March Birchbox

It’s that time again! The monthly Birchbox reveal!

Several weeks ago I received an e-mail from Birchbox asking if I wanted to choose the Teen Vogue box instead of the traditional Birchbox for the month of March.

I thought, “Sure, why not?”. So I clicked “yes” to teen vogue.

Then I thought, “Well that was stupid. I’m not a teen.”

And then I thought.. .No, no. I’m kidding. Enough of my thought process already.


I was pretty much planning on the box not being as great as usual since it wouldn’t apply to me.

But I was wrong.

It may be one of my favorite boxes. I ripped through it so fast, excited about the items that I had to go through it twice.

The Sugar Rose lip tint smells wonderful and is as smooth as silk.

And yes, that’s a Modcloth coupon up there. If you follow me on Pinterest, you know I love Modcloth.
I was so excited to see some glitter polish in there. And Essie! I love Essie.

And I immediately grabbed the blue nylon ribbon and threw my hair in a ponytail. And I smiled. It holds the hair back beautifully without the pull of some hair ties that are too tight. And it’s a little bit more interesting than a clear hair tie since it has color!

Plus, I felt extra cool because I saw that anthropologie carries some of these.

Do you subscribe to Birchbox? It’s the most exciting thing in my mailbox each month!


  1. Anonymous says

    I wonder if only high-profile, public-type of people are privy to the good Birchboxes. I subscribed for several months before I finally said enough to all the junk they were sending me each month. Glad someone’s getting their money’s worth though.

    • says

      You fill out a customizable beauty profile when you sign up. The samples in the boxes are chosen from that beauty profile, nothing more.

    • says

      Did you try changing up your customizable beauty profile? When I first started I wasn’t getting anything nearly as exciting as Kate here. Then I changed up my profile and it is AWESOME!! My box this month was almost exactly the same as her’s (just one different product) and I am definitely not a high-profiled public figure like our awesome blogger Kate here 😉

    • says

      I got silver Essie Polish and nothing else was the same. I got the brightest orange lip gloss I have ever seen. I cannot imagine anyone being able to wear it. I did get a mattifying gel but it’s Phillip Thomas Roth which I could never afford.

      I love the idea of Birchbox but honestly I think I have only gotten one thing I’ve actually used. So far, not worth it.

    • says

      I ended my Birchbox subscription today. It just isn’t worth the $10/month. I got some stuff I like, but most of it I could do without. I want to be able to chose my products, not get crazy colors I’ll never wear.

  2. says

    I got the Tenn Vogue box too but I like yours better! 😉 Mine Essie polish was in gold glitter and instead of the Fresh lip balm, I got a Tarte lip balm in a shade that is too light for me. Bummer.

  3. says

    I also LOVED my Teen Vogue Birchbox this month! I think they had to redeem themselves after sending us stick on eyeliner! I follow them on Facebook and they took a lot of heat for that. I LOVE the nail polish and also received a fun color lip tint–different than the Fresh Sugar Rose you received.

  4. says

    My Essie was gold and I done the same thing with my hair tie. I was surprised at how good it held! I also got a tarte lip pencil in bright pink, lucky was the name I think…so not my color. It will fit one of the young girls at church quite nice though…as will the polish. Im keeping the hair tie though 😀

  5. says

    I love Birchbox. I cancelled my subscription (temporarily!) so we can save our pennies for other things. I will have to live vicariously through your posts, hehe!

    I’ve signed up for Influenster, though, since it’s free.

  6. says

    This month, it was almost like Birchbox KNEW me! My Essie polish was gold glitter. I got the Tarte lip stain and it truly stays on ALL DAY. My twistband was coral, my most favorite color. I loved everything.

  7. Anonymous says

    This was my first Birchbox and I loved everything in it! I got the same polish, a pink hair ribbon, and the Kerastase. I also got the Tarte lip stain in lucky that I love, and my perfume sample is Kate Spade Twirl which is quickly becoming a new fave. I can’t wait til the 10th of every month now!

  8. says

    I got the other Teen Vogue Birchbox, but I really like it. I was kind of scared of the gold glitter Essie (it’s called As Gold As It Gets) since I have bad memories of glitter nail polish from jr.high. But I was plesently suprised. It’s actually really classy. And the tarte lip pencil IS really pink, but when paired with a lipgloss that has more of a neutral/brownish tint to it, it’s a nice pop of color without the neon. And mine also had a sample of twirl by Kate Spade. I love it but too bad the smallest full size one is like $65. Last months box was my first and I was rather underwhelmed. They redeemed themselves this month!

