The Foundation I Thought I Wouldn’t Like

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I’m a pretty huge fan of Tarte Cosmetics. I believe I first fell in love with their lip products, and then I became seriously attached to their 12-hour Amazonian Clay blushes

When they launched the “airbrush foundation“, which is a loose powder, I was pretty skeptical but I wanted to try it.

I finally got around to ordering it and it arrived in the mail a few days ago.

I ripped it out of the package, and did a quick swipe of the powder on my hand to text the color match  (that can be tricky when you are shopping online). I picked the shade “light beige”. My first two thoughts were, “this is too dark” and “oh my gosh it going to be so shimmery”. I was bummed. The shimmer seemed over the top and I just knew it would look like I dumped glitter all over my face as soon as I applied it.

Nonetheless, I wanted to try it. So, using the airbrush finish bamboo foundation brush, I applied it just like I would apply bareMinerals loose foundation. Swirl the brush in the product, tap off excess, and buff into the skin. 

 photo tarte12.jpg

Except there was one small problem. There’s nowhere to swirl the brush! I watched an EssieButton review of this product and remembered that she mentioned the same frustration. 

So I tried to make due, but ended up using a lid of another foundation powder to swirl. 

And the end results?

 photo tarte1.jpg

Absolutely beautiful. It was the most dramatic change in opinion I’ve ever had about makeup. While I was applying it I was saying to myself, “my gosh. . . this may be the most beautiful powder foundation I have ever used. . .”

The shimmer I saw when I first tested the product seemed to disappear and leave me with a soft, full coverage foundation that allowed my skin to breathe. For comparison, it blows bareMinerals original foundation out of the water (and I wore/loved that for years). 
 photo tarte2.jpg
It lasted all day, without a single change in coverage or tone. And I kept checking in the mirror to make sure the coverage was still decent. As a liquid foundation user, I like the look of full coverage and sometimes it’s hard for powder foundations to accomplish that.

Of course, I had to use an Amazonian clay blush to finish off my makeup for the day. It nearly pains me to pass up on the opportunity to wear the Hourglass luminous flush blush because it’s so beautiful. 

I also threw on the Amazonian butter lipstick in Angelic Nude and was pleasantly surprised at how lovely the color is. I find nude lipsticks to either be too pink or too brown. But this shade was perfect for me. 

Overall, majorly impressed with the newest Tarte additions to my collection. I had pretty serious skepticism about both of them (the foundation and the lipstick color) but I was left pleased with both! 

*Tarte doesn’t know me from Adam, I bought these products myself. Just a fan trying to share good news about new makeup!

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Comments (113)

  1. Posted April 24, 2014

    I also love their blushes and have been tempted to buy the 12 hr full coverage foundation (liquid/tube). Was the airbrush powder drying at all? I use MAC mineralize now with Estée Lauder double wear light and sometimes by the end if the day! it feels dry. Thanks as always for great honest product reviews…I’ve bought and loved many products based on your reviews/pics., πŸ™‚

    • Kate says
      Posted April 24, 2014

      I didn’t find it to be drying, nope!

  2. Posted April 24, 2014

    Sounds great! Glad you had a positive outcome. Price? Cost of each individually? Thanks, Kate

    • Kate says
      Posted April 24, 2014

      You can click the links and be brought to the product page!

  3. Lori says
    Posted April 24, 2014

    What color/shade did you choose?

    • Barbara says
      Posted June 6, 2014

      “I picked the shade β€œlight beige”” – can be found at the very beginning. πŸ™‚

  4. Kay says
    Posted April 24, 2014

    I LOVE this foundation and have been using it off and on for a few months. I’ve found that eventually, my t zone gets super oily, like more so than with other foundations. I’ve been testing different primers to see if that’s the culprit. Did you use a primer?

    • Jill says
      Posted April 30, 2014

      I agree! It is making me super oily! Oh no!

    • Amanda says
      Posted November 25, 2014

      I’ve been testing out difference primers as well… did not like the one tarte made but I must say I’ve had the best luck with Benefits Pore Professional!! Don’t get oily at all and makes the coverage even better!!!

  5. Posted April 24, 2014

    I love to be surprised by a product! I had the same happen with NYC primer. It was so shimmery in the swatch that I worried, however it melds into the skin and give me a glow.

  6. Posted April 24, 2014

    I love that foundation. I had been using for a while, but just switched back to liquid formula to change it up a bit. Either way Tarte foundations are fabulous!

