a *Better Life* Bag.

Have you gotten something in the mail that you immediately love so much that you drop everything and put it on?

That’s what happened when my Better Life Bag arrived. 

I’m so impressed by Rebecca’s business. In her words, there are two focuses of Better Life Bags.
Better Life Bags has two purposes. 
  1. Involve my customers in the design process.  Each bag is designed by you!  I have basic styles that are customized further by your choice of fabric and add-on options.  Each bag is unique and essentially one of a kind!
  2. Give back to those in need.  We started by loaning 10% of every purchase to low income entrepreneurs in developing countries through Kiva  and were able to loan over $2,000 to the people you see here.  Incredible.  NOW, we hire first generation immigrant women in our community who otherwise could not work outside the home.  We rent them a sewing machine and tools while teaching them a skill set that allows them to become a primary or secondary provider in their families.  Each bag is lovingly made with their hands and each purchase gives respect and dignity to their lives.”
After I received my bag, Rebecca and I e-mailed back and forth and she mentioned that the woman who made my bag took her earnings and bought beds for her children, who were sleeping on mattresses on the floor.

I was speechless. And so grateful for the opportunity to help someone that I’ll never meet provide beds for her children.

And I’m reminded of it every time I wear this bag, the “Molly”.

It’s the perfect mix of neutrals and pattern to go with nearly any outfit. And the size is perfect for a crossbody bag.

If you are in the market for a crossbody like mine, or a small pouch or a e-reader case, or practically anything, check out Better Life Bags. You get to customize it so it’s perfectly tailored to what your preferences. How often is that an option when you are shopping for something?


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    Very cute bag, and such a great story!

    When you ordered the “Molly”, did you make any changes to the bag? It seems to look a little differnt in your pictures than what they have on the website.

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    These bags are fantastic – more many reasons! Thanks for the introduction to them. I think I may be sporting one in the near future!

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    Fashion with a Mission! Got to love it.
    Are these families in the United States?
    I need to check out the website. :-)

    Jenny Leigh

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    LOVE IT! I had the same feeling about a bag recently. I got a Grateful bag (www.gratefulbags.com) for Christmas and couldn’t wait to use it. I admit that I used it before Christmas, then gave it to my mom to wrap so I could open it. I love anything monogrammed, so I got the Abbie & Maggie. All these bags have such cute names, just like your Molly. :-)

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    Just ordered one!!!
    Fell in love with her stuff, her message and her cute little family :)

    how long did it take for your bag to come in??

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    Kate, where is your boyfriend cardigan from that you are wearing in this post?? So cute. I love the length. Thank you so much for sharing useable beauty tips, but even more so – for sharing your heart with each of us women who read your blog. Such a needed encouragement! God bless,

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    I’ve been hunting for a new crossbody for weeks! Going to check this out right NOW because once you find a purse you love, it’s nearly impossible to find another! Thanks!

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    How do you feel about the size of the bag? I’m deciding between the Molly & the Beverly and I’m just wondering what you think of yours regarding size and what you can fit inside. Any insight you have would be very helpful! Thank you!

    – Michelle

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