DIY shoes?

I was working on a few projects earlier this week and one of them inluded Metallic acrylic paint. For some reason, when I saw my target wedges later that evening, a light bulb went off in my head.
Maybe I’ll paint the “toes” of my shoes? (because who doesn’t think that on a daily basis?)

I really don’t know what I was thinking, but I happen to own a pair of wedges (in patent) that are nearly identical to these target ones, so I thought, “if it doesn’t work, oh well!”
Well, it worked. And I was actually impressed with the straight line I was left with! Tape adheres to suede well, so there was no chance of any paint seeping under it.

This project doesn’t really need a tutorial: all I did was tape off the tips of my shoes and paint it. I pulled the tape before the paint dried, and then let the shoes dry completely.
And I kind of liked them! I never in my life would have thought that “painted” shoes would be something I’m comfortable wearing in public. . .mostly because I figured you could usually tell if they were authentic or not.

But in this case, the mixture of the rose gold metallic paint and the suede shoes–it works. I can’t explain it.

I wore these yesterday and one of my clients complimented them. I immediately followed up her compliment with,”Thank you! I painted them yesterday.”
Her jaw dropped and she knelt down immediately to get a closer look. 

I think these shoes passed the “DIY but doesn’t really look like it” test.

So get to work, you owners of plain shoes. Paint those suckers.

*a few of you asked on instagram how these would hold up with scuffing. while I haven’t scuffed them yet, I would imagine you just fill in the scuffs with more paint, should it happen.


  1. says

    I actually painted a pair of flats that I had a few months about because they were stained with salt from sidewalks. I just painted them a shimmery blue all over and I love them! It was an easy way to get shoes in the exact color I wanted–and they do get a lot of compliments, for sure, because they look so unique!

  2. says

    LOVE it! i have actually done this to a couple pairs of shoes – but i started with like a cheap $5 pair of imitation keds from Walmart to make sure i knew what i was doing. i liked the result so i did it some more. it’s kind of addicting once you start. lol!!

  3. says

    LOVE this!!! What a great idea for a completely new look! I just stumbled upon your blog via pinterest. You seem very talented! I will definitely be stopping by again :)

  4. shiney says

    Wow! dat was an amazing idea. Well, i have nude wedges which had sm kind of buckle in the front. Unfortunately, one buckle ripped off and went missing so had to remove the buckle of other shoe also. Now my wedges have white mark on them as d buckle has been removed. How can i fix it to make it wearbale again? please help. :(

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