  7. Posted April 24, 2014

    Oh wow, that looks gorgeous!

  8. Kyllie says
    Posted April 24, 2014

    Tengo muchas ganas de tener esa base, pero me da miedo comprarla sin poder probar el color πŸ™

    Kyllie | Make Up Fragrances

  9. Posted April 24, 2014

    your reviews are bad for my wallettttttttt. now I want to try this!

    • Kate says
      Posted April 24, 2014

      You would love this!

  10. Posted April 24, 2014

    How did you conceal (under-eye) with this product? Bobbi Brown’s color corrector/concealer duo are basically gospel for me, but I have used Tarte’s maracuja concealer as well. I never know what to use with a powder foundation!

  11. Posted April 24, 2014

    Oh, I’ve been tempted by this one since I wear tarte’s full coverage and medium coverage liquid foundations in the winter/spring/fall. This could be perfect for summer.

    Those lip butters. So wonderful. I wonder if they’d be so great without the adorable packaging? Yes, they would. I’ve worn them for a few years. AND that blush. I love it too! It’s the only blush (NARS O included) that doesn’t disappear on my face by day’s end.

  12. Katie P says
    Posted April 24, 2014

    That looks awesome. I was a faithful Bare Minerals user for years (at least 5) until it started seeming to settle into the very fine lines I had, and made me look strange. An aesthetician friend of mine told me around that time, they started adding talc to their foundation and that was why I saw a change. Anyway, I’ve been looking for another mineral foundation to try, looks like I’ll be trying this one! ONE QUESTION – what sort of concealer did you use with it? (if any)

  13. Carmen says
    Posted April 24, 2014

    I have become a solid fan of everything in the Tarte line. I’ve converted a number of people to the full coverage foundation – with the brush, it’s the only way – and think I’ll try this one next. Thanks for the review!

  14. Posted April 24, 2014

    I would love to try this, but don’t think I could afford to buy the special brush. Do you think I could find a similar brush at Target?

  15. Posted April 24, 2014

    super awesome! i may just give this a try

  16. Posted April 24, 2014

    How do you think it would hold up on oily skin?

  17. Posted April 24, 2014

    Impressing that your opinion changed this much! I like the texture based on your photo, it looks really soft! Pretty!

  18. Posted April 24, 2014

    Oooo, I’ve been looking for a full coverage powder foundation, this looks awesome. Do you think it would hold up well in high heat/humidity? I’m getting ready to move to Honduras and it is HOT HOT HOT there. Or does anyone have a suggestion for something that would work better under those conditions?

    • Posted April 24, 2014

      I just read your estee lauder double wear light review…any thoughts on which of these would hold up better in high humidity? Thanks! Aleassa

    • Kate says
      Posted April 24, 2014

      probably double wear since it’s a liquid?

    • Posted April 24, 2014

      Thank you! I’ll have to try it!

  19. Posted April 24, 2014

    Absolutely Lovely! I’ve been thinking about purchasing a loose foundation. I believe I just found the one! I too adore Tarte Products. Beautiful and good for the skin. Many thanks for your recommendations!

  20. Laura says
    Posted April 24, 2014

    I have this foundation and mine has a little mesh like thing over the foundation so you do have a place to swirl it. Maybe they have recently updated the container?

    • Kate says
      Posted April 24, 2014

      nope, it’s the same. I just have a lot of product in the pan which is why I prefer a lid!

  21. Posted April 24, 2014

    I bought this foundation a few months ago and fell in love with it too! i swear by it! I’m so happy to see you reviewed it (I did too, but you have more of a reach! haha) so that others can know about this awesome product!!!

  22. Posted April 24, 2014

    This has been on my “to-try” list since I saw Estee talk about it! It looks so nice πŸ™‚

  23. Posted April 24, 2014

    Any tips on what color to order? I always buy the lightest liquid foundation possible. I’m fair skinned but wouldn’t consider myself porcelain or pale. I was surprised that this shade is #4 up. Not sure if I have pink or yellow undertones. Any suggestions?

  24. Posted April 24, 2014

    I have this foundation and really like it but I find that it settles into the pores on my nose and cheeks and can look a bit cakey. It only happens in those spots. I’ve tried a few different primers but haven’t found anything that works. I use this with the the tarte airbuki brush, Any suggestions to help prevent this? I really like the way it makes my skin look except for those few little trouble spots.

