dots and stripes

Sweater : J.Crew Factory
Skirt : Old Navy
Scarf : Boden via a friend (similar)
Boots : Loft
Jacket : Calvin Klein via TJ Maxx

This was one of those outfits that I put together in my head, but I wasn’t sure how it would look in real life. Brown + purple + black + grey? When I describe it that way, it sounds like I’m wearing a bruise. 

I happened to wear this to my dentist appointment a few weeks ago–so now it is considered my “lucky outfit”. The lucky bruise outfit. 


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    Went shopping at the Loft with my little girl and had picked out a blue horizontal striped cardigan to try on. She (at 3 and a HALF…half important!) grabbed a blue cami with aqua dots and wanted me to wear it with the cardigan. Hmmmm…only because you chose it. SO CUTE! I think I have a fashionista on my hands. :-)

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    I would never have paired all of this together, but you pull it off so well – as usual! Funny how you and your sister sometimes have uncoordinated similar posts – you were both thinking stripes this morning!

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    My BFF and I both follow your blog. One of these days she is going to call me out on being a copy cat of your style! LOL Today might be that day! I am wearing that purple sweater with the orange ruffle top. I would have never thought to put those two together, so THANK YOU for sharing!

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    I have been “stalking” your blog for a while now but this is my first time to comment. I forget how important it is to comment on blogs :) Over the last couple of nights I watched several of your hair tutorials and they are great! Thanks for sharing your secrets. I regret not following my dream to go to cosmetology school and choosing the medical field instead. Love the outfit! Your adorable!

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