Photo Ready skin with a BB Cream? Yes please.

I’ve always been a fan of full-coverage makeup. My fair skin, uneven tones, and dark under-eye circles all show through really light makeup, so liquid foundation is what I always gravitate to. 

BB creams took the retail markets by storm a few years ago, and lots of women were raving about how nice the lightness of the product was, while still delivering a fair amount of color. Plus, BB Creams offered a primer, hydration, spf, and sometimes other important skin benefits.

I, of course, jumped right on board but I couldn’t find one that would last all day, and offer enough coverage that I felt comfortable with. For simple makeup days, I would love the option of going a little lighter on the makeup, without feeling like I’m totally naked-faced.

I tried Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream™ Skin Perfector, and wow, was I impressed. Of all the BB cream’s I’ve tried thus far, this one delivered the most amount of coverage, while still being light and feeling breathable. I could smell the SPF, which is a good thing, and it melted into my skin beautifully. The only thing I used to set this BB cream with was a light dusting of powder. And I didn’t need to touch up for the rest of the day. It’s an “ever so slightly” luminous cream that doesn’t look too shiny or dewy. 

I used the lightest formula (there are four in total), but I think a combination of light and light/medium would be perfect for my skin color right now. And if I manage to get any sort of tan this summer, grabbing the darker of the two shades will be perfect. It’s good to avoid heavy makeup if you have a tan anyway, as it can sometimes look “grey” on darker skin.

I love that I have found an option for the days where my makeup is lighter. 

Summer is all about keeping it simple and light. The humidity and blazing sun rays will inevitably melt both my hair and makeup, so finding alternatives that will last all day without looking too heavy is high on my priority list! 
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  2. says

    My best kept beauty secret is cornstarch on day old hair, or freshly washed hair to add texture for curls or up-dos. Use a big fluffy brush and lightly dust the cornstarch on to roots. It is a inexpensive alternative to aerosol dry shampoos and it works wonderfully for me. (I also use Chapstick as an eyelid primer – it keeps the eyeshadow from creasing and helps it go on smoothly.

  3. says

    Not sure if its a secret. But I exfoliate before shaving and it seems to give me a closer shave so I can go a few more days inbetween.

  4. says

    Not sure if its a secret. But I exfoliate before shaving and it seems to give me a closer shave so I can go a few more days inbetween.

  5. says

    To keep my “perfect ponytail” in place, I slip a few bobby pins in very snugly just BELOW the ponytail elastic (using the twist over and tuck under method, if you know what I mean?). No one can see, and the ponytail won’t sag or lose the poof all day!
    Love your blog, Kate! :)

  6. says

    I like to put a think layer of gold bond on my feet at night and cover it with socks, to let it soak in. When morning rolls around my cracked feet look 100% better! Beautiful feet are important too, right?


  7. says

    My beauty secret is drinking some sort of homemade “green smoothie” everyday. I love to combine kale, berries, greek yogurt, and chia seeds. Drinking these smoothies has made my skin look so much better!

  8. says

    The Revlon didn’t work that great for me, I found the Olay one to be better suited to my skin. The Revlon one was more of just a glorified, lightly tinted sunscreen.

  9. says

    I consider my secret to be that I save tons of money by not buying face cleansers. Instead I just use a little mixture of castor and grapeseed oil and rub it in, then “steam” it off with a really warm wash cloth! Easy peasy!

  10. says

    When I saw the picture of you yesterday, I thought you were glowing and looked beautiful! So it’s the Revlon BB Cream (or maybe a little of both).

    Nars blush in Gaity is amazing – it looks way to pink in the container, but great on.

  11. says

    Definitely moisturizer day & night. I have used Oil of Olay forever and am just now using their Regenerist moisturizer. My summer look is to use a touch of blush for eye shadow as well to keep it simple, light & easy.

  12. says

    My beauty secret is Burt’s Bees Blemish Stick. It has lots of natural, plant-derived oils that somehow work together to clear up the occasional trouble spots! By the way, I just noticed the new very cute blog logo with the bobby pin! It made me laugh, in a good way, because it is so fitting! And, let’s face it, those things (bobby pins) end up everywhere.

  13. says

    I have oil breakout prone skin that is very sensitive. The only drugstore brand I can use without a reaction is Rimmel. There bb cream has a nice coverage. I consider myself a full coverage kind of person.

  14. says

    I use CoverGirl’s AquaSmooth foundation as a concealer. It’s a bit heavy for me to use as foundation (though the coverage is great). It sets and stays in place so much better than any cream tube concealer I have ever tried. Love it!

  15. says

    Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve been looking for a good BB cream and didn’t want to have to buy 10 before I found the perfect one :)

    As for my beauty secret: permanent eyeliner. Since I never wear much makeup to start with, all I have to do is add mascara and concealer and I’m ready to go! For formal occasions where you want a more dramatic look, you can smudge a little dark brown or black eyeshadow in the outer corners of your eyes for that smokey look. It’s great!

  16. says

    Vasaline! I use it as lotion, lip balm (the ONLY one i’ve found that does not make my lips dry out) Sometimes i add color to it, sometime i just wear it regular. I do not go anywhere with out it!

  17. says

    It’s not really a secret, but Moisturizer! I’ve always had combination skin so I was afraid over moisturizing would make the oily part Really oily. But finding the right moisturizer actually helped even out my skin!

