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I think one of the most important things in creating a beautiful updo is breaking the hair down into smaller sections. Oftentimes, due to lack of time or even lack of experience, I see women trying to gather all their hair and quickly throw it up into an updo, when instead it would actually be quicker to take it section by section.

For this style, I did just that. This is a great way to achieve a lot of volume at the crown–which is one of the tell tale signs between a professional updo and a “home” updo. If you can get volume at the crown, you’ll make any updo look fancy.
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polka dot top (similar)


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    I love this look! Is it bad that I pinned this based on the first picture alone? I have faith that your video will be easy for me to follow later when I have all the supplies handy.. and I’m not at work =)
    With Luck

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      I have only been a Paula customer for 6 mnohts. Before noticing that I could order a color swatch, I ordered many wigs in different colors and had to return alot. I NEVER had one problem with returns!!! Thank you Paula!!! Great service!!! Yes, like some of you, I would like to see changes in some areas, however I beleive like any business there are pro’s and con’s and when we share what we would like to see different and those ideas are implimented or takin into consideration to meet our needs it’s worth staying devoted to that business. I think Paula is one of those businesses that wants to meet our needs, so over-all I will continue shopping with Paula because I LOVE your wigs!!!!!

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      Hey, found my way here from Pinterest as well (what did we ever do without that site?) and thank you so much for this taiortul. I can’t wait to try it, it looks gorgeous. I also am super jealous of your hair color (beautiful), but I had a weird question. I love the plaid shirt you’re wearing in some of the photos can I ask where you found it? I love the colors. Thanks!

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    That is amazing! I’m so excited to try this! My hair may be too long, but it’s worth a try! =) Thanks! Also, do you know any good hair blogs that do styles for really long hair? Like mid- low back length? That’s how long mine is, which I love, so I can’t always use your tutorials. =(
    Alesha <3

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    Cannot wait to try this out! LOVEEEE! Good thing I don’t have anything fancy for a couple months so I can give my hair a little time to grow. It’s RIGHT at my collar bone right now, so another 1/2-1″ more would make it easier for me to try (at least somewhat successfully!)

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    Thank you so much for this! We have military balls and family weddings coming up, and with our second child just weeks away this is exactly the easy yet chic kind of look I need to have on hand!

    On a side note my 2 year old son LOVES watching your tutorials.

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      I have hair extension and I cruelntry sew clips onto the track for easy application. However, it’s a pain in the butt and they’re difficult to keep in.Has anyone here used the hair extension glue? How long do the extensions stay on with glue? And can the actual extensions be reused after glue has been applied? Will my hair become damaged from the glue?Thanks in advance!

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      Oh my gosh! Just found your blog on Pinterest and I absolutely love it! This hairltyse was so easy and it made me so happy to find one that does justice to my hair! Can’t wait to check out the others! Thank you!!!

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    I absolutely love this hair style! Thank you so much for sharing. You always are so great at explaining difficult looking styles in an easy to comprehend way! I would love if you would do a post about how to tease your hair. I know that for some this is an easy concept, but I have the hardest time with it!


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    that was a great tutorial!! i usually hate video tutorials because they drag on and don’t get to the point but you’ve done an amazing job and i love the updo!! it’s funny that you use clear elastics because i just had a wedding hair trial and that’s what she used too. it really makes your hair stay a lot better than just using pins.

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    I love our tutorials and am growing my hair longer so I can try even more. Thank you for doing this blog. I do have one question though…. I have dark hair and I worry that using dry shampoo for more body and texture would not look right because it is like a white powder. Do you think it would work for me?

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    I love your hair tutorials. I just wish I could do them and have them look good! My hair is really long and super thick. I always feel like bobby pins are pulling my hair when I’m finished. But I keep trying! Thanks so much for the tutorials!!

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    This is amazing! I have super thick, stick-straight hair, and I used this tutorial for a wedding I attended a few weeks ago– everyone thought I had gone to the salon! I’m going to an evening fundraising event/dinner tonight, so I plan on doing it again.

