January 27, 2013

a private shopping event for you!

The day is here! I can't wait to meet you tonight at Loft ( at Streets of Southpoint Mall in Durham, NC) for the private shopping event.

I spent 3 hours styling the dress forms with my favorite picks in the store. I started with about 15, but narrowed it down to my favorite 12 looks. These will be displayed tonight! 

As soon as I was finished putting the looks together, I considered grabbing all of them, walking to the check out, and buying everything.

But I restrained myself.


I did buy a few things that were calling out to me while I was there.

I picked up the cupcakes from Daisy Cakes bakery in Durham yesterday. I also considered eating every last one of them, but I saved them for you. You are very, very welcome.

The event is from 7:30-9:00p TONIGHT! It is after regular hours, so don't be confused (Loft typically closes at 7:00p on Sundays) Loft is located next to West Elm directly outside of the mall in the "outdoor" shopping area. *call (919) 484-8224 if you are lost

Be sure to print off the coupon for 20% off your entire purchase! In addition to that, the promotion today is $50 of your purchase of $100.00 (full price items) So, with the two promo's combined, you could be walking out of Loft with $100 of new clothes for only $40.00!

Tweet me ( @K8_smallthings ) or comment here if you have any questions about the event!

See you tonight!


  1. so sad i'll be missing this tonight! greenville really is a jump, skip, and a hop away but school does such a great job consuming your life :(. Hope you have an awesome time and a great turn out! :)

  2. Have so much fun tonight!!! I wanted to come but forgot about a prior commitment!! :(

    My Polished Side Blog

  3. Wish I didn't live in Illinois!

  4. This sounds like so much fun! I'm sat in bed with a throat infection - I know where I'd rather be! Have a lovely time. X

  5. I will be there, and bringing a friend!

  6. I wish I didn't live in Wiscosnin; I would TOTALLY love to come and shop with you! Have a great time!


  7. Kate, that's great! I'm in Cincinnati, OH so you can see the dilema. If you ever visit here please let your readers know. I'd love to meet such a fun and trendy gal as yourself. Good Luck tonight!

  8. I live nowhere near you, but I just spent a pretty penny at Loft today. Some of their new dresses are adorable!

  9. so jealous!
    wish i lived closer & was there RIGHT NOW.

    congrats & have fun!
    xo - heather

    This Life Is Yours Blog

  10. I wish I could have made it but I ended up having to meet at school for a group project... #gradstudentproblems

  11. I had so much fun, thank you for hosting this event!! It was great to meet you :)

  12. Durham is just a little too far from Des Moines. Hope everyone had fun!

  13. Hey, any chance you happened to take pictures of the looks you created? I wasn't able to make it but would love to see the outfits! I have no doubt they'd be inspiring!

  14. Wish I could be there!


  15. I can't even tell you how bummed I am to miss this. I was catching up on blogs and just saw this today.grrrr... I hope you do it again!

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