Eyelet Black Blouse


I picked up this pretty black eyelet blouse the other day at Madewell. I tried it on in a golden yellow shade that I wanted desperately to work but that color makes me look like I’m sick with the flu or something.

The tone doesn’t do anything for my skin color!

So I went with trusty black which means I can wear it to meetings or for workdays, or even for date night. I think it would be cute with black skinny jeans and nude pumps for a date night look!

Blouse, Jeans, Similar Bag, Earrings (similar)

Styling notes: the blouse does have a tie on the side as well as a tiny discrete button along the center of the neckline. It requires a cami underneath and I’m wearing a nude colored one. It’s nursing friendly too.

photos by Jordan Maunder.

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Comments (10)

  1. Posted February 6, 2019

    Looking good, Kate! The blouse is lovely on you! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Posted February 6, 2019

    If only Spring would come this would be wonderful.


  3. Anita says
    Posted February 6, 2019

    Feminine and versatile, love it!

  4. Valerie says
    Posted February 6, 2019

    Yellow does the same thing to me. So disappointing because yellow is such a cheery color.

  5. Mary says
    Posted February 6, 2019

    What size?

  6. Tammy says
    Posted February 6, 2019

    So I’m one of those who still wears Micky Mouse t-shirts and baggy jeans because I have absolutely no idea how to dress. “Fashion” blogs freak me out (OMG ankle skinnies + half-tucked cashmere + fancy leather belt + cool jacket + heels + sunglasses AND you want MORE accessories AND it’s called “simple”?!) so this is so nice and refreshing to see simple jeans and a plain top. It feels doable for me. Thank you, on behalf of all of us basic-istas! 🙂

  7. Michele says
    Posted February 7, 2019

    You either love eyelet, or you’re wrong.

  8. Marta says
    Posted February 7, 2019

    That’s so cute! I like how you styled it more casually, but it also has the potential to be a bit more chic and fancy.

  9. Donna says
    Posted February 7, 2019

    So very cute!!

  10. Celerie says
    Posted February 7, 2019

    Madewell tops are really strange for me. Like, that one looks way too short in the torso and if you zoom in seems like it collects lint and hair and stuff. I’m all Madewell all day with their jeans, but their tops are kind of meh for me. But totally cute on you!