telluride ski trip : day 2 recap

Well, we tried snowboarding.

And it actually went pretty well–considering we are all first timers.

Justin scouted out some YouTube videos the day before so we felt like we pretty much had learned everything we needed to. Because who needs lessons when there is YouTube? Can I get an amen?

We felt pretty awesome renting our boards. But then we didn’t feel quite as awesome as we scooted over to “Meadows”, the bunny slope for the newbies. But we had to start somewhere!

Overall, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Once I got the hang of the balancing act and lifting my toes to turn, I could totally understand the appeal of snowboarding. You can really cruise.

I have a whole new respect for serious snowboarders who can tear up the mountain though. That’s hard stuff.

I did fall each time I got off the chair lift. I mean face plant, roll down the tiny hill, and try to move out of the way of the 4 year olds passing me on their tiny skis.

I limped the rest of the day, but look forward to trying it again!

Everyone else had a similar experience. We felt pretty good, but quickly learned it would take many days to feel really comfortable on the board.

We switched back to skis in the afternoon, and finished out the day!

Day 2 : [Ski Trip] Top 5 Moments!

1. Mom is feeling better and is up for joining us tomorrow on the slopes!

2. We ate a deliciously greasy pizza at Brown Dog Pizza in downtown Telluride and enjoyed a healthy debate of Lebron James’ awesomeness. My dad and brother are not fans, but Justin, my sister, mom and I are. It’s quite the sensitive subject.

3. Justin and I explored a terrain park and went over a few jumps. Now don’t get too impressed here, I went so slow that I barely got any air. But it was fun either way. 

4. My fingers were completely numb with cold but I was very pleased to see they had not turned black and fallen off. I was fairly confident I lost ’em. 

5. Besides a few bruises and some sore heiney’s, we all walked away from the first snowboarding attempt in one piece. 

In other news, I miss my cats terribly! They are being well taken care of and I can’t wait to see them. 

Also, my hair has been styling like a dream. No humidty is such a nice treat! Makes things so much easier. I envy you who live in these type of climates. 

Overall, it was a fun day, despite chilly temperatures and sitting on the cold snow during the snowboarding attempts. 


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    April L – I live in Utah so I can give a few tips on what to wear while you are here. For skiing or snowboarding, i usually just wear thermal tops and bottoms under my snow stuff with a t shirt on top so I can go without my coat if I get too warm. The weather the past week or so has been cold and snowy which should make for some good skiing. When you are not on the slopes I would just wear jeans and tall boots on the bottom. Personally, I like to wear skinny or straight jeans so I can tuck them into my boots and they get all wet when you walk through the snow. On the top just wear a sweater if it is really cold I put a long shirt under the sweater. Bring your coat and gloves and scarf to wear out at night. I am not a big hat lover but bringing a cute one for the evenings would probably be a good idea.

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    That is so funny you mention that about your hair. I just returned from Park City and found every day to be such a good hair day. I was excited when I got home and realized it was the weather that helped….such envy.

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    I love reading your blog. I am from Germany, the southern part. So we have a ton of snow here. I ski since I am two years old and started snowboarding when I was 14. I can relate to you how hard your first day was. I had bruises on my knees and my wrist hurt so bad. But the second day was way better. I bought me some snowboarding gloves so I dont break my wrist too easy. I hope you fall in love with snowboarding. It is so much fun.

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    Here is my advise to learn to get off the chairlift. Strap your board in right before the top and snowboard down. The more you do that, the easier it will be to get the feeling that you need in order to just put your free foot on the stomp pad and snowboard down the tiny hill! You will most likely need to unstrap yourself as soon as your down said tiny hill in order to push yourself to the actual hill but it helps!

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    I live in Colorado and yes, the hair is better in this climate but the dryness brings out the wrinkles in droves so it is a trade off. Whenever I go anywhere with humidity I love how it fills in my wrinkles a bit. Like free, safe Botox. Hope you are enjoying Telluride and the snowboarding. My almost 70 year old father, my husband and my two sons, all skiers, tried snowboarding for the first time last year and judging from the large amounts of Advil that needed to be passed out at the end of the day, I think I will happily stick with skiing.

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    Snowboarding looks like so much fun. I’ve never even tried skiing and I know I would definitely break something if I tried. I was reading an article last night that mentioned that Tom Cruise and kids are supposedly vacationing in Telluride right now. Maybe you’ll see a sighting of that entourage while you are out and about. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

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    You are so brave for trying snowboarding! As for basketball, being from Oklahoma, I am required to dislike Lebron and believe God let Kevin Durant hang the moon! (even though we lost on Christmas)

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    snowboarding takes longer to pick up, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll improve quickly! skiing is easier to get started, but I think more difficult to improve. and you fall more snowboarding, but falls are less disastrous and dramatic than skiing! jealous of your trip!

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    I grew up in St. Louis with really thick wavy hair. Then I moved to Utah for college and experienced a complete hair turn around!! I can actually wear my hair curly without feeling like a hot mess. The lack of humidity is DIVINE! :)

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    Good luck with snowboarding! It is not easy to learn. I skied my whole life, tried boarding for about a year, and then went back to skiing! But I’m sure you’ll do better :)

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    I have to admit I made the ski lift people slow the chairs down so I could get off and I still took out about 4 strangers. The lift operator explained to me to stick my hip out and board down and use the cahir as momentum. It TOTALLY works!!!! Good luck next time you go.

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