A drugstore eyeshadow find!!


I know this is OLD news at this point but I love a cream eyeshadow stick like nobody’s business. It’s so easy and leaves a really dimensional finish on the eye with almost no effort!

For the past few months I’ve been using NudeStix in Burnish or Nudity, both are absolutely beautiful and don’t crease. I’ve been asked about a drugstore version and honestly couldn’t find a stick that wasn’t pure glitter for awhile. There are a few options for cream eyeshadow in pots, but very few sticks.

I finally found Maybelline Color Tattoo concentrated crayons and they are great for the $7.00 price tag. The color payoff is beautiful, they do NOT budge, and all you need to do is draw it on and blend it out with your finger or a brush.

Easy, peasy.

I’m wearing Bronze Truffle in these photos, but also picked up Barely Beige while I was shopping. It’s a lighter shade that would look gorgeous as a base or alone on the eye.

So, if you have been looking for a cheaper alternative for an eyeshadow stick, definitely try these. There are a few other colors, but these two are the more neutral, easy-to-wear shades I found from the range!

If you are interested in seeing how I apply cream shadow, check out this tutorial!

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  1. Posted July 24, 2018

    The eyeshadow sounds so budget-friendly and looks so good! Excellent find! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Allie says
    Posted July 24, 2018

    The colors of those look beautiful! Cream eyeshadow is always so great to travel with too since you don’t need to bring a makeup brush!
    I can’t wait to pick these up! xAllie

  3. Diane Kopasz says
    Posted July 24, 2018

    Great tip on the eyeshadow! What lipstick are you wearing in this post?

  4. Angela says
    Posted July 24, 2018

    Cream eyeshadows are the best makeup invention for busy moms! they look great and apply in seconds! Thanks for the Nudestix recommendation.

    Angela at Blush & Pearls

  5. Leddy says
    Posted July 24, 2018

    The new ELF No-Budge shadow sticks are amazing too.; no chunky glitter in sight and they really do not budge!

  6. Mary Ann says
    Posted July 24, 2018

    nice!! e.l.f. makes an awesome eyeliner and cream eyeshadow stick combined for only 3 dollars! it comes in a gold/brown duo or black/silver i believe? I love those for a quick everyday eye look!!

  7. JT says
    Posted July 24, 2018

    I used to love the nyx jumbo eye pencil in mocha. Only thing is that it is very creamy and is more likely to crease if you don’t set it or if you have oily lids. But it’s a beautiful color and very budget friendly! Will definitely have to try the Maybelline ones.

  8. Allison says
    Posted July 24, 2018

    I love the color tattoo eyeshadow! I didn’t know they had it in the crayon form. I use barely beige the most and sometimes even as a primer/layer. I’m going to go get snag one of those! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Kristi says
    Posted July 24, 2018

    I saw you talk about these on instastories and picked them up. I really love them but they are so fragile! One broke on me during my 2nd time using it. Thanks once again for another great find!

  10. Britney says
    Posted July 24, 2018

    I went and got this on my lunch today in Bronze Truffle and love it! So easy! Thank you 🙂

  11. Sid says
    Posted July 24, 2018

    Too bad Maybelline test on animals. Is paying for those painful, unnecessary tests okay or worth it?

  12. Lisa says
    Posted July 25, 2018

    Love your hair! Can you make another curling video to show these looser curls on midlength hair?

  13. Heather says
    Posted July 25, 2018

    I love cream eyeshadow for ease and how it looks when first applied. I have trouble with it creasing after a few hours though. Any tips?

    • Kate says
      Posted July 25, 2018

      Try using an eyeshadow primer first!

  14. Katie says
    Posted July 25, 2018

    And I just ordered 4 of the colors off of Amazon to come with my next Subscribe & Save shipment – can’t wait to try them out!

  15. Jenny says
    Posted July 27, 2018

    I bought this in ‘Smoky Chocolate’ and it makes my brown eyes pop! I also love the Essie Gel Couture line that you have recommended. Thank You Kate!

  16. Tiffany says
    Posted July 30, 2018

    I may have to get this as I am traveling soon and really don’t want to take a whole bunch of makeup with me. Thinking I will tape the top closed so it doesn’t break along the way. Not sure if that will work or not though.

  17. Divya says
    Posted September 17, 2018

    Nice Post . The best thing with light eyeshadows is that these look good with bright and colourful outfit. Thank you very much for the tips.

    CEO || https://www.madoverbrand.com

  18. Amber Flater says
    Posted September 27, 2018

    I’m obsessed with the maybelline ones!!! They keep finding their way into my grocery cart!