  18. says

    I love your little bobby pin up in your header! My beauty secret is Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin makeup. I can’t beat the compliments off with a stick. I can amp up the coverage or dampen my brush for a very natural look.

  19. says

    This is my new favorite BB too! Just picked some up at Target last week. Soooo I guess the secret is out now :) can’t wait to read everyone else’s.

  20. says

    Was taught a long time ago by a makeup specialist, to always rub ANYTHING on my face from the bottom up, not the top down, and that over time I wouldn’t be assisting gravity in pulling my skin down. I am proud to say I am 49 years old and have very few wrinkles, no sagging, I really feel that this is a great tip.

  21. says

    My mom taught me to use baby oil to remove my eye makeup at night. I have super watery eyes so I used waterproof mascara and a waterproof liquid liner. Baby oil take both off like a breeze and it hydrates my entire eye area. My mom has always used baby oil to remove her eye makeup and her eye area look more youthful than most women her age.

  22. says

    My best kept beauty secret is to add a few drops of contact solution to my mascara when it starts to dry out! I swear by Clinique’s High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara and it’s not the cheapest mascara out there so I like to get as much life out if it as I can. By adding those few drops of solution it brings it right back to life and I get as much use of it as possible!

  23. says

    My best kept secret is washing with sensitive skin formula washes, I have acne prone skin and if I use acne washes it will actually break out my skin. I also have to use paraben free skin products.

  24. says

    Ok, I’m totally prepared for people to think of me as crazy, but my big secret for keeping my face blemish free and improve the inherited dark bags under my eyes, is I “wash” my face every morning with a 50/50 combination of castor oil and EVOO. I was very skeptical when I was first introduced to this idea, but I was ultimately fed up so badly with my teenage breakouts on my 31 y/o face I was willing to try anything. PLEASANTLY SUPRISED!

  25. says

    I started using the Olay Pro-X brush about 6 months ago. I use it with any face wash I wish. It has made a huge difference! I’ve always been one to have a random zit on my face at any given time, but not any more. For real. It’s similar to the Clarisonic, but much cheaper. This goes for $30.

    Also worth mentioning is Origins Make a Difference skin rejuvenating treatment lotion. It’s like a toner. It’s best for combination dry skin. I swipe it on in the morning before I put anything on my skin and after I wash my face at night. I love this product! It definitely helps with any dry skin issues. It leaves your face feeling clean, moisturized, and refreshed.

  26. says

    I don’t really have any beauty secrets… washing my face every night before going to bed is something I have consistently done for many years.

  27. says

    Tea Tree oil really works to clear up zits! and it doesn’t dry out your skin like typical acne creams. But, a warning… it stinks!

  28. says

    My best-kept beauty secret is that I don’t use conditioner. I have very fine, wavy hair, and it’s always been limp and sad-looking no matter how I styled it, until I stopped using conditioner every time I washed it. I was afraid my hair would turn rough and brittle, but it looks better than ever and feels just as soft as always!

  29. says

    Clean skin and exfoliating often! Plus I have started to use olive oil/caster oil combo as a face cleanser at night. I see a big difference in how my skin looks and feels.

  30. says

    My best kept beauty secret is Aquaphor healing ointment by Eucerin. Not only does it keep my lips amazingly soft and hydrated, but it has so many other hidden talents. I use it in the winter to keep my dry cuticles and skin around my nose super hydrated. Best of all, I use it to turn my favorite light pink eye shadow into a lip stick. All for about $6 bucks a tube!

  31. says

    If I have a zit, but don’t have any on the spot treatment, I have used toothpaste to cover it for the night. I read this somewhere, and tried it, and it seems to work for me!

  32. says

    I have dry patches on my face, so I always put a light lotion on a night and when I wake up immediately wash my face with a gentle exfoliator to wash away the dead skin. Since starting this routine, my dryness has drastically decreased!

  33. says

    My beauty secret it to always fix my hair! I feel that even if I can’t get my makeup to cooperate, my hair helps make a difference in making me look more put together.


  34. says

    I like to use cheap conditioner as a shaving cream. One less thing in the shower and my daughter shares the conditioner with me.

  35. says

    Less is more! I have oily skin and heavy make-up just slides down my face. Totally buying some of this Revlon product this weekend!

  36. says

    My best kept beauty secret? Coconut oil as face wash! My face is so smooth, clear, and I don’t even need lotion after. Takes of eye makeup wonderfully too.
    Giveaway, yes please!

  37. says

    I have ALWAYS curled my lashes by heating (not too hot!) my metal eyelash curling tool with my hair dryer, then letting it cool, and then press/curl my eyelashes. They stay curled ALL DAY! Everyone always thinks it’s a mascara I’m using, nope! :)

  38. says

    My best kept beauty secret? I only rinse my face at night– I don’t use any soap. If I use a cleanser twice a day, I break out without fail!

    I love BB creams, but haven’t tried Revlon! I have found that they slide off a little in humidity, so I can’t wait to try this one!

  39. says

    Especially in the summer, my beauty secret is always keeping oil absorbing blotting papers in my purse – keeps me from getting that slick look in the afternoons!

  40. says

    Hi Kate!