    • Amanda says
      Posted November 25, 2014

      Benefits Pore Professional! ! It’s amazing and a little goes a long way!

  25. Posted April 24, 2014

    Kate you might want to try the shorter kabuki brush they make. It’s made specifically for this foundation. I find that it works better because you just press into the mesh and then tap instead of having to swirl like Bare Minerals. πŸ™‚ Hope this helps!

  26. Posted April 24, 2014

    When Fresh stopped making make up, I had to find a new product, which saddened me. Then the ladies at Sephora stuck that cool gadget on my face and color matched me with a Tarte foundation. I’m so in love with all things Tarte. I use the foundation, the powder, and the blush. I am not a fan of powder foundations for the very reason you provided, not enough coverage. I might have to try this one now since I’m a huge Tarte fan, and I value your opinion. Thanks for the review! πŸ™‚

    Little Bit of WoWe

  27. Lex says
    Posted April 24, 2014

    Hello πŸ™‚ What color in the “Amazonian Clay Blush” are you wearing? Thanks!

  28. Posted April 24, 2014

    I’ve been using bareminerals forever and wanted to try something new, can’t wait to get this I just ordered through

  29. Posted April 24, 2014

    Have you ever tried MAC StudioFix powder foundation? I am curious to know if it has the same coverage? That is my go-to weekend makeup. Looks really pretty on.

  30. Posted April 24, 2014

    I ordered the Hourglass Luminous Flush blush and I AM IN LOVE! I know it’s pricey but you get a lot of blush and a lot of color payoff so you don’t have to use a ton. I have oily skin so I was nervous about the “shimmer” but it is a true glow. Beautiful. Thank you for the tip!

  31. Posted April 24, 2014

    You have me desperate to try the blush, and now I HAVE to try the foundation too πŸ™‚ Glad you love it πŸ™‚

  32. Posted April 24, 2014

    What is your favourite Tarte product then???! And is that the only foundation they do?

  33. Anna says
    Posted April 24, 2014

    So refreshing to see a blogger review that isn’t sponsored by the products being reviewed, thank you! I’m in the market for a lighter summer foundation, I’m a liquid girl in the winter, this will definitely be the first one I try!

  34. Posted April 24, 2014

    Ouch, out of my budget with a toddler at home & working part time. I can forget the fancy brush, too πŸ™
    I do have a relevant question tho: I am having a lot of allergies this spring & blow my nose a lot. I find that my foundation/powder rubs off after the 1st or 2nd blow! Any tips, besides having to reapply 37x a day?!?

  35. Posted April 24, 2014

    Oh my gosh. I think I would buy that lipstick based solely on the packaging!!! TOO stinking cute!!!! And love that lip color on you! Very soft and feminine.

  36. Posted April 24, 2014

    Great review! Can I ask what face primer you wear under it?

  37. Posted April 24, 2014

    This looks great on you xx

    BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

  38. Posted April 24, 2014

    I have been using almost only Tarte products for about a year now and I just love them all. You neeeed to try their Amazonian Clay BB Illuminating Moisturizer, either or both of the poreless or brightening primers, and their light, camera, flashes mascara! But my favorite of all, marscuja c-brighter eye treatment!! Love your blog!

  39. Posted April 24, 2014


    I usually try to get no products with shimmer — I have less than perfect skin and shimmery stuff tends to attract MORE attention to spots rather than less. Did you find that this makeup did that? I’m a huge fan of Tarte and Hourglass too!

  40. Posted April 24, 2014

    Could you do a with and without post that shows the drastic change with using this powder foundation? You always have such porcelain fine skin, that it’s hard to understand what is so impressive about this product. I trust your opinions tons too, it would be just very helpful to see a before and after if you wouldn’t mind?

  41. Pam says
    Posted April 24, 2014

    Last summer I switched from my annual trek to the MAC counter to find a better foundation for my uneven skin.

    I was in ULTA browsing, which I never really do, and TARTE was having an event.

    It has been life changing.

    I purchased the Amazonian Clay 12-hour FUll coverage foundation and love, love, love it. I also received a small gift of Amazonian Clay Fresh Finished Powder and love that as well. It wasn’t in my budget to purshase their brush so I use one from ELF at Target. So far I like it but I still want to get the TARTE foundation brush.

    So happy to have found a great product and glad that you agree!

