High Five for Friday : over-caffinated edition

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you had way too much time to get your tasks done but you, in fact, got nothing done at all?

It’s been one of those. My husband was out of town for a few days, so I locked myself in my office and began working on ( read: starting ) a pile of blog-related things. . .but got nothing finished.

I need an idea executer. I’ve got lots of ideas, but fail to execute them. Too many ideas, too little time. 

Also, I’m trying to chill out a little bit and streamline my jobs . . . things . . . life.<–let’s be honest.

Nonetheless, this has been a week with five highs. You did realize that was the whole play on words with my sister’s link up “High Five for Friday”. We aren’t just high fiving for no reason. C’mon. We’re high fiving about our five high things for the week. Okay, am I high? 

Here we go! 

1. My mom is a slightly huge fan of Skinny Pop popcorn. She talks about it frequently. She’ll group text my sister and I reminding us how much she loves it. Also, my dad also has a secret stash of Skinny Pop in his office. It’s a strange, but deep, love.

I left my bag of popcorn in my work bag and couldn’t reach it while I sat in traffic. Misery.

I finally broke down and bought some the other day, and I completely understand the unnatural love. It tastes identical to the popcorn from “The Popcorn Shop” in my home town. This shop is a candy shop, about 4 1/2 feet wide that was build within an alley.
They made you fight to get to your candy. Not really, but you could only stand shoulder to shoulder with one other person, and if they were filling their bag with all the lolipops, you just had to stand behind them, breathing down their neck, waiting for them to move along.
I know what you are thinking. “Sounds safe!”
It’s legit. And it was one of my favorite places to go to in order to stock up on sour patch kids and sixlets as a kid. 
2. It occured to me this week, for some reason, that I wasn’t being very trendy with my jeans. I became worried that I was like the women that never grow out of (ex. women rocking 80’s bangs in the 2000’s) the trends.

Was I judged for wearing flare jeans? Did people look at me and think ,”Oh, how cute. She still wears flare jeans. That’s so sweet, sweet thing. God bless her soul.” 

When Justin and I went bike shoping, I wore some old flare jeans and the man at the bike shop suggested that I may want to “roll up my bell bottoms so they don’t get caught in the chain.”

That’s when the fear started. Are my jeans , ::gasp:: , out of style?

And then I thought, “Okay, no.” But texted my sister and she said flare’s were out so, turns out I was a little out of style.

This does not mean I’ll retire my flares. Flares flatter my body shape. I like flares. I just need to add a little trendy variety into the mix.

But I ain’t doin’ skinnies.

My “j.lo” doesn’t enjoy the skinny jean. I’ll wear skinny jeans tucked into boots, and skinny jeans rolled up with flats/wedges, but that’s it.

So I settled with boot cut. I found a great pair at Banana Republic–on sale for $50.00. #winning #ihateyoucharliesheen

Here I am all trendy-like :
See how happy I am in my trendy boot cuts?

3. I had a really great time teaching an online class on using Pinterest to grow your blog via the Influence Network on Monday night. I’m hoping to offer this class, or something similar again, so keep your eyes on the Influence Network site for all the class updates.

You may also continue to read my blog for updates about my classes. I’ll allow it.

Anyway, I’m pretty pale (which I embrace) but there is something that happens to skin color between real life and the webcam that is . . .well . . .alarmingly unsettling. So I set up my umbrella lights and that helped remedy the situation.
What wasn’t helpful was the fact that my cats decided to brawl during my class. In my office. In plain sight of the camera.  And my husband was gone, so I was the only “cat parent” around to yell.
I wasn’t sure if the attendees would maintain any level of respect for me if I scolded the cats like I usually do : 
“Mr. Gravison. PULL IT TOGETHER.”
“Guys. Love each other. We’re a family. Snuggle.”
“GRITNESS DUGGAR. STOP going for Gravy’s jugular.”
(I simply cannot explain the “Duggar” addition to Grits’ nickname. It happened once and stuck.)
So I let them brawl, just like animals do. Gravy won, like usual. He’s the alpha.

It’s kind of a shame my cats aren’t as talented as these guys. That would have made for quite the show.

