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Hair Related Questions: 

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1. What is your haircut called?
It's a mid length, softly graduated bob.
My most recent haircut details can be found here.

2. What size curling iron do you use, and what brand?
I use a 1  inch Hot Tools curling iron for the curled hair styles, and a larger 2 inch iron for a looser waved look, and a smaller 1 inch for a more curly look!

3. What kind of Flat Iron do you use?
I use a GHD Classic 1 inch flat iron. Its the BEST. While CHI is another popular flat iron on the market, I have found that GHD is sturdy and heats up quickly. 

4. Does a blow dryer really make a difference?
Yes. Absolutely. I use a Rusk Speed Freak Blow dryer. It is a high powered blow dryer with a strong air flow. It's wonderful. They also make a lighter version too called CTC lite. 

5. Where can you buy clear rubber bands?
I usually get mine at either Target or CVS Pharmacy. They are Scunci Polybands. I also like the Goody brand.

6. Where can I buy the products you talk about on your blog?
First step: ask your stylist. If your salon doesn't carry the products, google it. Usually most Salons sell Kenra, Redken, etc (the popular brands). You need to find a private salon to purchase Aquage. Click here to find a salon near you! Don't purchase professional quality products from a grocery store. The reason behind this is usually the products sold at grocery/drug stores have been diverted. It's a huge problem in the industry. See this post for more information: How Can You Tell If Products Are Diverted? 

7. What kind of color do you have in your hair?
I'm a Redken Certified Colorist, so I use Redken color both at my studio and on myself! My hair is highlighted with Up to 7, and I have a lowlight of 1/4 7g + 3/4 9nb/processing solution about every 3 foils. The lowlight is formulated with Shades EQ, a demi-permanent line by Redken.

8. You never mention heat protective sprays in your blog. Do you use them?
Truthfully, I haven't found a Heat Protective spray that I love. Usually there is way too much residue, or it is heavy. . .
I find that keeping your hair healthy and strong in the meantime is a good compromise for not using a Heat Protective Spray.
But as soon as I find one I really like, I'll share it here.

9. What kind of Bobby Pins do you use?
I use Diane bobby pins that are purchased at the professional supply stores. Ask your stylist to get you some!

10. Can you show hairstyles on longer hair?
Most of the styles I show can be done on longer hair.

11. How would you describe your hair's thickness?
I would say that I have medium hair. Definitely not thin, but not thick either. It may look thick in photos, but that is all from volumizing products! My hair is naturally straight and somewhat limp without product.

12. Can you show styles on other hair?
At this time, my goal is to show you how to style your own hair, so it would make the most sense to style myself. I'm open to the idea of styling my clients to show alternative hairstyles, so that may happen down the line.

13. Do you wash your hair everyday?
I do. I use a lot of product in my hair so it really helps me to start over daily. BUT--if you are able to go a day between washing, that is definitely good for your hair. If you have to wash everyday, just be sure to use a good conditioner to keep your hair healthy! 

14. How often should I use a deep conditioner?
It depends on the condition of your hair. If you highlight your hair/use heat styling tools daily/use hairspray/or even if your hair just feels dry and fragile, you may want to consider doing a deep conditioner once every 2 weeks (2/month). If you have generally healthy hair, once a month would be fine!

15. Have you heard of Wen? What do you think?

You can read my review here.

16. Will you show cutting and coloring techniques?

I'm not going to show any hair cutting or coloring techniques on the blog because I think that should be left to professionals.

17. How do you open and insert bobby pins?
Fast forward to minute 10:00 in this video for a how to!

Skin Care/Makeup Questions:

1. What is your skin care routine? 
You can read about that here! My most recent makeup routine is here!

2. What kind of makeup do you use?
You can read this postthis post, and this post!

Hair Product Questions:

1. Questions like "do you think this product will work for me?"?
It's difficult for me to answer these questions since I have never touched your hair. I would say to go ahead and try it, but check the return policy at the store you purchase the product from.

Other Questions:

1. What kind of camera do you use?
I use a Nikon D5000 and am very poorly trained. In fact, I'm not trained at all! I would love to explore more settings on the camera. . .but for now, auto works for me. 

2. Who takes your photos?

99% of the photos on the blog are taken by me using a tripod and a wireless shutter release. I edit them in photoshop elements.

3. What kind of video camera do you use?
I was using the video function on my Nikon, but I recently  (Jan 2012) purchased a Sony HDR-CX360V Video Camera for HD videos! 

4. Do you have any advice for me as I start a blog? Growing my blog, etc?
I do!  I wrote a 3 part series on blogging. You can start with part 1 by clicking here!