  42. Abby says
    Posted April 24, 2014

    Oh man, I might need to try this! I am always on the hunt for the “perfect” foundation, even though I do have a few that I really enjoy. I used Bare Minerals for years and really liked it, so I’m very interested in trying something that “blows it out of the water”! haha! Thanks for the awesome review. πŸ™‚

    xo Always, Abby

  43. Posted April 24, 2014

    I have that foundation along with their liquid one. I have only ever used it at a setting powder to get that matte look after applying the liquid one, never on its own, I’m excited to try it the way you described it:)

  44. Posted April 24, 2014

    have you used the nars undereye coverup yet? i know you tried the bobbi brown the other day and i was just wondering which you preferred! πŸ™‚

  45. Posted April 24, 2014

    Ooh I’ve been really curious about their brush but never thought about this foundation! My skin tends to be a little on the dry side.. is the just for oily skin or could I use it?

  46. Terri G says
    Posted April 24, 2014

    I completely agree, so much better than Bare Minerals! I’m very fair as well so it took me a couple of exchanges to get the correct color but love, love, love this as an alternative to wearing liquid everyday. I also saw it on Essie!

  47. Posted April 24, 2014

    That looks incredible!!! How long do you think the foundation container would last you?? I’m trying to decide if it is worth spending the $35.

  48. Posted April 24, 2014

    I’ve added another post to my blog…My Self-Tanning Routine! please, please check it out!

  49. Posted April 24, 2014

    You’ve got me wanting to run over to Ulta! Those trips are not as frequent with a newborn baby! Did you go a little darker with the lowlights? Love the color!!

  50. Posted April 24, 2014

    I’m excited to hear you say this – I like Bare Minerals but I’m not 100% sold on them – but this I’ve been super curious about and I’m happy to hear a 2nd review!!!

  51. Posted April 24, 2014

    I currently use the Tarte liquid foundation and LOVE it, but I want something lighter for the summer. How do you think this would hold up in the heat and humidity?

  52. Dorian says
    Posted April 24, 2014

    Do you notice a smell? I loved bare minerals but had to stop using it because the smell just killed me but I love tarte eye shadows.

  53. Posted April 24, 2014

    That is so funny that you love bare minerals and switched to the Tarte amazonian powder foundation because I did the same thing after hearing so many youtube bloggers rave about it! I love it too, it has really great coverage, I don’t like using liquid foundation so the fact that Tarte’s covers like a liquid is amazing! And i also agree with the packaging, its really weird to use. Did you cut the net part off of the base? it looks like you did, does that make the product easier to get out of the tub?

  54. Posted April 24, 2014

    I started using this foundation last summer and LOVE it. It’s the only foundation I’ve ever felt really works for my skin, and I’ve basically tried everything. I love that it seems to absorb oil without resulting in a finish that is flat and too matte. Many makeups claim to look and feel natural, but this one truly lives up to that claim. I pair it with a Tarte primer that also feels light and natural. For years, I’ve had problems with breakouts, and my skin is sensitive to different products, but I feel like Tarte has actually helped improve my skin since I started using it. I recommend it to people all the time, especially others with problem skin.

  55. Posted April 24, 2014

    I’ve been debating about trying this product out because I am little disappointed with my Mary Kay mineral powder lately. Do you recommend the foundation brush like yours or the airbuki brush that Essie used in her video?

    • Posted April 29, 2014

      I am wondering the same thing πŸ™‚

  56. Posted April 24, 2014

    Thanks for this review, just ran out of foundation so thought I’d give this a try!

  57. Posted April 24, 2014

    I have been using this foundation for a couple months now and just love it! I also bought the foundation buffer brush Tarte has and it makes application a breeze plus it’s a really nice brush. The bristles reach into the cloth over the powder and grabs just the right amount of powder for your whole face. Love Tarte makeup!

  58. Posted April 24, 2014


  59. kalin says
    Posted April 24, 2014

    As a faithful bareMinerals wearer, this post has me SO excited to try tarte’s!!! It’s funny…I’ve noticed that because I also crave the look of full coverage foundation without the heavy feel of it, I’ve been compensating for my powder foundation by using a lot of CC cream each morning (which I do like– IT Cosmetics’ CC is amazing!) before applying my bareMinerals. Looks like I might actually be able to save money by switching to this foundation and using little-to-no CC cream! Thanks for such an honest, descriptive review! πŸ™‚

  60. Posted April 24, 2014

    As an avid bareMinerals users I have always been skeptical of trying another loose powder. I love Tarte lipsticks but I’ve never thought of trying their foundation. Your honest and descriptive review has made me want to try it too, thanks!

