October Beauty Favorites


It’s time to take a peek back at my favorite beauty products from the past month! I don’t have a ton for you today as I haven’t been trying many new products for some reason. Nonetheless, I talked about these 5 and shared a fun little thing I’m doing on Instagram Stories too!

Products mentioned:

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink in Lover

Pixi Lower Lash mascara

Essie’s Ladylike nail polish

Bare Minerals Prime Time foundation primer

Amika Un.Done Texture Spray

PS for more recent beauty favorites, check out here and here! Such a cute bag for fall  and I love this sherpa fleece in this dusty pink! Check out my shade of lipstick in the LOC kit


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  1. Laura C says
    Posted October 31, 2017

    I bought the matte ink and love it. It stayed all day and I applied some clear gloss when it got too dry. Loved it. I have used the bare minerals primer for years. Is the texturizing spray as good as Oribe? At least cheaper? Lol. Haven’t found one yet that matches Oribe.

    • Kate says
      Posted October 31, 2017

      The smell of Oribe products is a little strong for my taste, but I find AMIKA to be a great texturizing spray!

  2. Kendra says
    Posted October 31, 2017

    I love the pixie lower lash mascara! Try out the Too Faced primers… I LOVE the primed and poreless and hangover primers. They’re legit the best and I love wearing the first one without foundation because it evens out my skin so much.

  3. Meg says
    Posted October 31, 2017

    You can buy the Amika spray on Sephora!

  4. Hannah says
    Posted October 31, 2017

    Hi Kate!
    Speaking of texture and sprays.. What is your favorite Dry Shampoo??
    I have tried almost all drugstore brands and they’re not hitting on much.. What brand do you suggest?

  5. Jenn says
    Posted October 31, 2017

    Speaking of PR… what about the amazing Bobbi Brown lipsticks you received? Thoughts/Reviews/Swatches?

    • Kate says
      Posted October 31, 2017

      oh yeah, none of the colors WOW’d me but I need to give them a second chance!

  6. Sherrylynne says
    Posted October 31, 2017

    Maybe it is because I am a busy homeschool mom of teens who longs for simplicity in beauty, I had a good hard laugh at the Pixie mascara for lower lashes. I’m not saying it isn’t valuable, just funny. You could buy Loreal’s Telescopic mascara, as well.

    • Kate says
      Posted October 31, 2017

      There’s a pretty big difference in brush size between the two.

  7. Erika says
    Posted October 31, 2017

    What’s been the best method at removing the lip ink so far? I purchased it over the weekend, put it on in the morning, and let me tell you — that lip ink really did.not.budge. Even when I wanted it to! It look me close to 30 minutes to remove it, and even then I’m not even sure I got all of it off. I heard vaseline might work, but I haven’t tried yet…I feel like I need to try it on a day where I have a chunk of time I can dedicate to trying to remove the color from my lips. 🙂

    • Karly says
      Posted October 31, 2017

      totally agree & have the same question?!!! 🙂

    • Kimberly in NC says
      Posted November 1, 2017

      I don’t have experience with the lipstick, but if I’ve got hard to remove makeup, a little coconut oil always helps me remove mine. (And helps remove the Halloween face painting I did on my two youngest boys’ faces last night.)

    • Megan says
      Posted November 2, 2017

      Was going to ask a similar question! What products do you use to remove your lips?

  8. Kate Boriack says
    Posted October 31, 2017

    Love your videos! Thanks for doing more product reviews! I’ve missed them! Also – how did you get the curl in your hair in this video? Wand, flat iron, curling iron?? My hair has grown past my shoulders and I’m finding using the flat iron which was perfect for shorter hair isn’t working well for past shoulder length. Thanks!!

  9. Jamie says
    Posted October 31, 2017

    Do you like the Amika better than the Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast that was one of you favorites a few months ago? Any particular reason? Nice to see you doing product videos again. Thanks so much!

  10. Gigi says
    Posted October 31, 2017

    I just found that lipstick last week – I absolutely love it! I’ve been a Cover Girl Outlast fan for years – but they discontinued my favorite color a year or so ago. Maybelline offers a very similar color to the one I loved and this just seems to last longer.

  11. Abby says
    Posted October 31, 2017

    Kate, what lipstick are you wearing in the video?

  12. Posted October 31, 2017

    Watching the video now! Always excited to see what you recommend. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  13. Jenny Murff says
    Posted November 1, 2017

    Hi Kate,
    I’m a cosmetology student so I get the perk of going to a beauty supply store! I’ve been trying different products every time I go in there and Amika shampoo/cond and dry shampoo are amazing!!! Love the smell!! haha

  14. Alycia says
    Posted November 1, 2017

    I LOOOOOOOVE the new email layout. I don’t know if it’s new to everyone or just me, but it’s amazing. Yay. 🙂

  15. Kristen says
    Posted November 1, 2017

    I bought both the matte ink lover and the Essie lady like polish and they are both great !!!! I am never disappointed at your recommendations! Thank you !!

  16. Farrah says
    Posted November 2, 2017

    I want to try out that texture spray–I feel like my hair could definitely use it! 😛

  17. Lindsay says
    Posted November 2, 2017

    Found the Essie nail polish – LOVE IT! It’s perfect for “fall” (if you can call it that in Florida). For those on a budget – Revlon has a similar shade that’s just a *touch* lighter for about $4.

  18. Jillian says
    Posted November 2, 2017

    I love Essie’s Lady Like. I actually wore it on both my fingers and toenails on my wedding day.

  19. Regan says
    Posted November 5, 2017

    Hi Kate!

    I think you’re the coolest.

    Can you tell me your thoughts on dry shampoo? I have very fine and straight hair that doesn’t have much texture and doesn’t hold a curl AT ALL. It also gets greasy fairly easily. I love dry shampoo and wonder if you have any tricks for using it to style hair or give it more volume. I notice it does make my hair more textured but it can sometimes also make it greasy, womp womp. Help!

    (My sister and I absolutely love you. We look forward to watching your insta stories every day. ☺️) Thank you!