    I would recommend trying Jane Iredale’s skincare line. They offer a variety of mineral foundations (powder and liquid) depending on what coverage you are looking for. Plus, their formula is actually GOOD for your skin. Imagine that? I currently use their tinted moisturizer with a light dusting of translucent powder and I’m very impressed. Other foundations I’ve used in the past have “caked” up leaving me with a total sloppy mess. I have yet to try Jane’s BB Cream, but I’m eager to do so. I’ve heard nothing but great reviews! I intend on purchasing it for those evenings I want a fuller coverage look.

    Check it out!


  41. says

    Moisturizer and lots of water throughout the day for beautiful skin. Love your blog! Also love the way your eyes look! Too much black eyeliner can look heavy on the eyes, but yours looks really natural! michael_weiss at hotmail dot com

  42. says

    My best beauty secret is sleep and a healthy diet. When I don’t get enough sleep or indulge in too much junk food my skin shows it, but if I eat healthy and get enough rest it just makes me glow, plus you feel better too!

  43. says

    I’m so excited because I just bought this and haven’t opened it yet. It’s good to know that you love it! I love LaRoche face wash and products for my skin. They make a huge difference in keeping me looking young. I also wear tons and tons of sunscreen and hats and anything to keep the sun off of my face.
    Ashely Rane Sparks

  44. says

    My beauty secret? Monistat Chafing Gel. No, not for that.. for my face! It is the EXACT SAME product as Smashbox Photo Finish. I mix it with foundation or BB Cream and it makes my makeup stay on all day long.

  45. says

    My secret is that I use olive oil to “wash” my face. Every night. I never need moisturizer or blot sheets and only use a spf lotion in the morning. All I do is rub a pea sized amount of oil over my face and wipe off with a hot, wring-out, washcloth. Dewy, gorgeous and CHEAP! My grandmother and mother did the same, and none of have had breakouts… unless it’s my monthly, of course!

  46. says

    My beauty secret is BB cream! I’ve been using Almay, but after this post I’m ready to try Revlon! I love how light BB cream!


  47. says

    I live in Oklahoma, where the heat and humidity mixed with my naturally oily skin is a super bad combination. But, the one product I have found taht keeps my makeup looking the same all day long is Urban Decay’s All Nighter Makeup setting spray. Just spritz it all over my face after I’ve put all my makeup on… and I’m good to go!

  48. says

    Every Saturday when I get home from work, I use a cocoa Shea butter scrub. My skins feels so soft, smells amazing, and its a great way for me to leave my work week behind and start my weekend – feels so invigorating, like a fresh start!

  49. says

    My beauty secret is to apply milk of magnesia to my face with a cotton ball before I smooth on by BB cream. I have oily skin and it soaks up the oil all day. By the way, I love Lumene BB cream! It has perfect coverage and is unscented…super good price, too! Works great for me.

  50. says

    I don’t know if this is really much of a secret, but I wash my face before bed and again after waking up. At night I use a heavier moisturizer, and in the morning I use a lighter moisturizer with SPF, and I always use an eye cream after every wash.

  51. says

    I think the worst hair/style day can be remedied or at least faked through with big sunglasses, lip gloss, and a bright pair of flats. That’s my secret, anyway! :)

    (definitelyra at gmail)

  52. says

    My beauty secret is coconut oil! I use it on my hair, skin, nails, and in cooking! It’s so versatile and without all the added chemicals it makes a good choice!
    cortney tipton at

  53. says

    I use Vaseline under my eyes every night and in the morning, no puffiness no bags under my eyes as I age! :) I rarely wear undereye concealer too because I look natural.

  54. says

    My beauty secret would have to be moisture! I have dry skin, and coconut oil/vaseline in the shower, slathered all over my face for about 10 minutes once a week keeps my skin awesomely soft.

  55. says

    My beauty secret is taking really good care of my skin and hair. I wash my face and hair every day, and I invest in quality products to ensure great results!


  56. says

    My beauty secret is that I go one day a week makeup free to give my face a break. Usually I am wearing sweatpants and a messy bun and don’t leave the house but hey, my house is super clean that day!

  57. says

    I keep all types of beauty supplies on hand. I wash my hair with different shampoos and use different products throughout the week. On the weekends I use more subtle makeup and lipsticks. I try to keep my hair and face guessing what I’m going to do with it. HA! Except when I’m exhausted, I still keep my basic routine down pat.

  58. says

    Being in my 50’s, I have a fear of walking around with lipstick on my teeth!!! LOL….so when I place my lipstick on I take my index finger and put in my mouth and pucker my lips around it, pull it out and it removes any excess lip gloss that may get on my teeth. I also use just plain sugar as a scrub once a week on my face.

  59. says

    I apply a sunscreen made for use with make-up every day! (Clarins Day Screen spf 40) There is no better beauty tip than “take care of what the lord has blessed you with!”

  60. says

    I tweeted!
    The Small Things Blog: Photo Ready skin with a BB Cream? Yes please. “”>#SweepstakesEntry

  61. says

    Best kept secret…Using Preparation H on sunburns. It takes the heat and any swelling out! They even make it with aloe vera now, which is more of a cream based instead of oil based. The redness may still remain but the pain, heat, and swelling goes away fairly quickly! Best. Thing. Ever!!!