  9. says

    Mine hasn’t arrived yet. Surprised because it usually has by now. We’ll see…

    Hm, I wish I coudl get the teen one. This far surprasses my boxes of late.

    Off to track that puppy…

  10. says

    Shoot! I signed up for the Teen Vogue box as well (also thinking why did I do that, I’m So Not a teenager) but I didn’t get it. Instead they sent me a normal birchbox :( I received a bright coral/orange colored nail polish, Some thyme verbena hand soap, a nice size sample of Nick Chavez Yucca Shampoo Cream, and some Boscia Blotting Linens (which I had tried before). Not very exciting this time, but it’s still fun to get a box of suprises in the mail each month!

    • says

      I got the exact same box! I always like looking through this to see what all everyone else got. May not be an exciting box but glad to get things I’ll definitely use opposed to crazy things like lip tattoos.

  11. says

    I just got signed up a few weeks ago and my first box is supposed to be here today!!! So excited to start getting these fun goodies!!! The teen box looks great and now I am wishing I had gotten that option:-)

  12. says

    I get almost giddy when I receive the email saying “Your Birchbox has shipped!” haha I must admit though, I was disappointed with February’s box :(

  13. Anonymous says

    I received my first Birchbox Monday. I was so excited to see what I got! I got the regular Birchbox, was afraid of what would be in the TeenVogue. I liked everything I got. Hopefully, the next one will be as good..

  14. says

    I did the Teen Vogue box too, but I really disliked mine. I got a very unattractive yellow glitter essie polish (I would not call it gold…it is yellow), and my Tarte Matte Lipstick is hideous. It goes on chalky looking. I do like the Kerastase and the Kate Spade perfume, but that was about it. I also regretted going with the Teen box after I said yes. lol Oh well. This is my first box so hopefully the normal box in April will be better. :(

    • says

      Have you tried the nail polish? I was super turned off but applied it to 1 nail to see. It’s very subtle actually. It actually looks clear until the light hits it a certain way.

    • Anonymous says

      Try layering the Tarte with a gloss or something more moisturizing. Maybe that will help. I read below someone else did that and liked it.

  15. Jamie Dee says

    I signed up for that because of what I’ve seen on your blog about them. I was excited to get my first this month! BTW… The smell good that they sent (Annick Goutal) smells heavenly. Thanks for turning me on to this!!

  16. says

    I didn’t get an option on the box I got this month… but I got an awesome birchbox! I got Ahava Essential Dry Moisturizer – it is the BEST! It smells great and immediately softens skin. I also got the Color Club nail polish in Jackie Oh! which is awesome. It is so bright! Those were my two fave picks from this month.

  17. says

    I signed up and assume I’ll be getting April box (SO excited!!) I love those hair ties, I have a bunch of them from Sephora but I’ll probably have to check out Anthropolgie because those ones are pretty!

  18. says

    That Sugar Rose is one of my favorite lip glosses ever! Great color, sheer, and moisturizing. I have it on now! You’re making me want to get Birchbox. Oh dear.

  19. says

    I so wish that I could get in on this, but *shrugs* no luck. Super cute hair tie! Love the glitter polish. :) And I ADORE Fresh lippies. :)

  20. Anonymous says

    This was my first birchbox and it was the Teen Vogue and I was so disappointed! I’m going to give it one more month and let’s hope it’s a better box! I had a quite a few people sign up as well…let’s hope their boxes are better than mine!!!!

  21. says

    I signed up because you talked so highly of it Kate… I signed for the teen vogue also- which im 22 so considered myself being young enough.. :) Anways I got the basic same variety as you except I got silver glitter-love I got the Tarte Stain in Joy color– like a black hair tie the same perfume, and I also got a makeup primer which helps reduce oily skin and makeup loss- im excited to use this because I have a hard time getting my makeup to look good hours after application… Thanks for the inspiration to sign up for Birchbox..

  22. says

    Love the hair ties. Just bought the set from anthro and love them. I’m 45 and use the ties, but I tuck the tail under the hair for a smooth look.

  23. says

    I wouldn’t say I LOVE my first Birchbox, but I am excited to use the products they sent. I chose the Teen Vogue as well but got a regular box. But the hair tie is totally a cute idea.

  24. says

    I signed up w/ Birchbox several months ago and while it’s definitely hit & miss every month, I definitely loved this month’s!
    I received the same box as you except with a few variations of polish and lip balm.
    Would you care doing a review on the Keratase brand? I’ve always wondered what stylists thought of that line…
    I love your blog!