4. This post is getting exhaustinly long. If you’ve made it this far, I commend you for sticking around.

5. My sister invited me over for breakfast for dinner tonight. Well, sort of. I called her and recommended, strongly, that she invite me over for breakfast for dinner and a game night and she agreed. So, when you really get down to it, she was looking for an opportunity to invite me over, and I allowed her one.

It’s kind of a ritual to have breakfast for dinner whenever it snows in Raleigh, and we got a bit of snow last night. It’s a big deal here, and all the residents flee to the grocery store and purchase all the eggs, milk, and bread they can find.

As if the only meal they are going to make is French Toast.

Why are we not buying frozen pizza and ice cream, people of Raleigh? Where did this go wrong?
So, I crave breakfast food around snow days, along with the rest of the citizens.

I hope you had a good week! Enjoy your weekend, and you’ll see me Monday (get it? because I post a video on Monday’s?)

Okay, signing off. 

Too. Much. Caffeine. 

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  1. says

    Oh my gosh! Are you from Wheaton? I have been reading for a while but have never commented. When I read your post this morning, I thought I had to. I’m from Wheaton too! Totally random, but have a good friday

  2. says

    Oh my gosh…you are so funny. I love reading your posts. Glad you had a good week, despite it being unproductive. Sometimes that happens, and it’s ok! :). I love those pants on you. They look great. Have a good weekend.

  3. says

    Hahaha…First of all…Patty Cake Cats is one of my all-time favorite youtube videos. Second, I especially love Grits’ “Duggar” nickname.

    Finally, I’m a firm believer that if you feel good and look good in something that it no longer is a trend, instead becoming a staple. Even if the rest of the world thinks you’re out of style. If it makes YOU happy, that’s all that matters. I still wear flares…and tie-dye. *gasp*

  4. says

    Ok…i already posted and i promise i’m not stalking you….but i LOVE that outfit. Seriously. Those pants are so flattering on you and i love the shirt. Do you mind sharing where you purchased the shirt? :)

  5. says

    Don’t worry about the bike shop asking you to roll your pants up. I work at a bike shop and we ask everyone to roll their pants up regardless of style. It’s a safety thing. Most guys in bike shops have no idea what’s in style anyway. :)
    I think if you wear what makes you feel good, you will look good in it!

  6. says

    Kate! :) you’re precious. I love this post. Question….why does your banana republic jeans link to your sisters blog?? too much caffeine? 😉 am I missing something? lol

  7. says

    Hi Kate!

    I’m also weary of the skinny jeans (unless they are masked my boots or rolled up), but I have found that I love Gap’s “Real Straight” Jeans. They give a kind of skinny/fitted feel, but leave you some room to have curves and look flattered, none the less. They are super comfortable and I LOVE them!
    Just thought I’d share–I’ve been a fan of your blog for a while:)

  8. says

    This post was all kinds of awesome. You should drink copious amounts of caffeine every Friday so we can experience this side of you at least once a week! I love the normal you, too… but this you gave me QUITE the giggle! It was like your funny little personality you already posess on steroids… loved it! Also, lovin you in the boot cuts :) Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  9. says

    Oh my goodness! THOSE CATS!! I was literally laughing through the entire thing! This proves I should have gotten two cats when I adopted my Sadie. 1. She’d have a brother/sister to play and 2. they’d become Youtube sensations!

    Have a great weekend! :)

    • says

      -“We are trying to obtian a 00. 00 personal mortgage, we are newly-weds and Ie28099m hoping to go to Texas in January to be with him. Hee28099s from the Army, and Ie28099m currently unemployed so he is alone with an income at the moment.”

  10. says

    Wonderful post Kate – I too have been living in an over-caffeinated haze lately, basically just to keep my head above water. That said, stream-of-consciousness Kate is lovely, so more caffeine please!

    Breakfast for dinner aka Brinner, is always a good idea, even when the weather is nice.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. says

    The Popcorn Shop is my favorite too! I was invited on a trip with a friend of mine to Wheaton and that was one of the first places that they took me. We then proceeded to visit it everyday while we were there.

    Thank you for bringing back such good memories. I love telling people about that place! Such a great idea! Happy weekend!