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    Oh my gosh, this helps so much! I’ve got a masquerade ball to go to this weekend and was panicking because I didn’t know how to where my hair! And it’s a legitimate ball – tuxedos and ball gowns only, no suits or banquet dresses. So I was worried that I wouldn’t have my hair done and they would kick me out (which they did to my friend’s last year, but they should really have read the rules), but this is absolutely perfect! I just tried to put my hair up like this and it works so this weekend is going to be so amazing, thank you!

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    I can’t wait to try it….I ALWAYS have a problem since I’m 53 and my hair is getting thinner and thinner…I seem to have so much trouble making my messy bun and messy pony look full and full of body….but your video gives me renewed hope. I can’t wait to try it…nothing sexier than a messy bun or ponytail I think, and I have to wear my hair up at work since I’m in the field. WOO! Thanks so much!

  12. Ann says

    Very happy I stumbled on to your fantastic 6 minute video. It turned out to be quite easy to do. I practiced on my daughter’s very long hair and it looked outstanding and then did my own hair for a wedding I attended this past weekend. I received lots of complements – thank you!

  13. Lisa says

    Love this up do! You make it look so simple and can’t wait to try it! Btw… What’s the brand name of the dry shampoo?

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      heyy i put this in fashion bueacse nobody answered this when it was in the hair categoryHow much $ for Hair extensions?????Hair extensions??????my hair is not that long it is like to my neck it used to be longer until it got cut. but i want hair extensions that are at least 15 in. do you guys know how much it would cost for it to be professionally done and if i did myself how much would the hair be and my hair is dark brown what color highlights would go well with that color please no blonde and i want a streak of a color what color would look good. and wear can i get feather hair extensions??? please answer thanks please no rude comments!!

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      Amazing and so simple, I’ve just done it sitintg here and I only had one pin to hand. Love the look so chic. Found you randomly through Pinterest and will keep following now as you have some great ideas thanks for sharing them x

  14. Patti says

    Thank you for the fabulous tutorial! I brought the laptop into the bathroom and followed your easy steps and received tons of great comments from family and friends at an elegant wedding in Vermont last night! It is easier than the finished do looks. I watched the video, practiced once, and then revisited it again the next day and all made perfect sense. I can’t thank you enough!!!! Patti P

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    It is not! I use a color that has been discontinued (though I still have some boxes left), but my next color I’m going to try is going to be Strawberry Blonde 7R #72 by Revlon.I’ve found the trick to hvnaig this type of hair color is to avoid colors that say “red” or “auburn” and to go with colors that say, “copper” or “blonde”. My old color was “strawberry blonde” and I’ve heard of people successfully using “copper penny”, and other such names! I get this question a lot so as soon as I have my new color I will share it!

  16. Pam Ferrell says

    Your tutorials are great ! My son was married Sat, July 12 and I did my on hair ! It was great. I had to modify just a little because of layers, but you explain it so well and make it easy. AND yes, people asked “Who done your hair?” :-)

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    Pretty great post. I simply smbtuled upon your blog and wished to mention that I have really loved browsing your weblog posts. In any case I will be subscribing for your rss feed and I hope you write once more very soon!

  18. Ro says

    I love this hairstyle and the wunderfull tutorial.
    Used it as my wedding hair style. However, as I usually don´t do such beautiful hair styles it didn´t look as good as yours, but still looked very nice and everyone liked it as I had the same flower in my hair as in my wedding bouquet.

    Thanks so much.

    Silly Question: I never find this tutorial on your hair page, only via a search engine. Did you change the name of it? Or am i just blind, which is the most probable answer.

  19. Cate says

    I feel like you should end each tutorial with “TA DA!” because when I actually pull one off I totally do! Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us!

  20. says

    I really like you videos! I Am a hairdresser for a long time, but is still learn new staff from you! Thank you for that, many you can watch my video’s and tell me what you think about it?

    Already thanks you can find my on you tube under the name Demi van stalle

    Bey from holland

  21. Erin says

    I LOVE IT!!
    I have hair longer than yours and no fringe… am i still able to achieve this look?
    Thank you :)

  22. Ann Etta Moore says

    I have baby fine hair collar length , dishwater blond color thinning hair at age 79. I have thought I had to have perms. I request your HELP PLEASE
    Ann Etta Moore
    9160 Salem Rd
    Lakeland, TN 38002.

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