  25. says

    The hair tie, is that from I bought all my cheerleaders those ties since it helps stop breakage and holds their hair back great!

  26. says

    I loved my Teen Vogue Birchbox too! I’m definitely not a teen (31), but the things in this box were not too young for my (IMO). My Essie was a silver glitter – so fun! I also got a Tarte Lipsurgence in mine – the tube color was a neon hot pink, but the color was not that bright (thank GOD!). It’s actually quite fun! I got a hair tie like yours as well. I also got some Shisedo oil blotting papers, and a perfume sample. The LipSurgence and Essie are both full-sized, so I definitely got my money’s worth this month! Those LipSurgence things are like $25 or something! They’re awesome though, and I was glad to add another color to my collection…

  27. Anonymous says

    I got mine too this month!! Loved the stuff in the Teen Vogue box!!! I started getting them when I saw your and thought how neat!! This is my second one and I can’t wait for next months already!


  28. says

    Every time I see your Birchbox posts I think, “WHY haven’t I subscribed to Birchbox yet?!” Unfortunately I think my subscription is going to have to wait until after graduation when I get a grown-up job! =)

  29. Elizabeth says

    I had the exact same thought process, but I went for it anyway! I loved the Teen Vogue box! I got the gold sparkly polish and the tarte lip stain. Not a great color for me, but I have been layering it with a darker gloss and it works great!

  30. says

    Well I got totally different stuff! Apothederm Stretch mark cream, color club in he loves me (pink), lulu organics hair powder ( dry shampoo), nia 24 skin strengthening complex( full size is $85!!!!!), Supergoop sunscreen wipes, and skin smart teas. Haven’t gotten to try anything yet, but I think the nail polish will be first!

    • says

      Man, I hope I get the same box as you! I’m pregnant and even though I know stretch marks are hereditary, I’d love to try that cream. Plus, I’m always down to try a new dry shampoo!

    • Kristy says

      I received the exact same thing! I got mine in the mail today. The polish isn’t my color but I have a 2 year old and I think the sunscreen wipes will come in handy. I’m looking forward to trying r dry powder just to see how my hair does with it. Anyone have any tips for the dry Powder?

    • Anonymous says

      My sister in laws first box didn’t come til her second month of being a member. Maybe check the status online?

  31. says

    I’ve thought about subscribing to it, but then I wonder if it’s actually good for my skin to be trying new things on it regularly? Thoughts?

  32. says

    Man, I can’t wait to see mine! It says it should be here today. I didn’t go for the Teen Vogue option, so we shall see what I get this month. Exciting!

  33. says

    I signed up for Birchbox and this month will be my first month getting a box. I literally had the same inner struggle when I got the Teen Vogue email except mine was, “What would Kate get because I need her to tell me what to do with all of it. I’ll bet she says yes because she likes to try new things, but what if she says no because she’s not a teen…” I ended up not choosing either so they would pick for me. Excited to check the mail when I get home from work!

  34. says

    I’m so bummed, I said I wanted the Teen Vogue box but I didn’t get it. The best thing I got in my box was some radiance cream this month.

  35. Anonymous says

    I received some different items as well, but I must say that it wasn’t disappointing at all. Nail polish, perfume, teas and some tinted moisturizer. Can’t wait til next month!

  36. says

    Ok so I loved my teen vogue box until I saw yours! I got a tarte lip color but I am obsessed with Sugar’s lip balm. I am addicted and buying it from Sephora it costs $26 a tube! I would have loved to get it in my Birchbox! The tarte lip stick is minty and fun though so I’ll get over it!

  37. says

    I’m so over my birchbox subscription. They send me exactly the opposite of what I put in my profile. I’m conservative and traditional and I got day glow orange nail polish. It promptly went to a coworkers 12 year old daughter.

    • says

      I think we can and I’m 26. If I wear a ponytail, I always tie a satiny ribbon in it (unless I’m at the gym) and I like it. Everyone is different! Who’d have thought we’d be wearing headbands in our 20’s– let alone ones with rosettes on them? Wear what you like too

    • says

      I am 35 with three kids and I use those hair ties all the time. I love how they don’t leave a dent from my pony tail and I think it’s a nice look. Whoorl from recommended them and I, like many others, appreciate her advice on all things hair associated.

  38. says

    The hair tie is fold over elastic that is dyed or purchased dyed overseas and used for binding necklines, hems as well as diapers in wider widths. I found myself giggling at the thought of people using hanks of elastic to tie up their hair but it makes sense since FOE (fold over elastic) is pretty soft.

