ponds makeup remover wipes. Kate inspired me 🙂 I love the pink package scent and sometimes can only find them online (so I stock up). 1 wipe removes my makeup and fiber lashes and I do not have to wet it!

    • Kayleigh says
      Posted July 5, 2015

      I use a cotton ball & baby oil. Super cheap & works great!

  4. Kara says
    Posted July 3, 2015

    I’ve found using latisse to grow my own lashes long is much easier, and more natural looking. I can’t say enough about latisse, it’s amazing how long my lashes have gotten.

    • Dana Dean says
      Posted July 3, 2015

      I love how latisse makes my lashes grow as well, but my eyes are so red the next day afte I use it. Do you find that as well?

      • Lisa says
        Posted July 4, 2015

        I’ve been using Latisse for over a year and the redness subsides, you have to use to it every night though before you go to bed, very important to always use it and not to skip a day 🙂

  5. Evelina says
    Posted July 3, 2015

    Happy 4th of July to you and your family!

  6. Leigh says
    Posted July 3, 2015

    I LOVE fiber lashes. Have used Younique and even off-brand from a “Groupon”-type site. I make sure to start with a coat of my regular mascara, then the gel, then the fiber and then 2 coats of the gel. I like Kate’s suggestion of ending with another coat of my mascara. I have used up to 3 coats of the fibers for a crazy- dramatic look. The only time I have an issue with clumping is when I apply multiple coats of the fibers. I just make sure to separate with the gel step.

    For removal, I use Neutrogena make-up removal wipes. If I have really piled it on, I follow with a little coconut oil and tissue to remove the rest.

  7. Rachel says
    Posted July 3, 2015

    What is it about the Younique gel that you don’t like? I’ve never used fiber mascara before, but I’d like to try it. I have several friends who sell Younique, but I’m not anout to pay that much for something I may not even like or use.

    • Posted July 3, 2015

      I can’t speak for Kate, but I’m sure your friends who are younique presenters have told you that they have a love it guarantee. You literally have nothing to lose by trying it. I love younique and don’t feel that my lashes feel any stiffer than regular mascara, but that could be depending on that mascara you use?

  8. Carla says
    Posted July 3, 2015

    I’m totally there with you that I wasn’t a fan of the gel. I honestly threw the gel away and kept the fibres because I was pretty upset about all the money I’d spent to not love it. However I’m totally going to try your trick here. I don’t need the length as I was pretty lucky in that sense that my lashes are more of an annoyance and brush my glasses so I have to make sure everything is good and dry before putting them on (really need to go back down the contact road again), but I’d like them to be fuller looking. Thank you so much for this “boring” tutorial! 🙂

  9. Jenny says
    Posted July 3, 2015

    The Younique fibers would often fall into my eyes during application and it was actually quite painful… same with the similar fiber mascara from Too Faced. Tarte’s fiber mascara is the best in my opinion. But, I often don’t use it because I like to do a quick swipe of regular mascara and be done (because I’m lazy, haha).
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  10. Kate says
    Posted July 3, 2015

    You may have already heard this, but the Jordana Best Lash Extreme mascara is an amazing dupe for the Tarte lights camera lashes, which is my favorite as well. It’s only like $3.99 from walgreen’s!

  11. Leslie R. says
    Posted July 3, 2015

    While trying fibers for the first time a coworker suggested that I use my hairdryer to “set” the mascara. It worked very well. I didn’t even feel I needed to “adjust” my lashes afterwards. I would just put on a low warm setting for 2 secs and then zap with the cold setting a sec. Just an idea. Thanks for all the great tips!

  12. Laurel says
    Posted July 3, 2015

    A friend gave me a set of the Younique Moonstruck 3D fiber lashes as a birthday gift and I love them! I wondered if I could use the fibers with my own mascara since I’m also not a huge fan of the gel, but wasn’t sure how they would turn out. Thanks to your tutorial, I think I will!!