    P.S.Now I’m missing some Giordano’s pizza…yummm

  12. says

    Ohmygosh!! Are you from Wheaton? I grew up in Naperville, IL and used to always go to the “popcorn shop” when I was a little kid! My jaw dropped open as I read your post, and couldn’t help but think that you are referring to the same place that I used to go to!
    I miss that old place where you get your little white paper bag and fill it to the top! Some of my favorites were the dots candies (even though I almost always ended up eating some of the paper), and those little space ship candies that had sprinkles in them! Oh,and of course handfulls of red sweedish fish:)
    What a small world!

  13. says

    I’m calling it… that’s the best cat video of all time. And we all know there’s plenty to choose from.

    I grew up in Michigan but lived in Baltimore for a while and even the mention of snow elicited the same result. Actually, it was bread, milk, and toilet paper. I like the idea of an entire city having a weather-induced French Toast craving much better than a mass panic for TP!

  14. says

    This made me lol: “but there is something that happens to skin color between real life and the webcam that is . . .well . . .alarmingly unsettling”
    I always think this when I see myself on a web came when facetiming/skyping. It’s just like …WOAH, OMG AM I ALIVE?

  15. says

    You are so adorable! Just started reading your blog and now have it in my bookmarks! Where is your sweater from that you have paired with your new bootcuts?

  16. says

    This is one of your funnier posts! I recently went to the “dark” side…aka: to skinnies but only with boots and flats. Sad part is I live in Minnesota and sometimes(ok, all the time) wearing flats with no socks looks a bit ridiculous in the middle of winter. But…I still do it :)

  17. says

    New reader here! I love me some flare jeans and yes they are so in..while i do love skinny jeans, they have been over used, i tend to reach for my flares more often than not. ROCK THEM, especially if you love how you feel and look in them! :)

  18. says

    I died a little inside over the “flares are out of style” comment. But because I’m stubborn (and apparently unstylish), I’ll probably continue to wear mine. #hautecoutureinmyownmind

  19. says

    Oh my gosh, I love this for many reasons! 1. The cats brawling and the nicknames: I can relate, I have two cats also, and both girls seem to fight at weird times. Also, they both have a myriad of nicknames; Shelly a.k.a. Shelly Bean, Shellikin, Smellican the Pelican (my husband is responsible for that one) and Lena a.k.a. Lena Spleena (also my husband’s nickname for her), just Spleena, Skitty Lena, respectively. 2. I totally understand the jeans issue: I’m only 4’11” and buying pants is relatively difficult for me. Even some of the “short” jeans out there are not quite right so if I find one that fits, I don’t really want to have to buy a different pair because the trend is different! 3. Now I really want some sour watermelon candy from Naper Nuts & Sweets downtown Naperville. I will make my sister mail me some.

  20. says

    Ok so I’m completely guilty as well in regards to the flared jean-thing. They flatter my body type so much better than skinnies – but the boot cut is definitely the happy medium, I agree!

  21. says

    I say if you like the flares, wear them and be proud! I think you’ve reached the status where you could make them popular again. Ha! I love these jeans on you too though, very flattering!

  22. says

    Thanks for bringing a much needed smile to my face with this post! Now I’m smiling at work for no reason like some sort of serial killer, oh well Happy Friday!

  23. says

    I think you ROCK your flare jeans! They are so flattering for your shape and mine. So keep wearing ’em! But you do look mighty cute in your new boot cuts! I pretty much only wear boot cut jeans except when I wear skinnies with boot. My “ghetto booty” is just too much for skinnies all the time. I wish I could pull it off, but I know better.

    Happy Friday to you!

  24. says

    1. You definitely rock those flares! I still wear flares too! I just can’t pull off skinnies as bad as I wish I could.
    2. I love your overly caffinated post and your humor!

  25. says

    An idea executer…haha. You really do have tons of ideas to come up with that one. Ugh I’m starting to get sick of skinny jeans and wearing bell bottoms and bootcuts more often. I think bootcut is the most flattering…they look nice on you btw!