  61. Posted April 24, 2014

    I was just lamenting that now that I’m in my late 30s it looks like I need to start wearing foundation daily. I’m just too splotchy these days. I hate the “feel” of foundation on my face so this sounds like a great choice, but I do get dry patches, does a powder foundation work with combination/dry skin?

  62. Posted April 24, 2014

    This looks AMAZING!!! I have used the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour Liquid Foundation (not sure of the full name it’s too long) for a while now and I really like it. But now with summer coming up it maybe nice to just use a powder foundation because my face does get oily. I may have to give this a try! It literally looks flawless on you! Thanks for a great post!

  63. Suzanna says
    Posted April 24, 2014

    Hey Kate! I love your blog! What color tarte and hourglass blush do you use? Thanks.

  64. Misti_W says
    Posted April 24, 2014

    Have you tried the Tarte BB Primer yet? It is a 12 hour formula with SPF 30 in it. Let me tell you, it is a game changer! I love the light coverage and the finish is silky smooth. It feels powder soft. Your posts have really inspired me to try out things in their line and I have had nothing but GREAT results. Next time you are in Sephora grab a sample of the BB. I guarantee you will not regret it!

  65. Posted April 24, 2014

    I love tarte. I have been waiting for them to make a mineral foundation!!! Gonna have to get it when I have the funds.

  66. Kim says
    Posted April 24, 2014

    Do any of you know if this works well for people that have large pores? I had someone try the Bare Minerals makeup on me at Ulta and it didn’t look so good. My pores stood out something awful. I would love to be able to wear a powder foundation but I’d be afraid to order it not knowing if it would work.

  67. Posted April 24, 2014

    I bought this foundation as soon as Essiebutton recommend it and I also fell in love with it. I also bought the matching tinted primer and the combo is amazing!

  68. Posted April 25, 2014

    I adore this foundation!! The trick is to get a lot on the brush before applying which I didn’t realize at first, but now I love it!
    Maddy @

  69. Posted April 25, 2014

    Wow thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to try this foundation now! The coverage looks great and natural.

  70. jessica says
    Posted April 25, 2014

    Hmm great…now you are making me want to try this foundation very badly! Not good especially after I told myself I would lay off on the makeup buying. Rude! – as you would say. πŸ˜‰

  71. Meegan says
    Posted April 29, 2014

    I just bought this foundation off of Tarte’s website! They have a great Mother’s Day Deal where you can get a bag, foundation, foundation brush, blush, eye shadow, and lip stick for $59! I figured I couldn’t beat that deal!

    • Nicola says
      Posted April 30, 2014

      Can you put the link to this deal up? I didn’t see it on the Tarte website. Thanks!

  72. Posted April 29, 2014

    HI Kate! I bought this foundation and was curious why you aren’t using the “kabuki” brush. I realize you already owned the other brush but I was wondering if it had the same type of coverage vs the kabuki brush that is made for that product.

  73. Sereina says
    Posted April 29, 2014

    I’ve heard good things about Tarte and this foundation sounds amazing!

  74. Posted April 30, 2014

    Oooo la la! So beautiful! I think I might have to give this a try. I have been feeling really weighed down by make-up lately, but I still want the coverage. I’m not a glitter dumped on my face fan either…this might be the answer to my issues. Thank you so much for sharing it looks really stunning on you!

    That Comfort Girl

  75. Amanda says
    Posted April 30, 2014

    Thank you SO much for this suggestion! I definitely need a full coverage foundation, but I haven’t found one that I am really in love with. After reading this post, I went ahead and ordered this and I don’t think I will ever be the same. Thanks again!

  76. Carmen says
    Posted May 1, 2014

    Hi! I bought this foundation after your review, and I really like it, all though I think I may need to go one shade lighter. I use a thick cream concealer, and I don’t know if they work well together. (this is my first time using a powder foundation) What type of concealer do you use with powder foundation? And do you put on before or after? Thanks in advance!

  77. Shauntelle says
    Posted May 1, 2014

    Hello- I also just switched from Bare Minerals to the Tarte powder foundation and it was a life changer for me as well! I also purchased the Tarte primer and the short brush. I am so happy I did. It is nice to see that so many other people feel the same way about this product. I was at Ulta and a Tarte rep. pulled me aside when I was looking at foundations. I have been very pleased with their products. I love their blush as well. Previously I used Nars blushes.