  39. says

    I subscribed thanks to you, a couple months. I love it, but I always think YOU get better stuff than I do. :( I am SO interested in these hair ties!!! does anyone know where to get them, other than on-line????

  40. says

    I love my Birchbox!!!! I got the Teen Vogue version this month too! I LOVE it!!!! I am 30 years old, but really honestly think I am about 24! I have to disagree with your comment on the hair ties…..I think I will be ordering more for myself, even at 30! I think they are cute…now maybe at 45 or 50 I will let stuff like that go…not at 30…I am still young and trendy! :o)

  41. Anonymous says

    It says you have to enter your email and wait for an invitation to subscribe to Birchbox. How long does it take to get invite? Love this idea for $10. I’ve subscribed for Beauty Test Tubes in the past (same concept) and love getting to sample products I wouldn’t otherwise try.

    • Anonymous says

      My friend was on that wait list also and I think it was just a couple weeks til she heard back. It may not be that quick for others though but hopefully not too long !!!!

  42. says

    I had my invite before the next month’s box went out when I subscribed…

    I was a little disappointed with my BB this time around. I didn’t even take a picture of it to post on Facebook for my friends. This is my second box, so I still have hope for exciting things in the future. My 16 year old daughter loves helping me sort through my BB to see what goodies she gets to snag from me!

  43. Anonymous says

    I got my 2nd box yesterday and loved it. My 1st box was OK (stick on eyeliner??) but I will use everything out of this box except the stretch mark cream but I gave that to my weight lifting hubby. The sunscreen wipes are awesome as I have an infant and toddler and these will be great for stashing in my purse. I will probably buy the full size. The lavender hair powder is also something I totally need since my bangs get oily before the rest of my hair. As a stay at home mom with 2 little ones I am so glad I found out about Birchbox, it is a nice little treat just for me.
    Jamie R

  44. says

    IN LOVE with my birchbox! This is my 2nd month of getting it, and I also got the teen vogue one. I was SO excited about everything in it!!! My Kate Spade Twirl perfume sample was broken, so Birchbox gave me 100 points ($10!) to their store! I LOVE BIRCHBOX.

  45. says

    I think those hair ties are very neat. It will leave a crease but if you don’t tie it but about 2 times, it does fine. You can find them at your boutique stores for about $2 each :) I think any age can wear them, it’s not like they are really trendy & everyone notices them in your hair…so I say go for it no matter what your age!

  46. says

    I haven’t subscribed to Birchbox – yet! I am rocking it with a new business right now (check out my website so I think it’s time to give it a try. Also, check out for headbands and hair ties like the one you received. Awesome pricing. I have about 6 different colors!

  47. says

    You always get the best Birch Box… I had to stop my subscription because I swear I got the same box two months in a row. Boo!

    My sister in law sells those hair ties, I’m doing a giveaway on my blog at if you’re interested! I think they’re great on the hair, but they’re also cute layered in with a few bracelets, too!

  48. says

    Man I should have said yes to the teen one! I got my Birchbox yesterday and wished i could get one every day! They are so fun! But you got some awesome stuff! Thanks for introducing me to such a fun thing:)

  49. says

    An age for the twist bands to stop? What? I’m 31, and so far that was my favorite thing in my box. I can agree with the ribbon being only cute for cheerleaders, but everyone who has long hair deserves a good elastic. Just my opinion. :)

    • Nicole says

      I agree! I’ve been using them all the time for the past 2 years. I don’t think they are trendy. The high-end yoga studio where I live sells them and is just about the only place you can buy them around me. I don’t think they are exactly marketing to the early 20s crowd. I’d actually never seen them anywhere online until recently.

  50. says

    I ended up getting the regular birchbox, but I’m pretty happy with what I got. I could have gone with the teen vouge one (i’m 23 & look 19, so close enough to a teen, right?). I got some dry shampoo in mine which is something I’ve been wanting to check out.

    • Anonymous says

      It is awesome! If you love trying makeup and general products us gals use/need/want then you MUST subscribe! Go online and you can read about it and review items they send out. Online they sell the full sizes but you pay $10 a month for 6 samples that go along with the settings you choose on your account. You get a box each month and rack up points to then put towards discount on the full size products online. I have gotten a lot of stuff I end up loving and then some to save as travel. So fun!!! Hope that is detailed enough :))))

  51. says

    I always love reading the comments when you post about your Birchbox to see what other people get, and see if anyone gets the same things as me. For all those people that complain every month about what they get…Update your profile! And keep in mind it’s only $10, when Sephora sells the deluxe samples they go for around $10 each so BB really is a steal, you just have to be willing to try new things and remember that’s part of the fun.