  62. says

    My “best beauty secret” is using Mary Kay moisturizer after washing my face and before putting on makeup. It makes my makeup go on smoother and my skin stays hydrated. My mom has used Mary Kay moisturizer for years and gave me my first bottle when I started wearing makeup. I have used it ever since!

    elizabeth.getz (at) gmail (dot) com

  63. says

    I LOVE Clinique’s All About Eyes gel formula. Great for under eye circles, diminishing crow’s feet, and light hydration. I use it every day in the morning and sometimes at night if I’m feeling especially tired. LOVE. IT.

  64. says

    I guess my main “secret” is trying to drink plenty of water and green tea. Staying hydrated on the inside helps your skin stay hydrated on the outside.

  65. says

    Kate, I am wanting to try a BB cream but I’m scared about it breaking me out. My skin is very acne prone. I usually try to stick with oil-free products. Do you think this Revlon BB cream is a good option for those with acne?

  66. says

    Kate, I am wanting to try a BB cream but I’m scared about it breaking me out. My skin is very acne prone. I usually try to stick with oil-free products. Do you think this Revlon BB cream is a good option for those with acne?

  67. says

    I finally found an eyeliner that I love! I’ve even gotten compliments on it while out shopping and at church, talk about make a girl feel nice! Its Loreal Infallible Lacquer liner.
    My email is jmabcgraham(at)gmail(dot)com

  68. says

    My beauty secret is only wearing makeup when I have to so my skin can breathe. I love my current BB cream but am looking forward to trying a new one.

  69. says

    My beauty secret came from my mom. She taught me how to curl my eyelashes using a teaspoon. Yup, a teaspoon! You can curl them as if you’re curling a ribbon with scissors, does that make sense? Anyway, they make my lashes look more natural than the regular lash curler.

  70. says

    I use hair conditioner to shave my legs instead of shaving cream. My skin tends to be dry, and the conditioner helps to mositurize even before my lotion. It also makes them feel super smooth!

  71. says

    I never leave my house without using and SPF 30 or higher. I didn’t use it when I was younger so I’m making up for lost time.

    yorichent at yahoo dot com

  72. says

    My best kept beauty secret … hmm, that’s a really hard one. Probably using a lip scrub and keeping my lips moisturized with a Burt’s Bees lip balm! I have full lips so they’re one of my greatest assets, and keeping them looking good is one of my “priorities,” I guess you could call it.

    I got a sample of BB cream at Walgreens about a month ago and really liked it. It evened my skin tone beautifully. I’m 16 and I don’t wear makeup (my family isn’t big on makeup until about 16) except for the days when I decide to be spontaneous and wear some. One of my first favorite makeup combinations was BB cream, a green eye shadow, and mascara. I really liked how it played up my features.

    My email address:

  73. says

    Drink lots of water throughout the day! Just tried my first BB cream and loved it. . . would definitely try Revlon’s next!

  74. says

    I would LOVE to win!!! :) Your skin looks absolutely gorgeous, Kate, and not cakey at all! If I were you I’d keep it light at all times and play up those eyes! 😀 😉

    contact [dot] sharonjoy [at] gmail [dot] com

  75. says

    Have you tried the full coverage Bare Essentials? I believe it’s called Ready. I have the same skin type, pale, uneven, racoon eyes, AND blemishes. (yikes!) and I get great coverage with it. After getting used to the powder feeling I can’t go back to liquid, especially in the summer. But I am always intrigued with these BB creams. I’ll have to try it! Thanks for you review, I spend so much money because of you! 😉

  76. says

    My beauty secret is coconut oil. I put it on under my makeup and it really helps smooth things out. Then I don’t have to worry about all the fake yucky stuff in primers!

  77. says

    I don’t know that I really have any beauty “secrets,” but something I’ve found success with is shaving with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser rather than a shaving cream. It’s less expensive and more versatile, and I avoid all shaving skin irritations when I use it.

  78. says

    Best kept secret? Thanks to Pintrest, it’s not so much of a secret, but Coconut Oil works wonders. I use it as facewash, mostiurizer, in body scrubs and as a hair mask. It’s magic!

    loveablelaura13 @

  79. says

    My best beauty secret is to skip the make-up all together for a weekend once in a while. I think it gives my skin a chance to breathe and refresh.

  80. says

    Groomed eyebrows (and a lip wax) do wonders for me with my almost-black-brown hair and fair skin – brightens up my whole face. On that note too, the other biggest beauty secret I know is that it’s all about color – YOUR colors. I look great in cool colors, black, & white, and whatever is closest to your face is what gives you that whole “wash” over- so just popping on my pearl studs in the morning also brightens me right up. When I wear true blues and greens I always get compliments. :)

  81. says

    I make my own lotion bars. My son is in a wheelchair and his hands get very chapped and since I found the recipe (bees wax, shea butter, coconut oil, grapeseed oil) his hand are very rarely cracked.

  82. says

    My best kept beauty secret is to ALWAYS apply makeup in natural light. With my super pale skin, putting on foundation or blush in artificial lighting is just asking for trouble (makeup lines, clown cheeks, and so on).


  83. says

    I try to use products I love or friends recommend, narrows down the trial and error process a lot! I went to Target today and got the BB product. I love how light and s,ooh it feels in all this humidity! Great find Kate!

  84. says

    Not sure I have an actual “beauty secret”…but I use Biotera Ultra Color Care shampoo & conditioner from Sally Beauty Supply rather than paying for pricey Biolage.


