The Lace

August Birchbox
This is a first for me. First lace top, and first cropped top.

But it’s cream and comfortable and I absolutely fell in love with it (and the red one) at Madewell. I love finding “statement” pieces that I can wear without a sweater because I’m much more likely to wear it at the studio. I’ve found that it gets a little bit toasty wearing a top + a sweater + an apron while using a blow dryer or flat iron, so the fewer layers on top for me the better. 

Here are a few different ways to wear it, or “feature” it if you will:

With a Dress

This style was recommended via my sister and one of the employee’s at the store. I’d say they were both right on–I loved wearing it with this dress. 
Oh and the dress? On clearance for $17.00 at Tar-jay! (<—-that’s Target.) 
The belt is from J.Crew, but Target has a wide, WIDE assortment of any color belt you could possibly want. 
The necklace is from Nordstrom, last year, and the shoes are Alfani brand.

With Cropped Pants

These are the Gap ankle zip pants that I love. I have them in navy blue (seen here) and grey (called Shark Fin in stores, they do not sell the grey online). They are comfortable, adorable, and an easy swap out for my usual denim.

The tank is from Banana Republic a few years ago, and the necklace is from J.Crew outlet. My shoes are Franco Sarto via Tj Maxx.

With Jeans

This is probably the most common way I’ll wear this top, but it needs the right tank underneath. I didn’t want to wear something too form fitting, since I don’t want the lace top to hang too far from my body, so this was the loosest tank I could find. I think it would be a little prettier if I wore a cream, or beige tank, you know what I  mean?
My jeans are my favorite j.crew jeans from last year, and my shoes are Alfani.

Have you jumped on the lace trend yet? It’s not too late! It seems like it will stick around for fall, and I’m hoping winter too.

Here are a few lace top options that would look great on their own, or fantastic under a red or teal sweater! 

And they are all under $45.00. 

(from top left: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


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meganw says · 08.24.12

I dig the first option best! But you look great in all 3! And can you really go wrong with your favorite jeans? I don’t think so! You look great, and now I’m off to find a lace top!

still being [molly] says · 08.24.12

Love ALL of these looks but i think 2 + 3 are my favorite with 3 being my most favorite. i’m with you – you can’t beat a classic pair of jeans with a lace top that is that fabulous! you look adorable!

Living Quarters on a Dime says · 08.24.12

Love a lace top, they can be so versatile!!!!!!!

Madewell just opened a store in our area (2 hours away, but it’s worth it) and I was swooning over so many of their pieces! They have some amazing chambray shirts right now : )

Rebecca says · 08.24.12

So cute! I love the crop top look.

pretty little things says · 08.24.12

that is a gorgeous lace top — they all look great but I think #2 is m favorite with the skinny jeans! you are too cute!

Aydree says · 08.24.12

I LOVE the navy pants!!! 🙂 You have such a classic style that I love! But you add some trendy elements for an overall awesome look!! God bless!!

Brooke says · 08.24.12

Cute! My fav is the black and then the blue pants!

=) Brooke

Christie says · 08.24.12

That’s a great top! I know I couldn’t wear it because I would be yanking it down. My shirts are longer and it would make me nervous. I know, dumb.

Jessica says · 08.24.12

Very cute! I need to find me some lace 🙂

Brianne Heape says · 08.24.12

Love this top! I think the 1st look is my favorite & more my style. (I’m a dress kind of gal.) I love your shoes in all of them. 🙂

Anonymous says · 08.24.12

I like outfit #3 the best. Those navy/dark jeans looks great with the lace top. Wish we could also see the shoes… Im lolling for some nude pumps , bought some blush patent at Marshall’s- Jessica Simpson – but the are way to high…

Chelsey says · 08.24.12

I just jumped onto the lace bandwagon as well! I bought this beautiful top at Anthro last weekend (in cream). Love it!

Amanda says · 08.24.12

Gorgeous! I love that top and the scalloped edges make it look special and sweet. I’ll be jumping on the lace trend anything feminine I love.

//Katie says · 08.24.12

…and I thought I was the only one who pronounced Target “Tar-jay”…

Love the top! Esp with the dress 🙂

Brittany Walsh says · 08.24.12

My favorite look is with the jeans. Very cute Kate!

AbernathyFam says · 08.24.12

All are very cute! I have that same dress and didn’t even think of pairing it with white on top other than a cardigan, I’ve just worn it with a Navy top so far. Thanks for the inspiration! I saw lace dresses at Target as well but passed on the thought they may be too young looking for me (newly in my 30’s) but I may have to reconsider!

Amy says · 08.24.12

Love the first outfit! I also like the pants options, good find!

Martha says · 08.24.12

I LOVE the shirt over the dress! It looks absolutely stunning on you! What an awesome idea!

Jill says · 08.24.12

I had two lace tops for spring/summer. I love how that looks over the dress!

