want to go shopping?

I’m very excited to announce a really fun opportunity later this month! 

Print off this coupon and bring it with you for 20% off your entire full-price purchase!

I’m really looking forward to this. And since it’s on a Sunday at 7:30, it will be closed to regular customers, so we’ll have full run of the store.

Maybe I’ll place Lauren outside as the bouncer. We’ll see if she’s up for it.

Loft has become one of my “go-to” stores for wardrobe essentials. I wear a pair of Loft jeans almost daily. 
This will be a fun evening to meet and spend time with your friends, and shop!

Let me know in the comments below if you are planning on coming! 


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    Wow Kate!! This is kind of a big deal. How cool. Days like these I wish that I had stayed in NC and TN was a memory. I will miss out but I am sure this will be an awesome thing! I am so excited for you (you would think we are besties) LOL.

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    How exciting! I wish I could make it! I’m sure everyone will have a blast! Maybe one day I’ll get to meet you! Still holding out hope for a hair appointment. :)

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    I’d like to come! I found your blog through Pinterest, and was shocked to see that you were so close. I’m in Durham, so if I can get the hubs to watch the little ones, I’ll drop by. I look forward to meeting you! Tara

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    First roomies, now shopping together…what a fun year already!!! Wish I lived closer to Durham. Have fun…post pics, of course!!!! (Give out a prize to the shopper saving the most $!!)

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    I will definitely be there! I have a new job in the Raleigh area and need a new work/semi-professional looking wardrobe. I need some serious fashion help!

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    Oh how I wish I could go! Hawaii is too far away from NC and we don’t even have a LOFT here for me to pretend with! Hope it goes great!

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    That sounds like so much fun! Wish I could but I’ll be in AZ at the time:(.
    -Aimee, the out of it mama you met at Panera today, hehe:)

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    That sounds like so much fun! Wish I could but I’ll be in AZ at the time:(.
    -Aimee, the out of it mama you met at Panera today, hehe:)

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    This is SOOOO exciting and SO AWESOME! I wish I were in the NC area, I’d totally be there :) Kentucky is probably a little far to justify a Sunday shopping trip to Loft though. Maybe you can get Lauren’s bf and your hubby to be bouncers, and you can have Lauren photog the evening for the blogs. Because you know we all wants to see the outfits you style for others!! :)

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    Sounds like fun! Like others, I wish I lived closer! You should travel and do this! Make Evansville, Indiana or Indianapolis one of your next stops…lol…i’m half way between both :)

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    Oh, this sounds like fun! I wish it was on a Saturday night, though! I don’t shop on the Sabbath so I can afford others the opportunity to rest from their labors. :) Have fun!

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    I am a student at UNC and just started student teaching! I will be there, and I can’t wait to add a few things to my professional wardrobe!!!

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