  85. says

    Love your blog! My beauty secret is: when I gave up sugar for Lent my skin improved exponentially: tone, texture, pores, everything! So I kept going after Lent.
    My favorite beauty secret product is probably “Well Rested” by Bare Escentuals. It’s an awesome highlighter when you’re doing face contouring.

  86. says

    Love your blog! My beauty secret is: when I gave up sugar for Lent my skin improved exponentially: tone, texture, pores, everything! So I kept going after Lent.
    My favorite beauty secret product is probably “Well Rested” by Bare Escentuals. It’s an awesome highlighter when you’re doing face contouring.

  87. says

    For me my secret is that I only wash my hair every 3 or 4 days and I find it looks better, holds curl better, and lays really nice. Besides saving a ton on shampoo, I find my hair looks way better when I do this. My e-mail is: Thanks!!

  88. says

    I look forward to trying this BB Cream! I tried Garnier BB cream and it made me break out really bad and i’ve been afraid to try anything else ever since but this one is definitely worth trying!

  89. says

    My beauty secret is Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant. I apply it after washing my face before bed every night. It helps to minimize pores and keep blackheads away.


  90. says

    Witch hazel for astringent…keeps skin clean and fresh and removes impurities and bacteria that can cause pimples…it is the main ingredient in brand name astringents but wo the extra colors fragrance. Then I moisturize with olay. Kcroland3 (at)gmail(dot) com

  91. says

    My number one beauty secret is to keep a lighter looking eye but with a little edge… I use a dark brown or black eyeliner in the water line. It’ll amp my day makeup up just a notch without over doing it.

  92. says

    I’m a big fan of the spoolie brush for use after applying mascara! It helps separate the lashes and makes them appear longer!

  93. says

    Not a real secret, but I always wash my face before bed each night, then I exfoliate once a week, and use proper anti-wrinkle creams (so far I don’t have any yet, knock on wood).

  94. says

    I have a few beauty secrets my first is my eye liner. I use black or brown eye liner on the top and a navy blue or turquoise eyeliner on the bottom. The color contrast really brings out my blue eyes. My second secret is my spray on foundation. It is called Aero Minerals makeup mist, and it provides the perfect amount of coverage. The cool thing about this foundation is it was used on the set for the Twilight movies: Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2.

  95. says

    Cutting out diet Coke or diet Dr. Pepper seems to be my beauty secret. I noticed my skin looks better if I don’t drink any for a day or two so while it’s hard to stick with it (I love my diet DP!) I try to skip it as often as possible just so my skin looks better.

  96. says

    My best kept beauty secret is a combination– steam and green tea! Placing a hot towel over your face (or standing over a sink of hot water) is a great way to open your pores and cleanse the face. I also drink green tea quite often. It has antioxidants that help clear blemishes and give your skin a nice glow. Rubbing a tea bag on your face never hurts, either.

  97. says

    My secret is to wait to put my contacts in until after I’ve done my make-up. At age 49, I need readers when I’m wearing my contacts. I used to wonder why older women always had the worst eye make-up jobs, but now that I AM older, I know why-they can’t see what they’re doing!!! People don’t pay special attention to a flawless make-up job, but they definitely notice badly applied make-up.

  98. says

    I like to soak my feet in 1/2 warm water and 1/2 hydrogen peroxide. I soak for 10-15 minutes and then scrub and lotion up. My feet feel so soft for about a week after.

  99. says

    Where to begin on the beauty secrets?! The most important one is maintenance, like face washing & layering creams. I traveled with some friends a couple times way back when and they used to make fun of me for ‘maintenancing’ myself. Their grown children now ask me what I’ve done all these years to keep my skin looking young. I’ve used DHC Deep Cleansing Oil for eons and the Paula Begoun Resist line for the last couple years. And the Revlon BB Cream is awesome! I ran out and bought some as soon as I read a very favorable review from PBegoun and have loved it ever since!


  100. says

    My best kept beauty secret: don’t stress. Stress is so hard on skin and can prematurely age you. Hard for any makeup to look good, if your face looks stressed.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  101. says

    Eyeliner is my go to makeup secret. Every time I go out in public not wearing any without a doubt someone asks me if I am tired (in most cases I am not tired I just don’t have on eyeliner). Let’s just say I try not to leave the house without!


  102. says

    My #1 beauty secret is to SMILE! An older friend used to always say, “When you’re smiling, nobody sees the laugh lines”, and let’s face it, when there’s joy in your eyes and a smile on your face, you will look beautiful, no matter your skin tone or hairstyle or age. :) P.S. Kate, you are completely adorable! God bless you. :)

  103. says

    I have used eye cream at night since I was young. A friend gave it to me and told me it was better to start early then after the fine lines already appear! Great advice.

  104. says

    I learned mine from you–always start with primer!! Primer for face and primer for eyeshadow. Oh, and wash those makeup brushes!! Amazing what a difference it makes. :)

    p.s. Since having my baby girl 2 years ago, my new (forced) beauty secret has been to become comfortable going out in public with no makeup on. (survival mode and priority shift! haha) I wish I’d known about BB creams then since washing my face and moisturizing was sometimes all I had time for in order to squeeze in a grocery run before next feeding/naptime! Here’s to you feeling confident in the way God made you when you’re post-baby, too! <3

  105. says

    Best kept beauty secret is to drink warm water with lemon every morning. It has really helped clear up my skin and there are tons of other health benefits too!