Lily Anne says · 08.24.12

This is gorgeous! Do you mind me asking what size you purchased in – I have a body similar to yours, and would love this top to make a home in my closet as well. 🙂

Kate says · 08.24.12

It’s a small 🙂

Lily Anne says · 08.24.12

Thanks so much!

Jennifer says · 08.24.12

Oh My Goodness… I totally wore the exact outfit (with my brands) that you have posted in outfit 2! I wore a lace top from Express, with a cream tank, Purple/Blue skinny’s from Loft, and the same giraffe necklace from J. Crew! Wow! I feel stylin’ now! Too fun! Now, if only my hair was longer and cooperated as well as yours does! =)

Lex says · 08.24.12

Absolutely love the first outfit! So cute!

Tab says · 08.24.12

Very cute! I have almost the same lace shirt in pink from Banana Republic. Love how it looks layered with dark jeans.

If Youve Seen My Mind...Id Love It Back says · 08.24.12

With the blue ankle pants? Totally chic. I love this top and its versatility.

Bethany says · 08.24.12

I just like that you spell grey with an e and not an a. I am obsessive about grey with an e…

I think the lace is gorgeous. Even if it doesn’t stay “in” you could wear it for years. It is so feminine and flatters you beautifully.

Kacie says · 08.24.12 Reply
Sherry66 says · 08.24.12

I still haven’t jumped on the top/sweater over a dress yet, but I want to! I love look #3, also. I like that your tank comes down below the bottom of the lace top. When I first saw the picture from your shopping trip I thought how unique the top was to have the lace stop at waist length when the rest of the top was longer. It was only later I discovered it was two tops!

Thanks for your inspiration and courage to put so much of yourself out there for all of us!

Rachael {all things beautiful} says · 08.24.12

Oooo, I love this top! So gorgeous. Lace is always so feminine and flattering. Happy Friday!

Princess Pookie says · 08.24.12

Way to rock the cropped lace top girl! Almost picked one up at the rack last night then I told myself “put that down…you’ll never wear it!” So I bought new shoes instead!:)

Happy Friday!

2busy says · 08.24.12

I like it with your jeans. That looks so cute!

Anonymous says · 08.24.12

Love the top but a bit pricey at $118

Amber says · 08.25.12

I thought the same thing, and was bummed when I saw the price, BUT I found almost the exact same top at American Eagle for 34 bucks!

Amanda Wells says · 08.25.12

So when are we going to get a tutorial of the hairstyle you’re wearing here? 🙂

Alice Warren says · 08.25.12

Love lace tops! I wore my black lace top with hot pink tank underneath to add a pop of color.

I love all the looks.


Marie-Eve says · 08.25.12

That top is amazing ! You look great !
My Blog – A Pretty Nest

Anonymous says · 08.25.12

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Caroline Goldingham says · 08.25.12

All three looks are great! I would also love to see it with a dark tank underneath, with dark pants, just for something a bit different and more textured.


beckyb247 says · 08.25.12

I had to go buy one after I saw it from your shopping trip! I got 15% off with my student ID! It was awesome!!

Anonymous says · 08.26.12

Love the lace Kate!! You inspired me to get a top at Target. It’s not lace, but it’s a lot like it!! Thank you for helping me out with my wardrobe 🙂,10&swHighlightThickness=1&swBorderThickness=0&itemTitle=Mossimo%26reg%3B+Women%26%23×27%3Bs+Crochet+Top+-+Assorted+Colors&altindexid=1


Bibi says · 08.26.12

That lace top is absolutely gorgeous, it looks so incredible on you!! :))

Lots of love,

Enter my studded corset giveaway in collaboration with Kat Valdez!

Jennifer says · 08.26.12

Hi! New to your blog…was searching for things to do with my newly shortened hair and found your tutorials. I have to say you are simply adorable and I love your style!


Lori says · 08.26.12

I am in love with that top! I just saw a woman in church this a.m. with almost the identical top in white. She had paired it with white jeans and a turquoise tank and it looked amazing! I’m going to be on the lookout for lace 🙂

Jacqueline Sodré says · 08.26.12

Hi Kate, I love your blog!! I loved these pictures … Beautiful!
I’ve posted on my blog about you, make a visit
It’s in Portuguese, because I’m Brazilian. Kisses ….

Anonymous says · 08.27.12

u look great…as usual 🙂 and the yard you are posing in…beautiful!

Maria @ All Things Luxurious says · 08.28.12

These are such beautiful looks! I especially like the outfit with the cropped pants — so cute! 🙂

Anonymous says · 08.28.12

The tank top with the faint stripes looks so pretty. Wonder if its see through and if a nude color bra is needed.

Ambie4187 says · 01.10.13

I am not big on cropped shirt.. But I totally love this! You wear it very well!

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