magical lipstick

I’m a skeptic at heart. My natural inclination is to always assume products won’t work like they say they will–and then I’ll be pleasantly surprised if they actually do work well!

So when DIOR came out with “self-adjusting” lipstick, you might be able to imagine what I was thinking.

yeah right. Pah-lease DIOR. 

On top of that, when I opened up the tube and saw it was a translucent baby pink color, it assured me even more that there was no way this would add color to my lips.

Obviously, I had to try it.

The claim is that the color will develop over the first 3-5 minutes after application. So if you quickly apply a few strokes of this lipstick, glance in the mirror, and then run out the door, you may be surprised to see a new color by the time you get to work. 

I was able to see the color change before my eyes, and I have to admit I was pretty impressed with the tone it left. I really think it’s a beautiful “natural” pink color. 

This lipstick/balm is one of the most nourishing products I’ve ever applied. I absolutely love the consistency and the shine. On the other hand, I hate the packaging. The little knob at the end of the tube is not as easy to grab–however I guess it would be easy to tell it apart from your other lipsticks while you are doing the “blindly fish around for lipstick at the bottom of my purse” move. Oh, you don’t do that?

The whole concept is that it will work with your skin’s pH to determine the right shade for you. I’ve considered running up to random strangers, tackling them, making them apply it, and then taking photos of the final color but that may get me thrown in jail. 

How about if you try it, tweet me a photo. I’d love to see how it looks on different skin tones.

One of the other things I love about wearing this lipstick/balm is it won’t leave lipstick marks on anything. That’s right, no more lipstick rings around your coffee, no more pink marks on your sandwich bread while you’re eating lunch, and finally, a lipstick/balm I can wear AND kiss my husband without leaving him with a smudge of lipstick. #hugewin

Since this lipstick is so smart, you may not be shocked to see that it isn’t the cheapest item you’ll ever walk out of Sephora with. 

Tarte has a similar product as well. I haven’t tried it, but it will cost you a little less than the DIOR Lip Glow

If you are scared of lipstick, or you don’t want to look “overly made up”, give it a try. I think you’ll like it. 

*DIOR has no idea who I am. I paid for this lipstick and felt like telling you about it.


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    I haven’t tried this particular one, but I have a few Dior Addict Lipsticks, and they are amazing!!!! Pricey, but definitely worth it. I think I might pick this one up next and try it out. Beautiful pink color! and i’m close to your skin tone, so I know this would work for me. Thanks for reminding me, and sharing :)

  2. says

    physicians formula had something like this and it turned bright scary pink on my lips :( not the color i was hoping for. I might just save my pennies to try this product out though love the color it changed to :)

  3. says

    I am intrigued by all the lip products coming out that change different colors! Tarte has one, too. I think it’s call Skintuitive or something like that. This Dior one seems to have jumped in my Sephora cart … hmm!

  4. says has this in stock and I almost bought it, but opted to try the less expensive Sephora Collection Color Reveal Lip Balm. After seeing your photos, I just might have to add the Dior version to my bag as well! :)

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    I’d like to try it too. I have tried Stila’s self adjusting blush and it looks soooo skeery in the compact but I love the color that it adjusts to. Isn’t science and makeup, awesome?!! : )

  6. says

    Love the stila blush which looks 80s pink eyeshadow in the pan then adjusts to perfection. This looks divine! & now I’m reminded to break out the stila blush for review & swatching!

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    I recently bought Jemmma Kidd Colour ID lip gloss from Target that does the same thing. It’s amazing! I love it! Maybe I’ll have to give this one a try too!

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    Ha ha oh the mental image of you tackling random strangers and putting lipstick on them! It made my morning!! Also you said this was a lipstick/balm, so does it stay pretty moist or does it tend to dry out? That is my biggest hesitation with most lipsticks but I LOVE lip balms so I may be sold on that alone!! :)

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    I’ve used the tarte ones for years. I love how they feel but the ALL turn bright pink on me. All of them. I have to be ready for bright lips.

    Something in my ph screams, “Give me glowing lips!!!”

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    Okay 1, I totally do the “blind fishing in my purse for lipstick” thing. I am so glad I’m not alone in this! Physicians Formula also recently put out a Ph adjusting lipgloss and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try it but now I think I do.

  11. says

    Sephora has an in house version of this, Sephora Collection Color Reveal Lip Balm, which I have LOVED. As far as I can tell, the only difference is that when I kiss my fiance, he does get some color on him. Great post though!