  106. says

    My best kept beauty secret is to put on a tinted moisturizer that also has SPF every day to protect my skin from the sun and give me a healthy glow.

  107. says

    shehulkout (at) gmail (dot) com

    My best kept beauty secret is not over accessorizing. People take notice when I wear earrings or a cute watch because I don’t wear them everyday. I am very strategic to wear different things to make individual pieces special.

    And here’s my tweet:
    Best of luck to everyone!!

  108. says

    My best kept beauty secret is really not a secret at all because everyone asks me about it and I tell! I use lip stain underneath my lipstick to keep the vibrant color all day long. I love doing a bright red lip so I will use a red lip stain and layer a true red lipstick over it, and it never wears off or dulls, even when eating or drinking!

  109. says

    Best beauty secret: Vaseline on my hands at night, covered with socks! Keeps them from drying out, especially in the winter!


  110. says

    I have super light skin too so to set my BB cream I use Youngblood Hi-Definition Hydrating Mineral Perfecting Powder color warm to brighten my face and add very natural looking color. (

  111. says

    My best beauty secret is to not use a crap load of products. A basic cleanser, then apply a thin layer of honey and rinse, then apply coconut oil as a moisturizer. No need for fancy products. Same goes for hair: a good conditioning rinse (skip the shampoo), and a very, very, very small amount of coconut oil to control the frizzes.

  112. says

    My best kept beauty secret is Blistex medicated ointment. I use it on my lips all day, everyday. Even though I don’t NEED the medicated part, it keeps my lips so soft and silky, with a light glossy look. Couldn’t live without it.

  113. says

    Dove dry shampoo! It is the best that I have tried and makes my hair look really fresh the day after shampooing.


  114. says

    My beauty secret is Extra Virgin Coconut Oil! It helps if you actually ingest some, but I also use it as an all over moisturizer. When I was pregnant, I put 1 tablespoon in every bath soak. It really helps fight off stretch marks and varicose veins as well :)

  115. says

    I cleanse my face each night with the full routine of cleanser, toner and moisture. But in the morning I skip cleanser and use toner followed up with my makeup routine.

  116. says

    I too, would love to win! My secret is for my nails, and skin. Jojoba oil, in it’s purest form is absolutely the best thing for your nails. Its the only product that actually penetrates into your nail bed. I use it after i’ve showered, done dishes etc. Keeps your nails super long and strong,and awesome for your skin!

  117. says

    Can you explain how trusty worthy your answer is about this product if Revlon is sponsoring this post? How is it any different than Revlon paying you to say you love this product and it’s different from the others you have tried?

  118. says

    Aside from sleep and water….exfoliating and SPF! Cell turnover and protecting the new little darlings is important. julie (dot) M (dot) smith (at) comcast (dot) net

  119. says

    Based on a recommendation from Capitol Hill Style a couple years ago, I started using raw African Black Soap, and I love how clear it keeps my skin. I also drink a ton of water…why not!?! lauren.luhrs @ gmail . com

  120. says

    It’s not so much of a secret anymore, but organic coconut oil is seriously a game changer. I wash my face with it every night, use it as a hair mask twice a week, and moisturize my legs and arms with it. It definitely helps with keratosis pilaris and eczema.

  121. says

    It’s not much of a secret but my lifesaver skin secret is Clindamycin Phosphate Topical Lotion %1. I had really bad acne, and couldn’t use any acne cream because my skin was so sensitive. My doctor prescribed me this and my acne went away in a little over two weeks and I had no irritation at all! It’s my lifesaver, and my skin has never looked better
    I tweeted:

  122. says

    I agree will everyone about the water, but my beauty “secret” is about eyebrows. They can make such a difference on a face. I like fuller ones, not too over tweezed, and filled in with powder or pencil. I recently had mine threaded, and I found it to be much more gentle and prettier than waxing or tweezing. Please make me a winner! Great blog and good luck with your new baby..

  123. says

    Keep it simple!! If i try to make it too complicated, I don’t stick to it. So, I just try to make sure I moisturize daily.

  124. says

    My best beauty secret for the summer time is using Ocean Potion Lotion!

    No matter what skin tone you have, use this after being out in the sun and it will replenish the moisture in your skin. The best part is that it comes in a HUGE bottle, so you can use it ALL OVER and it will last awhile!!

    It also is amazing when it comes to keeping your skin from peeling if you didn’t get to reapply sun screen as often as you would have liked.

    Love it!!

    (search: Ocean Potion After Sun Aloe Lotion)


    p.s. I love love love your blog. I would love to have one of my own someday (I already have a blogger account ready to go), and your blog is a great inspiration. Have a blessed day!

  125. says

    No beauty secrets here. With three boys ( youngest is 2), I am finally trying to make some time for a regular beauty routine.
    Love your blog for ideas!

  126. says

    My Clarisonic Mia skincare brush in my beauty secret. I received one as a gift (they’re a little pricey so I probably wouldn’t have splurged for myself). I have oily skin, prone to breakouts, but ever since I’ve been using the Clarisonic Mia (morning and night), I’ve had very few breakouts and my skin never looks dull. I love my Clarisonic!