  26. says

    First off, LOVE THIS! Second, I agree – you make flare jeans look trendy! But, the boot cuts do look great too. And for the record, I ONLY got up the nerve to try skinny jeans – with boots, of course! – when you rocked them on the blog. :-)

    Side note – living in Alaska, there’s no special meal when it snows. :-). We’d be eating that meal seven months out of the year!!!

  27. says

    First off, LOVE THIS! Second, I agree – you make flare jeans look trendy! But, the boot cuts do look great too. And for the record, I ONLY got up the nerve to try skinny jeans – with boots, of course! – when you rocked them on the blog. :-)

    Side note – living in Alaska, there’s no special meal when it snows. :-). We’d be eating that meal seven months out of the year!!!

  28. says

    First of all that cat video is hilarious! Second, I heard that flares are making a come back so I wouldn’t worry about it, as long as they great on you (which they do) that’s all that matters!

  29. says

    I’ve never had this “skinny pop”!!! Next time we’re together, you must open my eyes to this treat that is so impossible to live without!!!

  30. says

    I grew up in Wheaton going to the Popcorn shop every Saturday!! It was always a treat to get a bag of their popcorn and candy for sleepovers with friends or family movie nights. But I live in Washington now far far from anything like the popcorn shop so I will definitely have to try this skinny pop! Fun to read your post.

  31. says

    Those jeans are super cute and trendy. :) I also liked the flare jeans you posted, and I remember when I saw them, my first thought was “maybe flare jeans are coming back?!?! If kate is wearing them, they must be coming back!!!”, and I then proceeded to dance around in a circle rejoicing that flare jeans are back. :) That is all.

  32. says

    Those jeans look awesome and I love the color block top as well. I always seem to be behind on trends too. I was so happy to see that the sherbet colors from last spring are back in stores this year. I’ll have my flowy mint top yet!

  33. says

    Doesn’t Rachel Zoe wear flares still!? If she isn’t one to dictate what’s in and what’s not, then I don’t know who is!
    And while flares may not be the #1 “in” silhouette right now, I wouldn’t call them “out” by any means! And I think they flatter your body incredibly well. Soooo I think flares are fine. :)

  34. says

    I still wear flares… Well, realistically, they’re wide leg trouser jeans – but they’re flare-ish :) Also, I’m a curvier girl, but I love skinnies! I guess I’ve just found ones that work on me… Or they don’t and no one is telling me!!
    Also, you’re new bootcuts look FABULOUS! Your legs look so long and thin! I’ve begun doing bootcuts more recently and I really like the fit too.

  35. says

    Can’t imagine the highs and lows that must come with sharing parts of you life with us on here… but so glad you do!! it’s always a highlight of my day to read them! Makes me feel more “normal” because I totally get it :)

  36. says

    Literally went to the Popcorn Shop today at lunch with some coworkers today and I don’t know…it might be better than Skinny Pop but it IS super close. :)

  37. says

    That entire post was hilarious and I loved it!!!! Your high energy is getting me going! ha! Thanks for the extra push to get all my house chores done! :)

  38. says

    I, too, have wondered if my beloved flares are out of style. I’m kind of sad that you just confirmed it for me. Does no one realize that today’s “skinny” jeans are the tapered ones from the 80s, just rebranded? Oy. Whoa, those last couple sentences make me sound really old and boring. lol. This post was hilarious btw. Especially the video of the cats!

  39. says

    You’re so funny with being the only “cat parent” to yell. I have 3 kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats. Everyone has a middle name so they know I’m serious when I’m yelling at them. Even the animals no their in deep poo if I bust out the middle name.

  40. says

    Caffeine is a total plus! I live in Michigan and the “French toast thing” was hilarious…happens here at least once a week in the winter, although we don’t have snow and we live on the lakeshore! We are praying for snow since the lakes are low. Thanks for your blog and thanks for sharing your faith.

  41. says

    I was out with girlfriends about three months ago rocking my flare jeans and was feeling pretty good about myself because they were PRE PREGNANCY jeans and I have a five month old… And then my friend says “Where did you get those jeans, they’re cute, I can’t find anywhere that sells flare anymore, but they must be coming back in.” And then I realize 1. that she must think these jeans are new, not 8 years old and 2. that I’m wearing jeans so far out of style she thinks there is a possibility they are coming back IN SYTLE!! My pre prego jeans high, quickly came back down…

  42. says

    I realize I am not the first person to write this, but… Wheaton?!?! I have always called it the Red Door Store. I guess I liked rhyming, my mom always corrects me.