  78. Lauren says
    Posted May 1, 2014

    I might be the only person who has ever had a bad experience with bare minerals…
    I went bought all the “necessities” a couple years ago and after using bare minerals once or twice my skin rebelled in the most terrible fashion! Painful and ugly – I’m leaving out the details. BUT the question I have is — do you think this powder foundation would likely have the same affect since it is so similar? Any one else have a bad experience with bare minerals?

  79. A says
    Posted May 2, 2014

    I would like to try this out, but don’t know how to choose the correct shade. I know I need one of the “fair” options, but have no idea which “undertones” I have (peach, pink, yellow etc). How do I tell?

  80. Katie says
    Posted May 2, 2014

    Thank you so much for posting this. I have been needing new makeup for a while now. I am 9-months pregnant with my second baby and my hair and skin have felt so blah. The old (loved) products are not working well anymore and I needed something new. I ordered the Tarte powder foundation, blush and a new tube of lipstick and I am THRILLED with it. Plus, they offer a discount if you sign up for e-mails! This was a great suggestion, so thank you for sharing about your changed opinion!!

  81. Gibson says
    Posted May 2, 2014

    Those Hourglass blushed are the best! I just tried this foundation for a week and decided that the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light is just more of my tea… I somehow turned a different shade as the date went on but it did look beautiful at first and went on like a dream. I also got the Hourglass ambient lighting palette with this foundation and may be more in love with it than the blushes- and that is sayin’ something.

  82. emma says
    Posted May 6, 2014

    i love this ,

  83. Stacey says
    Posted May 14, 2014

    I want to try this but I need to finish the EstΓ©e Lauder you tried first. I do have a question, have you tried the bare skin foundation from bare minerals? Wondered if you liked it more than the tarte?

  84. Posted May 19, 2014

    I am new to using tarte cosmetics as well, but I have quickly become obsessed. I love that their products are chemical-free. You have to try their lipgloss and bb cream, amazing!!!

  85. Emily says
    Posted May 23, 2014

    I was just recommended tarte foundation by a makeup artist this weekend while she was doing our makeup for a wedding. She felt it would be the best match for freckled skin. I remembered you had reviewed it and had to hear your thoughts! Glad to know you felt it is as good as she boasted. I will definitley be purchasing this shortly!
    Love your reviews!

  86. Kaya says
    Posted July 9, 2014

    I have been wondering wither to get this powder foundation or the bare minerals original powder foundation, Which do you think is better? I want the one that seems the most healthier for my skin in regards that it makes my skin look naturally better over time. Also the one with the best coverage because I look a more full coverage to even skin tone and cover scars. Thanks!! πŸ™‚

  87. joana says
    Posted August 12, 2014

    Since I’m vastly curious I wanted to ask you a few question….

    I would love to know if the different brush made an actual difference as opposed ot the one they market this product with. I think it’s a Kabuki one as it’s short and stubby. I believe it’s also the one Essiebutton uses too.

    What blush are you using too? It looks fabulous! And while I am at it, what is the concealer you use too? (I ask because I definitely want to hit up a Sephora and check all the products out!)

  88. Katrina says
    Posted August 18, 2014

    Love your blog, Kate!! Just so you know, QVC is having a deal on this foundation: you can get two of them and a brush for $52!

  89. Ariel E says
    Posted September 27, 2014

    What shade in bare minerals do you wear?

  90. Posted December 28, 2015

    Tutorial please!

  91. Janice says
    Posted February 8, 2016

    I stumbled upon your review and am most interested in your comment that you love the Tarte airbrush foundation better than bareMinerals. I’ve been a bareMinerals fan for years, especially their Mineral Veil and all over face colour, Bare Radiance.

    I’m wondering what exactly is it about this Tarte foundation that you love over the bareMinerals? Do you still love it as much or have you found something else?

  92. Taisha Marston says
    Posted March 20, 2016

    Could you maybe do a review on their new Rainforest of the sea foundation. I love the amazonian clay and this powder but I am wondering what you would think of their newest one.

  93. Patti says
    Posted October 25, 2016

    I love this foundation but i’m having trouble with application. I’m using the same brush as in your picture, should I be using the short handled brush instead?