  127. says

    My best kept secret is to cover up brown spots. I put a fairly heavy coverage of concealer on the spots and don’t blend. Just make sure to “color in the lines”. Then when I put on my mineral foundation with a brush, it buffs and blends the concealer in and no more brown spots without having to carefully stipple the concealer in. This gives better coverage than any other method I’ve tried.

  128. says

    Moisturize. I know it sounds obvious, but I didn’t think I needed to since my skin was oily. It took me a long time to realize that just because it was oily didn’t mean it was *moisturized*. I started slathering every night and my acne cleared up in a jiffy!

  129. says

    My best kept “secret” is eating a healthy diet of full-fat foods (lots of protein and veggies also!) and attempting to drink a lot of water and tea. It works!

  130. says

    I’d love to win… I’ve been wanting to try this BB cream but couldn’t find it for a while! My best kept beauty secret? Acne spot corrector. It keeps blemishes at bay!

  131. says

    I always remove my makeup at night. It’s not good to sleep with it on. It’s better to start with a fresh face. I love using arbonnes primer, foundation, and mattifying powder. My skin has majorly improved since I’ve started using it!

  132. says

    My beauty secret is getting enough sleep. I see from the comments that I’m not the only one. It really does wonders!

  133. says

    I’m deathly pale and have been looking for a lighter coverage and lighter feeling foundation or cream to use in the summer. As far as my number one beauty secret…curl your eyelashes! Always!

  134. says

    I love my bb cream too! My best beauty secret is in my homemade toner and eye makeup remover. I love using all natural home remedies.

  135. says

    I have been using Maybelline Superstay 24® Color Lip Stain for 10yrs now and I love that it lasts all day long and I can take it off with one swipe of Vaseline.

  136. says

    My secret is essential oils. Lavender and melaleuca together zap zits faster than any chemical product I have ever used. They also heal the scars faster so my skin tone is more even.

  137. says

    I wash my face twice a day, limit the makeup to maybe once or twice a week, and drink lots and lots of water! oh and moisturize! ashley[dot]mouton[at]gmail[dot]com

  138. says

    My beauty secret would be mascara. Even if I don’t put on a lot of makeup, I’ll put on mascara. It brightens up my face and brings some life to my eyes. I use to wear glasses so I never worried too much about it, but now that I wear contacts, I’m always wearing mascara if I’m out in public!

  139. says

    I use Clinique Super Defense moisturizer under my makeup. I just got back from the beach and this was all I used on my fair skinned face and I didn’t get burned at all. Doesn’t break my skin out all all either.


  140. says

    My favorite beauty secret is Dr Pepper Lip Smackers. I get compliments on the subtle color and keeps my lips moist!

    lori314 at gmail dot com

  141. says

    I live in the desert, which is beyond drying. Plus, the blazing Arizona sun wreaks havoc. The moisture and spf of BB creams are great for desert makeup needs.

  142. says

    I always remove my makeup at night. Its good for your skin and your makeup will look better when it’s fresh in the morning. I love using primer from Arbonne. It’s the best! I also love there foundation and mattifying powder. It works great with my oily skin:)

  143. says

    My best kept beauty secret is staying hydrated. I have a natural glow, but if I don’t stay hydrated, I lose that glow, which makes it hard to put makeup on without looking weird.


  144. says

    I have very blue eyes and light skin, so it’s important that I lighten up the dark spots on my face and dark circles under my eyes. Highlighter and/or light shimmery eye shadow always does the trick for me!

  145. says

    I wish I had a great beauty secret, but I don’t really…probably why I read blogs like this! I’d love to try light, inexpensive skin cover for the summer (or lazy days, which happen often with a toddler!)

    jena . l . cook [at] gmail . com

  146. says

    Even if I go out completely fresh-faced, I always take time to darken and shape my eyebrows a bit. They’re very light and often practically disappear into my face – so just that one step frames my face and makes me look more expressive and put-together!

  147. says

    I love the old school cold cream to remove eye makeup. Although sort of greasy, its gentle and removes all eye makeup, and not just part of it. When traveling or in a hurry, I reach for the eye makeup removing disposable pads. Love it! So much better for your eyes to take it all off at night!

  148. says

    What a fun giveaway! My legs are extremely prone to razor burn, so I wash my legs with my body pouf FIRST which exfoliates and lifts the leg hair. Then I shave using sensitive fragrance-free shaving gel and a MEN’s razor – life changer! The mens’ razors are so much sharper and have stronger, thinner blades.

    laceyrose (dot) 1 (at) juno (dot) com

  149. says

    Contrary to popular belief, it’s not good to wash your hair everyday since it strips the hair of its natural oils. Therefore, I don’t wash it everyday. I also tame the flyaways with organic coconut oil. :)


  150. says

    Something I’ve done ever since I was a kid, but I NEVER have chapped lips and they are always smooth and moist: I put Mentholatum on my lips before going to bed! (I also rub a little under my nose – gives me a crisp menthol-y scent as I’m falling asleep 😉 )

  151. says

    Using NeriumAD to even out skin tone and texture, diminish lines, wrinkles, sun/age spots. It’s truly amazing, and a totally natural plant based product. Also helps to hydrate and leaves skin with a beautiful glow! Just have to wash face at bedtime, apply Nerium AD, then wake up and see the difference! I can not live without it :). Check it out at

  152. says

    My best kept beauty secret is to sleep with a clean towel over your pillowcase every night before bed. It really

    helps reduce acne.