  43. says

    Hi Kate. Love your blog as always. Have you by any chance read the new updated terms of use and are you sticking to Instragram ? I really hope so because love follow your pictures.
    Kind regards Miranda

  44. says

    This post made me laugh out loud. I love the #ihateyoucharliesheen hash tag. It’s what I think every time someone (okay, or maybe me) says “winning”.

    • says

      (For those of you who want to know what went on at this “breakfast for dinner” shindig last night.)

      K8–all I have to say is: WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, weeeee weeee weeee, WEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  45. says

    I am plus size and don’t do skinny jeans either. If I attempt them with a shirt that emphasizes my waist a la Clinton Kelly, I just end up looking fat and pregnant. So happy to know other women out there are holding on to the flare / boot cut style.

    • says

      I WAS going to say that I live in Goldsboro and our grocery stores were selling out of the ‘southern snow essentials’ as you mentioned. But……I’ve always wondered why people always get those things. If the power goes out, those things will spoil. Other than the bread of course.

  46. says

    I like your flare cut jeans but I think the boot cut jeans looked great. They are stylish and a had a cleaner look making you look leaner. This is my first year of wearing skinny jeans in trying to get out of my jean rut. I bought jeans called “These are not you Daughters Jeans” Well I don’t have a daughter, but I have to tell you these jeans come in all shapes and sizes. I am 5′ 5″ and 135 pounds and these jeans are ” the cats meow”. I bought their skinnys to go in my boots but they also had all the other normal cuts of jeans. I highly recommend these jeans for everyone. I thought they were for older people and if the sales clerks had not talked me in to trying them I would have passed them by. Please try these jeans. I think you will love them!

  47. says

    alright… I’ll be the one to say it. yes…flares have been out for a good few years now at the least… but hey whatevs. these jeans make u look much thinner. I vote keep trying skinnier…I didn’t start wearing them until last year I thought I was one of the last on the band wagon. everyone asked me how I lost the weight lol ! it took me a while because I just want used to seeing myself that way. but now I love wearing them with flats. still sport the boot cuts half the time though :)

  48. says

    I LOVE THE POPCORN SHOP!! My husband and I met at Wheaton College and would often walk downtown to get popcorn and candy – one of my favorite memories. I still dream of The Popcorn Shop and even wear their T shirt my sister gave me for my birthday one year. It was kind of a joke, but I wear it with pride. :) I’ll have to check out the Skinny Pop. Thanks for the tip!

  49. says

    Kate! You are too funny! The guy at the bike shop calling your flare’s “bell-bottoms” is PRICELESS!

    By the way, I suggest you run to Target because their necklaces and earrings and everything else is SO adorable! *enabling*

  50. says

    The commentary on Grits and Gravy being scolded is priceless!

    And you rock those jeans. They’re not bell bottoms and they look great on you. I believe you would never be judged negatively by TLC’s What Not To Wear.

  51. says

    Hmmm. The Popcorn Shop. Does it have a red door? Is it impossibly and impassibly narrow? Sour patch kids, red cherry balls, little white bags to put your goodies in, and the best popcorn outside of a Skinny Pop bag? You say you’re originally from Illinois..I might just now which Popcorn Shop you’re referencing 😉
    Kirsten from near the College Avenue metra stop.

  52. says

    I love my flair jeans! I don’t care if they are out of style either! I also can’t do skinny jeans b/c of my shape, however have you tried LOFT’s modern straight jeans? I’ve seen them at the outlets more recently than their regular stores, but they are awesome! The give the look of skinny but are super flattering! I wear mine all the time!

  53. says

    I love my flair jeans! I don’t care if they are out of style either! I also can’t do skinny jeans b/c of my shape, however have you tried LOFT’s modern straight jeans? I’ve seen them at the outlets more recently than their regular stores, but they are awesome! The give the look of skinny but are super flattering! I wear mine all the time!

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