May 7, 2012

What's in Carrie's Purse?

Hi, my name is Carrie. 

I blog over at Chasing Big Dreams and I sell handmade accessories over at Caroline G. I recently changed the direction of my blog this year when I felt a tugging on my heart to use my voice to encourage and inspire others around me. And I started my handmade business two years ago while teaching preschool.

1. purse: longchamp. 2. wallet/wristlet: coach 3. wrislet: gussysews 4. sharpies + notepad: target 5. journal: michaels 6. lipgloss: clinque 7. car keys  8. bandaids: target 9: iphone + case: kate spade 10. iphone case pouch: gussysews 11. thank you notes: target 12. scripture cards 13. sunglasses and croakies: target and lilly pulitzer 14. tissues (dang allergies): target. 15. water bottle

1. The one thing that I always carry around inside my purse is my little gussysews' bags. I use one to protect my phone from all the miscellaneous things in my bag. And I often carry a wristlet within my purse so that I when I'm out and about I don't have to carry around a large bag throughout the many aisles of stores such as target because apparently I shop there a lot.

2. I tend to switch purses out based on outfits. My longchamp bag tends to be my go to bag since it goes with most of my outfits being that its a light shade of green and I am usually found wearing pink and green 90% of the time. However, I usually alternate between that bag and other bright colored bags such as a large tote from GussySews or Vera Bradley since both brands carry bright bold colors and patterns. 

3. I always, alway, always prefer a large bag over a small one. I tend to carry around way more than necessary, but I find a bigger bag easier to manage for shopping trips where I can slip a purchase into my bag and have have to worry about carrying around an additional bag. And because I carry smaller wristlets within my bag, I can always ditch the bigger bags when I'm tired of carrying it around.

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  1. I'm SO with you on the Sharpies!

  2. everything in your purse is so put together. my word. love the scripture cards!

  3. These posts are so cute...and always so much more organized than my purse!

  4. Scripture cards are the best way to prepare you for the day. Great post, thanks for sharing and I will have to add some to my purse for a reminder of how good God is.

  5. I love that she carries thank-you notes in her handbag -- such a great idea! :-) Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. I am loving the "what's in your purse" series!