Quick and Simple Contour Video Tutorial



I hope you don’t automatically think “Kim Kardashian” when you think of contouring because it doesn’t always have to be so strong and chiseled!

I’ve been doing a fast and simple everyday contour look for a long time, and thought I’d show you how in this quick video tutorial. Holiday season is upon us, and if you are planning on having your family photos taken, or just taking more photos than usual, contouring is a great way to give your face a bit of dimension that can be a game changer in a photo.

The products I used are this brush and the Make Up for Ever Sculpting Kit. I’ve been very impressed with this drugstore contour kit and would highly recommend it if you are looking for a lower price!

I started with my makeup finished save lipstick, contour and blush.


I swept the contour shade along the lower part of my cheekbone, in the hollow of my cheeks should I have made a fish face.


I swept the brush up along my temple and outside of my forehead, and then finished along the under part of my jawline. Imagine drawing a number 3 on your face, if you will.


The end result gave my face not only warmth, but also a bit of definition and some angles. The area where I see the most difference is when I contour along my jawline. It keeps my chin from blending into my neck, especially in photos. I never skip this part when I’m contouring!


You can always add more contour shade, and keep in mind you’ll add a bit of color to your face with blush as well, so start with a light hand. Sweep back and forth plenty of times to make sure you aren’t left with lines on your face!

What I’m wearing: necklace, earrings, top, foundation, lipstick, nails

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Comments (26)

  1. Michele says
    Posted November 29, 2016

    I got that Rimmel contour set you talked about a while ago and really like it. Can you possibly do a blush applocation tutorial? I feel like I’m doing it All wrong and hope that I’m not the only one in that boat. It would really help with my everyday makeup routine.

  2. Posted November 29, 2016

    Love the look ! i rarely contour on an everyday basis . I prefer to do it more when i will be taking photos .

    Claire, http://www.clairetalksbeauty.com/

  3. Jen says
    Posted November 29, 2016

    Which color contour kit do you have?

    • Kate says
      Posted November 29, 2016

      I linked the one I’m using right under the video in the post

  4. Marisa says
    Posted November 29, 2016

    Would you please let me know what brush are you using? Also, a while back you recommended Physian Formula in warm beige as a contour/bronzer and been using it ever since; love it. Great tutorial. Thank you.

  5. Lauren says
    Posted November 29, 2016

    I love doing a light contour for every day. This is the perfect tutorial!! I need to add a smaller makeup brush to my collection though!

    By Lauren M

  6. Kay says
    Posted November 29, 2016

    Thee link for the lipstick doesn’t say which shade you used. Would you mind sharing? Thank you!

  7. Katy says
    Posted November 29, 2016

    Ditto to what brush are you using?

    • JennyLouWho says
      Posted December 2, 2016

      She linked it above!

  8. Amanda says
    Posted November 29, 2016

    Gosh, you are just flawless. I’m not going to lie, but I kinda just don’t even want to try my makeup like this because I’ll never look as good as you. But! Maybe my earrings will if I get the ones you have – where did you get them?!

  9. Karly says
    Posted November 29, 2016

    Great short video on contouring. I will have to try this, again! I love the way it looks.

  10. Sherry says
    Posted November 29, 2016

    I didn’t realize you could get Arbonne foundation online now! Is that new?

  11. Ana says
    Posted November 29, 2016

    Looks so natural and lovely! Will definitely try 🙂

  12. Laura says
    Posted November 29, 2016

    Hi Kate, what are you thoughts on contouring with Bronzer? I use Benefit’s Hoola and it seems to work ok, but maybe not as much definition as a traditional contour? Just trying to limit the # of products I use for my daily routine as I’m a working Mom of two littles. Thank you!

  13. angela says
    Posted November 29, 2016

    So where does the lighter shade come in? Did you use it at all?

  14. Hollie says
    Posted November 29, 2016

    I love your eyeshadow!!! Do you mind sharing what you used and how you applied it?

    • Angie says
      Posted December 1, 2016

      YES could you please share what eyeshadow you’re using??? It looks simply stunning on you, Kate!

  15. Posted November 29, 2016

    Guilty I totally think Kim K-ish loads of makeup whenever anyone mentions contouring. I hate, hate, hate heavy looking makeup so I just picture layers on layers and it freaks me out. BUT, you did good here! I should have known you would know too because you’ve pretty much perfected that “natural” but not look. I’m obsessed.

  16. Rachel says
    Posted November 30, 2016

    Kim Kardashian is probably one of the first people I think of when it comes to contouring but you have a much more wearable version of it here. It had definition but it isn’t over the top for the average person.

    Rachel Gregory

  17. Savannah says
    Posted November 30, 2016

    Contour colors and products please!

  18. Susan says
    Posted December 1, 2016

    Hi Kate. I linked to the lipstick but was curious about the specific color – is it Beach Basin? It looks more purple than what you’re wearing, although I know lighting, etc can throw that off. Thanks!

    • Kate says
      Posted December 1, 2016

      Blush Basin!

  19. Posted December 2, 2016

    Great post!! 🙂


  20. Steph says
    Posted December 3, 2016

    Hi! In the contour kit are you using shade 1 or 2? Shade 2 pops up with the link above, but sometimes I am not sure if it just takes you to the product and not the actually color. Thanks!

  21. Julie M. says
    Posted December 5, 2016

    Timely post for me. I’ve been interested in trying countouring – something I’ve never tried until age 35. I bought a cheap 3-piece Max Studio contouring kit at TJ Maxx the other day and tried it out using the steps you outlines – but I felt like it looked really noticeable and unflattering on me, like I had dirt on my face and yellow powder down my nose. Do you think everyone can pull off contouring and it’s just a matter of finding the right product/color, or maybe I should just stick with what I know? I have a fair to medium complexion with medium blonde hair and green eyes.

    Maybe I’ll go have a professional do it at a Nordstrom beauty counter…

  22. Mel says
    Posted December 5, 2016

    OMG! Love this and super helpful!!!

    Mel | http://www.thegossipdarling.com