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I shared the photos above on Instagram this week in order to tell you about the perfect eyeshadow base I found. It’s a cream eyeshadow in a stick and it has provided the perfect taupe/brown shade for all over the lid. I love a simple makeup look, along with uncomplicated eye shadow, and Au Natural is such a gorgeous color.

On a recent run through Target, my eye caught some jeans laid out on a table and the wash looked so good that I decided to give them a try. I’ve had some mediocre experiences with cheaper jeans in the past so I didn’t have high hopes but I am THRILLED to report that I really love these $20 jeans. If I hadn’t seen the label, I would have thought I was putting on Madewell denim.

There is such nice stretch without bagging or stretching out, and the high rise is perfect for my body. I shared all of this on Instagram Stories over the past week or so (click here to follow along!)

This is totally random but in case you take pills every day, I thought this was a really sleek and compact weekly pillbox!

Becca launched a Brightening Concealer Wand that looks like something I’d love to try.

My family and I are traveling somewhere warm in February and I bought this swimsuit online at LOFT with high hopes that it will be as good (or better!) than it looks on the website. Good news: it’s great. It’s very flattering, and I love that the subtle cutout and bow in front make it a bit more unique than a typical black one piece. This tie front suit from Aerie is also a really cute option that comes highly reviewed and is full coverage in the booty.

I started a new book on Audible last weekend and my DM’s almost broke with feedback from followers that it’s the best book they’ve read! The book is called “The Great Alone”, by Kristin Hannah. I usually only listen to books when I’m driving so I think I may have to pick up the hardcover version to finish it!

Did you catch the flat ironing tutorial from Monday? I talked through a bunch of common mistakes and how to fix them! Watch it by clicking here!

I hope you have a great weekend!


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  1. Elizabeth Waynick says
    Posted January 17, 2020

    I’ve had that Port and Polish pill box for over a year and LOVE IT. It’s so easy to travel with and sleek enough to leave on the counter! Great suggestion.

  2. Allison MacDonald says
    Posted January 17, 2020

    I bought the jeans immediately and they arrived Wednesday. Excited to wear them this weekend at my daughter’s dance convention.

  3. Kristen says
    Posted January 17, 2020

    Hi Kate-
    Do you just use your finger to smooth out the eye shadow?

    • Kate says
      Posted January 17, 2020

      I either use my finger or a tightly packed eyeshadow brush!

      • Dodie says
        Posted January 20, 2020

        link to the jeans

  4. Gina says
    Posted January 17, 2020

    Did you find the swimsuit true to size? I always size up .

  5. Anna says
    Posted January 17, 2020

    The links don’t work for me. Could you please include pictures?

    • Kate says
      Posted January 17, 2020

      Let me know what you need!

  6. Fran says
    Posted January 17, 2020

    YES! to the Laura Mercier shadow stick. Have used that color and a couple others for awhile now. NO FALLOUT! And I just dab all over with finger tip, not rub. Very forgiving . And very easy to travel with.

  7. Posted January 17, 2020

    You look so pretty, Kate! I love your makeup in these photo! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  8. Jenn P says
    Posted January 17, 2020

    I have that aerie suit and I love it. The slice of skin it shows makes it feel an appropriate smidgen sexy while being 100% covered in all the places I want to be covered.

  9. Kaitlyn B says
    Posted January 17, 2020

    I bought the jeans after you mentioned them last weekend and I LOVE them. The fit is so good. I may even get another pair in a different wash if they are still on sale!

  10. Sherry May says
    Posted January 17, 2020

    I tried the jeans from Target as well, I like them already. Thanks for finding an alternative to the Madewell brand. That bathing suit looks really cute too.

    As for the pictures on this post……can your hair “be” any prettier?…….using the tone of Chandler from Friends. Pretty sure you can appreciate that since you have been watching Friends lately.

    Hope you all have a great weekend, pretty sunshine today, but windy and chilly here in Raleigh.

  11. Beth says
    Posted January 17, 2020

    The Great Alone was my favorite book of 2019! So keep listening!

  12. Morgan says
    Posted January 17, 2020

    Loved the flat iron tutorial. I had gotten lazy with it so it helped so much!! Thank you!

  13. Sarah O says
    Posted January 17, 2020

    Weird coincidence, I just finished The Great Alone this morning. One of the best books I’ve ever read. I’m going to go check out her other books. Kristin Hannah could probably make any story fascinating, she’s so talented!

    • Carol says
      Posted January 18, 2020

      Firefly Lane is one of her best books. She is my favorite author.

  14. Sarah O says
    Posted January 17, 2020

    How would you compare the creaminess of the Laura Mercier sticks to Mac paint pots? I ask because I gave up on the paint pots after I realized they were very drying and made my eyes look even older.

  15. Becky Anderson says
    Posted January 17, 2020

    What lipstick are you wearing in this photo? Love it

  16. Lee Harrison says
    Posted January 17, 2020

    Great info…thanks! Could you link the wonderful pink lipsticks you posted later today?

  17. Kaitlin says
    Posted January 17, 2020

    The Great Alone! Yes! Add me to the list of followers that gives that book 1,000 thumbs up.

  18. Becky Bass says
    Posted January 18, 2020

    You are beautifully natural looking. No to that eyebrow, I like your other brow!
    I so appreciate you and your sharing, thank you 🌺

  19. Sara says
    Posted January 18, 2020

    I’m not sure if you’ve done this before, but I’m traveling internationally soon and I just wanted a couple of makeup products to bring for a natural look. Do you recommend a couple of key products? Thank you! Love every product that you recommend!

    • Kate says
      Posted January 20, 2020

      search “makeup capsule” in my search bar in order to find a few different makeup capsules I did, including a travel friendly one!

  20. Layla Fowler says
    Posted January 19, 2020

    Hey Kate, can I ask what the shade of lipstick is you’re wearing here? Love a pretty pink lipstick, I can’t have too many. Thanks!

  21. Posted January 22, 2020

    This is so lovely! I’m a newer blogger and also do a weekly recap! I love pulling inspiration from my favorite blogs! You do amazing work

    Posted January 23, 2020

    I love this look. Can you provide info on the lipstick, eyeliner and blush so that I can try to replicate? Thanks.

  23. Nikki says
    Posted January 24, 2020

    I love your hair this length! Is this still long layered? Or have you gone back to A-line? Any chance we can get an updated pic of your haircut so I can show my stylist? <3

  24. Stacy says
    Posted January 31, 2020

    Hi, not sure if your aware but the links for products at Sephora don’t work. Is it possible to have a list of products including the shades/colours? I am in Australia and unless I want to pay a lot for shipping I have to source products from here.
    Love you work!