  12. says

    I’m curious if it got any more pink throughout the day? did it fade quickly after it went to it’s maximum color? My first reaction was to look up where I can find it cuz I loved how it looked and I’m a chicken when it comes to lipsticks-they always turn out orange on me but that could be my lack of skill of picking out the right color for me.

  13. says

    Take a look at “The Beauty Department” website. They actually just posted about this and the color is more vibrant on her than it was on you. Both shades are pretty though but I don’t think I can spend that much on a mood balm.

  14. says

    I picked up two Maybeline Whispers this weekend and I love them! Thanks for introducing them to us. Looks like I have another lipstick to check out now :-)! Oh darn…

  15. says

    I bought this last year and it did not change color on me… so strange! The Smashbox O-gloss as well as the Avon version of O-gloss didn’t change on me either…. but I finally found that the Too Faced Mood Swing gloss DOES change color for me.

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    A Dior sales person talked me into this product at Sephora last month. After she completely sold me on it (It was beautiful on my lips) – she had to inform me that they were completely out of stock! I settled on a different lipstick but haven’t been completely happy. Now that I have seen your post I feel like I have to get it!!!

  17. says

    Interesting! I’d def have to test in store. It would be strange to pay $$ for a mystery shade of lipstick! Ill check out next time I’m in sephora.

  18. says

    How long does it last? Did you have to reapply it? Looking for a pretty pink for my wedding day and the fact that you said you could kiss your husband without it coming off completely sold me. =)

  19. says

    Hi Kate,

    I’ve been using Lip Glow for years and years. It’s the only thing I wear. You can also put another color of gloss or lipstick on top of Lip Glow and it will enhance the pigment of that lip color as well.


  20. says

    Thanks Kate—appreciate the review, as well as the suggestions for coral lipsticks yesterday. Have you considered entering the Allure Beauty blogger 2013 contest—-you would totally have my vote!!

  21. says

    A couple years ago my mom put a lipstick in my Christmas stocking that she used when she was a teenager — it did the same thing! I think it’s probably significantly cheaper than the Dior or Tarte versions, but I couldn’t find it online. Definitely a novelty, at least.

    The fact that I got a Christmas stocking at 26? Whole other issue.

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    Hey Kate! I love your hair in these pictures. Could you tell me which tutorial shows this style? I’m going back and watching them again to refresh my technique! Thanks for all you do.

  23. says

    I have been scarred of lipstick forever. I am 51 and every tube I have ever bought ends up in the drawer never to be used again. I went straight to the sephora website and purchased it. Can’t wait. Thanks for the pictures showing the change to your lips. All I have ever wanted is natural looking lip color and hopefully now I have finally found it.

  24. says

    You should really try O-gloss from smashbox. I’ve been using it now for 4 years. It’s awesome! It does the same thing. Starts of clear then brightens to your shade. It’s the perfect shade of pink and one I use EVERYDAY. It’s something like $22 at sephora but I get it on ebay for $14…score!

  25. says

    I bought this a few years ago when a cosmetics counter lady at Macy’s pushed it on me while getting makeup done for my best friend’s wedding. I liked it until I saw the pictures from the wedding. My lips were neon pink. My lips apparently are chapstick only…

  26. says

    Does the color get more intense if you put more of the lipstick on? I have the Smashbox O-gloss and I like it, but I have to put just the right amount on. Too little and the color is barely noticeable, too much and I have florescent pink lips. Plus, the O-gloss does transfer to cups, etc. so maybe I’ll give the Dior one a try!

  27. says

    i immediately went on the hunt for Lip Glow when you posted this. I found it on ebay for less than retail, shipped, and GRABBED IT! i just got it, and OMG LOVE!!!! thank you!!!

  28. says

    Just love your blog Kate, it is one of my morning reads on the train and I can’t wait to find and try this lipstick as I struggle to find colours that suit me. Thank you and I’m sure Oxford Street will be thanking you too this week-end.

  29. says

    I always shy away from lip stick because my lips are very full and have a lot of color. I was hoping this would work for me, but it made my lips way to neon as another commenter noted. I guess I am stuck with chapstick, as well.

  30. says

    Never heard of self adjusting lip stick.. I tried the Almay foundation the is supposed to adjust to your skin color. It was just horrible, didn’t adjust to my shade, and made skin much more oily. I will have to give this a try and see if the results turn out better. I love the by the minutes updates, very cool.

  31. says

    Glad to have found your site through StumbleUpon :)

    That’s awesome – the color is so pretty on you. I might just have to pick up one for myself.

    Marta of

  32. says

    Can I ask…. did anyone send in pictures with different skin tones? I’d love to see the results if they did. Did you put this in a post somewhere? thanks, Lou.

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