Low Chignon Hair Tutorial

Low Chignon Tutorial- The Small Things Blog
This is one of those hairstyles that doesn’t look nearly as polished and put together until the very, very end. As you are styling, you may think to yourself, “Oh man. This is a disaster.” Press on, my friend. You will fix everything up at the end.
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    Just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing! Your tutorials helped me have the patience to grow my hair out after 10 years! I am having so much fun styling my hair b/c of your tutorials. We have a black tie event to attend in two weeks and I can’t wait to rock this do! :)

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    I love watching your tutorials…but I honestly have yet to try doing one. I get so impatient…I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it & start throwing things. :) But I may have to try doing this one. It’s so adorable yet sophisticated.

    Also, I must know what your lippie is…? Please???

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      Soooo, let me get this straight! The Dr only remeovd the top half of it?! What was the point? In my experience, keloids always grow back and usually even bigger than the original

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      I wish I could change my hair that often. I have a plbroem getting to my hair girl. I’m waiting for someone to figure out how to get an online hair cut and color then I’m set. Cute pics!

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    I can not wait to try this one out! Love all your tutorials!

    So about your post the other day… I went to the dentist today. Well I don’t floss either so I was nervous about that! Well guess how many cavities I have!? 4!!! In between my teeth. Yay! Another dentist appointment next week. :(

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    It’s almost a reverse of your Wrapped Bun tutorial from last May! I don’t know how you come up with these hairstyles. Love them all!

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    Just found your blog yesterday, and love it! Thx for the tutorials on simple but spectacular hair. I have brown/auburn hair, and have been looking for a texturizing powder that doesn’t add a white “cloud” look to my hair. The white powders show up on my hair no matter how little I use, or how well I work them in. Any suggestions?

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    I have really long hair and after experimenting for ages I might have a couple of tips for you other ladies with long hair. You may not need to tease if you already have lots of hair, but do use a texturising product. When you pull the bun through, pull it through just to the size of the chignon you want at the end. There will be lots of hair hanging out the bottom, just leave it for now. When you cross the sides over they will also leave long ends hanging out the bottom of your bun. Pin them in place. Then grab another clear elastic, gather all the hair hanging loose from the bottom of the bun and wrap it up around your bun to the top, and secure the whole thing at the base with your elastic. Then finish the hairstyle as the tutorial says, pinning at the top, bottom and sides. Also, because your hair will be much heavier you’ll need loads of pinning to hold it in place. I hope that makes sense and helps you out if you have long hair like mine.

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    I’ve tried the texturizing powder before and found it really hard to wash out of my hair?! I have a Unite powder and love it while it’s in, but when I try to wash it out my shampoo will barely lather and it takes a few washes (over a few days) before my hair feels really clean again. Is it just this brand or are all texturizing powders like this? I don’t use it much because of the hassle of getting it out :(

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    I just tried this! It went really well. It looks a little funky but I am new at long hair (just growing it out… I’ve had it short my entire adult life!) and this was an easy to follow tutorial. Thanks!

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    I’ve been subscribed to your blog for awhile, but haven’t commented!

    I love how simple you make all your hairstyles! I enjoy incorporating them into my looks
    for my clients!

    Thanks for sharing such great tutorials so that we can wear them as well! ; )

    * Ha!! I did say it was my first comment! Just figured out I jacked someone else’s comment!

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    Just wore this style to a wedding. Simple and elegant. Still have some fine tuning to do (I must have thick hair because I had trouble pinning the bun up closer to my head. The bobby pins would fall out. So I just tried it with less amounts of hair and that seemed to work. I had so many bobby pins in at one point, I couldn’t fit more, or they would push others out.) Also want to try the texturizing powder next time. Thanks so much for your awesome tutorials! Here’s a pic of my ‘low chignon’ do: http://pinterest.com/pin/5418462024158055/

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    Kate, thank you so much for this tutorial. You have saved my hair from boring ponytails! Lol… I love the variety of styles and have watched several videos. I also pinned a bunch of your styles to my Pinterest page to share with friends known and unknown. Thanks again. Love the blog and am now a subscriber. Oh and kuddos to your photographer and lighting! Cheers, Elle

  12. says

    very cute!! i love all your tutorials…
    question: those are some pricey bobbi pins, are they that much better than goody? or i seen hot tools has bobbi pins now, are those any good?

