grey + grey

dress (similar) // belt // boots // lipstick

Sometimes the only thing that goes with a grey sweatshirt dress . . . is a slouchy grey sweater. You heard it here first : grey goes with grey.

Or at least I think it does. 

Does it?

This dress hasn’t been the easiest item to style in my closet, but every time I put it on I remember why I liked it in the first place. It’s comfortable and casual, but with the right accessorizing it can look slightly less loungewear and more “put together”. I wore it this summer with some bright shoes, but this time went with a necklace for the pop of color. 


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    Did you know you don’t have an insta feed on your side bar any more? I just wanted to tell you because I like looking at for oufit inspiration! But, maybe you got rid of it :)

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    i love how differently you styled this dress in each outfit. the summer one feels so very summer and late night drinks by the water while today’s is exactly like anyone would want to look in the winter–cozy, but not drab. the plum really kicks it up a notch and brings out your eyes.
    grey on grey is always a good thing!

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    For whatever reason, gray is always the color of comfort to me. I just think of super cozy hoodies and sweatpants. So this outfit makes me feel like I’d be wearing pajamas to work. Which is probably one of the best feelings there is. :)

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    Kate- i have this dress, and started layering a chambray or pop of color collared shirt under mine. I also took a cue from you, and layered tops w/collar strings/bows (like your grey polka dot neck tie blouse) underneath w/a cardigan. Try a few of those options… they’ve been working well for me! =)

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    This is adorable! I love how you mixed all the different neutrals together; I’m a huge fan of mixing neutrals. And “shades of gray” is one of my fave looks! I bet this is super comfy too; I’m a little jealous I’m not wearing it right now, haha

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    I gravitate toward grey pieces…but often find that more grey is what pulls the outfit together (as much as I want my favorite cream cardigan to work, it doesn’t!). I’m glad to know I am not the only one pairing different shades of grey. Lovely!

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    I like the colors and the overall goal of the look… but I think the belt makes it look… unproportioned and makes you look a bit hippy and wide. And you don’t look that way in other pics, so I would either lose the belt completely or don’t belt it over the ruffles.

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    I have to agree with lilybethblue. My 9-year-old daughter agrees, too. She walked in the room, viewed the picture over my shoulder and said, “Oh, the hair lady you like is pregnant!”

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    (I got a pregnancy question once and promptly went on Weight Watchers and lost 17 pounds!) But, you don’t need to lose weight at ALL! I opened 2 windows – one with this outfit and another with the picture of you showcasing your better life bag. if you put them side by side, it’s amazing the difference in your body shape. You look little and perfectly fit in the better life bag picture.

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    I love this! I have a similar open sweater from Maurices. I’ll have to try this look with some items I own, too! I need new boots though… Clumsy me, I tripped (a few times) on the steps in to my house and over the past few months I realize I’ve ruined the toes on the boots. In my defense, the stairs to my front door are cobblestone and uneven!

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    I love greys!! And I love the necklace! I see them and think they look great on other people but always feel so self conscience when I wear one myself.

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    you are absolutely beautiful and adorable. I love seeing a “normal” or average size woman strutting awesome fashion. I love fashion blogs but it’s usually rail thin people and I have a hard time visualizing weather that style will fit my body. I’m a size 10 most of the time and somewhat curvy. Thank you for sharing your fashion sense :)

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