A Fall Dress


I typically steer clear of dresses that look like they may add extra volume where I don’t want it but I loved the pattern and shape of this dress so much I had to try it!

We still get random warm days throughout the fall so I’d happily pair it with ankle booties, but on a day where it’s a bit cooler I’d opt for dark navy tights and some taller boots like these!

Anthropologie is one of my favorite places to shop for unique dresses or tops. Some of my favorite basics, as well as special blouses are from Anthro, and their jewelry options are usually on point as well!

I rounded up some favorites below!

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  1. Posted November 2, 2018

    I love the colour of the dress! I think the extra volume it adds is nice too!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Rena says
    Posted November 2, 2018

    The dress is very beautiful!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. Posted November 2, 2018

    This dress looks amazing on you! Such a great color that looks perfect for fall. I definitely have to get myself a dress like this one! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Steph C says
    Posted November 2, 2018

    Very cute dress on you. I have been looking for navy tights everywhere – it is easy to find black, gray and even cream – but can’t find navy. Where do you find yours?

  5. Posted November 3, 2018

    This is such a cute dress! Old Navy is also having a great sale right now, with a ton of affordable dresses that are super cute, just like this one. Here’s all the details!


  6. Posted November 4, 2018

    This is stunning and looks amazing on you, wish I could buy this in the UK

  7. Paige Bray says
    Posted December 21, 2018

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