  13. Whitney says
    Posted July 3, 2015

    I am so impressed that you can apply mascara without getting it all over your lid. I look like a hot mess when I’m applying and have to do some serious clean up with a q-tip. Love the idea of using fibers along with your favorite mascara. Lovely as always 🙂

  14. Kim says
    Posted July 3, 2015

    Thank you so much for this post. My lashes are long, but thin and I have been wondering about fibers since they seem to be the new thing. Question- how long did it take everyone to get the hang of using them? Kate makes it look so easy, but she also said she’s been doing this for a while.

  15. Posted July 3, 2015

    OK, I’m pulling these out again. I did it once and was so frustrated with them all in my eyeballs for the whole day. I have the tarte ones.

    • Posted July 3, 2015

      And, now I see my problem. I followed the instructions on the box and didn’t do 4-5 layers. I’ll give it a try but I don’t think I’m that patient…

  16. Caitlin says
    Posted July 3, 2015

    Hey Kate,
    I have short, sparse lashes and I have been putting Vaseline on them at night for about a year now. It moisturizers my lashes (is that a thing?) and makes mascara application way smoother. I used to curl my lashes, I don’t have to do that anymore. I can tell a huge difference from when I put Vaseline on and when I don’t. Thought this might be helpful!

  17. Liza says
    Posted July 3, 2015

    Have you tried a lash lift (Lvl from Nouveau Lashes is the one I have had) Truly an amazing difference. I never bothered about my (thin, straight, pale) lashes until I got them Lvl-ed. Saves all the bother with curling and mascara!

  18. Kim says
    Posted July 3, 2015

    Thank you for sharing this!! i’ve always been curious about lash fibers, but honestly, my concern is moreso how to take them off!

    Kim .. blogging motivation?!

  19. Kelly says
    Posted July 3, 2015

    Any trick to avoiding getting the fibers in your eyes when you apply them? I bought the Tarte brand and have tried 3 different times, but always end up with so many fibers in my eyes I have to wash it off and start over with regular mascara.

  20. Melissa G says
    Posted July 3, 2015

    I have never been a fan of the look of fibers. I personally have never tried them because of that. They just look way too clumpy.

    • val says
      Posted July 4, 2015

      I’m with you Melissa. No offense to Kate or her preference, but any fiber lashes I’ve ever seen look very clumpy and spider-like. Probably because they all require so many coats. I’d rather just put on falsies. They stay curled which is a huge issue for me, nothing is falling in my eyes and I can just add a single coat of clear to seal my own lashes to them.

    • Ann says
      Posted August 30, 2015

      I agree, can’t deal with clumpy, sticky-looking spider lashes. I’m lucky to only have to use one coat of mascara, but even when I use several, I use a Tweezerman metal comb to make sure my lashes are clump-free. Drives me nuts. 🙂

  21. Jenny W says
    Posted July 4, 2015

    One thing that helps my straight lashes is to curl them at the lash line, then I pull my eyelash curler out and curl the middle of my lashes, then I curl just the tips. If I don’t curl all three sections I have NO lashes. I’m loving the UD Perversion mascara with my Tarte fibers right now – perfect combo!

  22. Debbie says
    Posted July 5, 2015

    Love reading your blog. I’ve try using the Younquie fiber and this is totally worthless. I’ve been using the Latisse and loving it. I’ve used it daily for several weeks and now every other day.

  23. Joanna says
    Posted July 6, 2015

    Hi Kate! A quick suggestion for you! I also love the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara but do find that it gets gross by the end of the tube. So I only buy the $10 deluxe travel size, you get through to the end more quickly while the mascara is still pretty fresh. And the price is good too, not a ripoff like most travel sizes ($!0 for .13oz versus $21 for .24oz per the Tarte and Sephora websites)!

  24. Posted July 15, 2015

    What was the name of your eyelash curler again

  25. Dianne Marinari says
    Posted July 22, 2015

    I’m curious to know what you used on your bottom lashes.

  26. Ashley says
    Posted August 8, 2015

    Have you tried heating your eye lash curler with a blow dryer for about 5-10 seconds? I think it would make your lashes curl for you. Thanks for the info I am going to order some tonight!

    • Kate says
      Posted August 9, 2015

      I have and that makes a bit difference!

  27. Miranda says
    Posted October 6, 2016

    The best mascara demo out there!! Great job. you have such beautiful eyes!

  28. Posted May 22, 2018

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