    Email in Blogger profile

  153. says

    My secret is… I steal ideas from my daughters! I tend to get stuck in the rut of doing what I’m familiar with, so I look to my daughters and “borrow” from their ideas and styles to update and have fun with my own :)

  154. says

    I am a huge fan of BB Cream, I have one now and it is so lightweight and great for these hotter days we are having!!

    kelseylouiseapley at gmail dot com

  155. says

    I NEVER sleep in my makeup. Never ever! I bought this BB cream based on your recommendation yesterday, and today it looks great 7 hours in! I’m always a little shiny in the afternoon, but it did seem less with this stuff; I’m sold!

  156. says

    My beauty tip- besides the given of taking off your makeup before bed, enough sleep and enough water, is Neutrogena oil blotting sheets- they take the shine off your face but leave your makeup. Obsessed!! allisone.cox at

  157. says

    My beauty secret is i listened to my mom the Esthetician, cover my face while laying out, take women’s formula vitamins, take vitamin e, use glycoglic acid once a month in a facial. Once i learned to trust in the lord in all areas of my life, the joy shines through which gives a youthful glow.

  158. says

    I just really make sure I take care of my skin. Even when I can barely keep my eyes open, I always make sure I wash my face before bed. I’m pretty careful about what I put on it and I make sure to give my skin breaks.

    brendawalter312 (at) gmail (dot) com

  159. says

    This post was just in time for me! I have been hearing about BB’s creams for awhile now and have been dying to try one but have yet to take the plunge. I was just at Target the other day looking at different brands prepping for my summer vacation, in which I hope to wear something light for make-up. I am so going to pick up a tube of it tonight! Thanks Kate :)

    My beauty secret is that I shave my legs with a mens razor and shave cream (I hate the gel :) A man’s razor get a much closer cut and gives me super silky legs! My friends always ask how I get such a close shave and thats my secret :)

  160. says

    For the occasional blemish grind up an aspirin, add a small dab of honey and smear on the blemish. One or two days and it’s gone!

  161. says

    My favorite current beauty tip is for lips: I am in love with Revlon Just Bitten Kissable!! I have it in 2 shades and my roomie has it in 4 (!!!)
    We love the light feeling yet full color and it literally will last all day. I used to be mad about the Revlon lip butters (which I still am) but I am all about the chubby sticks for summer.

  162. says

    Bare Minerals’ all over face color is my go-to secret. No matter when I wear it, everyone always comments that I look well-slept and put together! I love BB cream in any form, too!


  163. says

    Once or twice a week I like to exfoliate my face and lips. I mix 1 T. sugar with 1/2 T. (or a little more) olive oil and apply this to my face and lips and then gently rub it in circular motions to exfoliate. I remove it with warm water and a rag. My skin feels so smooth after this treatment, and foundation goes on really well. : )


  164. says

    This looks really neat! I’m hesitant to try due to the SPF since I think my skin reacts to SPF, but I still might try it. My fav hair product is Morocan Oil curly hair foam. So easy to wash, apply, and go.

  165. says

    I wouldn’t say it’s a “secret”, but a very important step in my beauty routine is making sure that my skin is always moisturized. A good, glowing complexion relies on it.

  166. says

    My go to beauty secret is using olive oil to remove my makeup with a wet warm washcloth before I clean my face with my Mia2. I am amazed at the changes in my very difficult, acne prone, large pore skin with these simple changes to my beauty routine.

    I love your blog and do a “small things blog” inspired hairstyle almost every day! :) Thank you Kate!

  167. says

    My hair is super dry so once a month I put conditioner on my hair and sleep with on overnight and wash it off in the morning.

    s2s2 at comcast dot net

  168. says

    My beauty secret, sleeping exclusively on satin pillowcases. Sleep is essential, but can cause creases. And now that I live in the mountains, I use a humidifier in my bedroom EVERY night. I even take it with me when I travel.

    Thanks for all you show us, Kate~ Kristi

  169. says

    Wait – tell us which BBs you’ve tried!?
    I’m almost through my Smashbox BB and i’ve loved it! But for a cheaper/every day option i’ve been debating between Revlon & Maybelline

    My Biggest Makeup Secret! ~ almost every day i line the outside third of my eye with a brown liner and then almost to my inner corner with an eggplant purple (since my eyes are green) which really makes them stand out. Then if i have time i tightline on the outer third with brown too.

  170. says

    I don’t think anything about my beauty routine could be called a secret :)
    I usually let my skin “breathe” and only wear eye make-up. Once I cut out the foundation my skin cleared up significantly.
    wtiger9 at bellsouth dot net

  171. says

    I used to suffer from acne often since junior high, and I recently developed dull skin and dark circles in college. I then guessed my pimples were due to genetics and stress. Unfortunately, I can’t change my DNA, so I focused on meditation, practiced in worrying less, distracted myself from negative memories, listened to relaxing music before I sleep, etc. I’m still progressing, but my face is clear enough so I don’t need to apply concealer to my entire face!

  172. says

    Its not really a secret but when I changed my diet to eliminate most processed foods and eat cleaner (organic and raw much as possible and afforable for my budget) and drink mostly water (over a gallon a day) my skin did a 180 and now it looks so much better than before, beuty is not just about what is applied to the skin what we digest is a huge part of it too :)