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I’ve acquired a deep love for all things raspberry. It’s a perfect “not pink, but kind of pink” color for winter. While I’d love to wear red lips and a-line dresses everyday (I was made for the 50’s), raspberry has been the perfect modern alternative to a classic.
Last summer I had the opportunity to design a nail polish color for Zoya through Birchbox. I created a mood board full of rich corals and pinks, and Zoya created the little beauty shown below.
I have no idea where any of the items pictured are from. If you know, let me know in the comments.

It’s also named “Kate”.
You can buy a trio of polishes (including Kate) here.
My go-to nail polish this winter is Miami Beet by OPI. I layered 1 coat of Kate on top of 2 coats of Miami Beet and was left with a brighter, punchier raspberry color. You should try it.
The Zoya polish is made to be layered in that it’s more of a gelly formula instead of a highly pigmented shade like Miami Beet. It is not gel nail polish, it’s just thinner and slightly more translucent than other polishes.

Even more raspberry love:
1. Embrace the pale face this winter and add a bright blush.
2. Benetint is the perfect solution for lip color on date night! It’s not as heavy as lipstick, but will give you a great flush of color.
3. I love the consistancy of Sugar lip balm. It’s creamy and moisutizing without being waxy. 
4. For a more vibrant raspberry gloss, try Korres Lip Butter Glaze.
5. Miami Beet is the perfect deep raspberry shade.
6. Nothing smells quite as delicious as Philosophy shower gels


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    My fave raspberry-y lipstick is Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter (that you featured a few months back) in Raspberry Pie. Feels SOOO good, and looks even better!

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    if you can find it (i got mine this week on target clearance so hurry!) but l’oreal le gloss in “the queen’s shine” is great. looks dark purple in the tube but it is a stain/gloss in a bright raspberry!

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    I just discovered Sugar lip balm with my bday gift from Sephora this year and I love it!! Interested to try one of the other colors when my samples run out! :)

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    Yes to all the things! I will definitely be trying that nail color combo. I have another OPI color that’s similar.

    Revlon’s lip butter in Raspberry something-something is really great, too.

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    I think I have those exact nail polishes, or at least very similar shades. I’ve never even thought to layer them! Great idea :)


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    Did you know there is a show on now (I think on TLC) that is about women who live like it’s the 50’s? It looks interesting. You should watch : )

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    i got the blogger collection from zoya when it came out! LOVE it! i’m totally going to try it over a raspberry shade, i hadn’t even thought of that! i often times do a “jelly sandwich” with them over a glitter tho…it looks like hard candy :)

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    I love the ’50’s too! I was disappointed when I finally started watching Mad Men because people told me it was set it the 50’s, when in actuality it is the ’60’s. Well, I love ’50’s fashion, let’s clarify. I don’t ‘keep house’ in a way my ’50’s housewife grandmother would ever approve of. ANYWAY…love the lips. I just need to spend a little extra time exfoliating and moisturizing mine (The NE is so DRY in the winter), so that it doesn’t get scary.

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    Kate! Just got my Zoya trio kit…LOVE LOVE LOVE the Kate color. Great job! The other two are nice too, but you nailed the perfect “cheer me up” color. This is my first time using Zoya brand. I’m so glad to have found…thank you!

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