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    Wonderfl.I’m a japanese,and I don’t understand you ENGLISH.It is not good at English short.
    But,This movie,I was able to understand.
    In future,I will challenge a variety of hair styles.Of course,I reference your movies.


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    Hey Kate!

    I love this look! I would like some advice on how to prep my hair. I have natural wave to my hair and it’s about the same length as your is here. My question is whether or not to blow dry and curl my hair with a curling iron or if you think I should air dry with my natural texture. Thanks!


  16. says

    I noticed that Regina posted a while back that she had longer hair. I do as well and am having serious trouble with what to do with all the extra hair once I have crossed the top hair over the bun. Do you have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate the help!! By the way I absolutely love all of your tutorials!!

  17. says

    Hi Kate, this is Clare from Melbourne Australia. I found your blog a few days ago. I followed your loose waves and low chignon tutorials tonight and wore my hair to a fancy dinner/birthday party. I had so many compliments. Thank you for your tutorials. They were so easy to follow and worked well!

    • Traci says

      No way to know except to try it!…although I tried it with my very thick, middle of the back-length hair and it was just too much. It was a pretty enough updo, but not at all neat and clean like hers was. Part of that is surely my lack of talent, but the extra hair definitely made it tricky.

      My “twist” looked much more like the one in her tutorial, rather than the one in her pictures, but again, that was my lack of talent/practice, not the length of my hair…

  18. Hilary says

    Hi Kate
    We in Toronto love your site!
    What kind of bobby pins do you use? Are there bobby pins for up-dos?

  19. Maya says

    I never ‘do’ anything to my hair, but thought I’d follow this tutorial for a job interview I had, and the tutorial was awesome to follow – EVen i could do it – and my hair stayed neat, pretty, and – most importantly – it stayed put! And I got the job 😉 I’m sure my cute hair helped some. Seriously though, because I wasn’t worried about my hair being messy or falling onto my face, I was more confident in the interview :-) Thank You! Am now a fan of your blog.

  20. Kelsee says

    I absolutely love this! Im so glad I found your page because I’m not very good at styling my hair so these tutorials help so much! My hair doesn’t end up looking like yours does but I keep practicing to get it right. But thank you for the videos! I don’t have to just wear my hair down everyday now (:

  21. says

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  23. Jodi says

    First, your hair tutorials have been such a huge help. Thank you! A couple questions about this style:
    In the video you pin the bun to your head at the top AFTER wrapping the two sides. However, in the still shots it looks like you see more of the wrapped hair. (I’m guessing they were taken at a different time.) Did you follow the same procedure and just pin the top of the bun to your head below the wrapped hair? I really like that look.
    Secondly, I have just slightly longer hair but all one length. It seems I have way more hair wrapping around the bun. How should I handle the excess length? Pin it underneath? It is almost long enough, but not quite, to go around the whole thing. Thanks!!

  24. says

    This looks like the perfect updo for work! My hair is longer than yours (about chest length), what would you recommend doing with the ends? I tried wrapping it twice around the bun, but it looks a little funky. Should I pin them inside?

  25. Rose says

    hey this was extremely helpful and i was lucky to find your page but i have thick frizzy long hair and even with loads of hair spay or things like that i cant seem to control them also my hair is Indian type which is pretty useless and until it is in a braid can u please suggest some hairstyles for it….

    thank again

  26. loli says

    Help! Can you recommend a great bobby-pin brand that does not snag and pull the hair when it is taken out? I have tried several brands with no luck.
    Thanks! Great blog.

  27. Amanda says

    I love all of these styles and your blog! I have had 40 different hairstyles this week already and it’s only Tuesday! Thank you for explaining and demonstrating so well! This is my new favorite blog!!

  28. says

    I tried this hair do yesterday for the third time & finally got it! Only thing is, my hair is obviously thinner than yours, Kate, so my bun was much smaller. Any tips on making it bigger?

  29. Robyn K. says

    I have naturally super curly, long, thick hair and I have a really hard time finding hairstyles that will work plus look good with my hair. In the summer time it gets extremely humid where I live at and to wear my hair down is just annoying a lot of the times and I absolutely LOVE this hairstyle. Will this work with my hair and do you have any suggestions of different hairstyles I could try? Anyone with any ideas please let me know!!

    Thank you so much!

  30. Shari says

    I tried to do this with the video and I think because my hair is a lot longer I had a really hard time figuring out what to do with the ends from the beginning side bun created behind the ear point on… I noticed at least a few other comments about this too, does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this adorable look with long hair? :) Thanks in advance!

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