  52. says

    I have looked into getting the Birchboxes but don’t have the extra money and I saw someone mentioned Influenster. Does anyone else participate…? Just trying to decide whether its worth it.

  53. says

    This was my first box and I got the Teen Vogue box too. I was also worried after I picked it :) But I loved it. I got the Tarte lip stain, the color was ok but I love the feel of it. I also got the Essie polish in the gold tint. They are special effects polishes meant to go over another color to give you more options for your polish. Looks great with my teal polish. The hair ties are fun, but I’ve been buying then for a while from EmiJay, 2 teen girls who started making them a couple of years ago. I can’t wait until next month!

    • Anonymous says

      Is that the normal sample size for the Tarte lip stain? I got one too and am excited to try it but I haven’t used Tarte products before or lip stains before. Does it stay on a long time or can it be washed off with the rest of your makeup? Sorry, question crazy here! Lol

  54. Olviya Ivanov says

    I am a new blogger and just found your blog (through Pinterest). I love your blog,writing voice,love for the Lord, hair, makeup, stories etc. I’m hooked:)

    Keep up the great posts!

  55. says

    OMG! I am SO excited to get my very first Birchbox this month! I live all the way out in Seattle, WA so I heard it takes the box longer to reach the West Coast customers but I am excited none the less! I love Fresh products! I got the regular box instead of the Teen Vogue so I don’t know how different it’ll be but I’ll be sure to post & review on my blog ASAP! <3

  56. Allie says

    Heck yes I subscribe to Birchbox!! This month I got turquoise nail polish (my favorite color), beauty balm (!!), a selection of teas that help your skin, another perfume sample (which I love to travel with), and sunscreen wipes (again !!!). It was such a great month!

  57. Anonymous says

    I want to Thank You! I have followed you for a bit and really enjoy your blog! I posted it on FB and now others do also. ~hehe~ I had never heard of Birchbox, until I “met” you. So, I looked it up and Yes! I had to have it! I got my first one today and I am pretty sure I squealed at the mail box! I opened it with excitment and applied polish soon after. I was given the “teen” option also, but I said no. I am so excited to have a little pink box in the mail every month! Yipeee! Thanks again Kate

  58. says

    i got my first birchbox this month (all thanks to you, kate!) i was super excited, checking the mail box everyday for a week! i opted for the regular, not the teen one, but after seeing how much you loved yours, i’m reconsidering! but i was very happy with my first one & cannot wait til next month.

  59. says

    I felt the same way you did when I opened this month’s Birchbox and saw it was picked by Teen Vogue. Then, I looked through it and was thrilled with the picks! :-)

  60. says

    I haven’t gotten my Birchbox yet :(
    When I look online, it says my order is still being processed. I my ship date was suppose to be yesterday, but not a single email :(
    Hopefully, I get it soon.

  61. says

    Got my fourth yesterday. Pretty lame. Somehow I’m missing out on the good boxes. Fourth in a row that hasn’t been all that great at all. Not sure how to change my profile to get good stuff! One more month and I’m probably going to cancel.

    • Anonymous says

      I wonder if it is under the my account section? I haven’t looked but I bet you could get more stuff you like if you change it. Or, cancel and resubscribe to change settings. The only thing is my friend is on a waiting list for Birchbox so that would be a bummer if you had to wait months after canceling… I made my options out to make it sound like I wear a lot of colorful makeup when actually I wear more neutrals and I generally like what I get. Hope it works out for you soon!!

  62. Anonymous says

    I got almost the same box as you! My Essie glitter polish is silver though and my lip stuff is a Tarte lip stain! I was shocked bc it is large for a sample! I’m excited to try it and my orange hair tie. How much do those ties normally cost? I may want more!

  63. says

    I just received that lip gloss from Sephora as the birthday treat this year! I love it! I should definitely sign up to get Birchbox that looks so fun!

  64. says

    I got an awesome Teen Vogue birchbox too! Like you said, definitely one of the best so far. Like some others above, I got the Tarte lip stain instead and its a full-size awesome product.

  65. says

    I got mine today!!! I got a turquoise nail polish, a perfume sample, juice beauty blemish cleanser, dry shampoo, teas, and stila eyeshadow sngle use sample. Not bad!!! My first box and Im pleased!!!!

  66. says

    I really loved my box. I got a purple nail polish, jouer tinted luminating moisturizer (which is amazing), teas, another moisturizer, orofluido hair elixer (another love), and a perfume sample.

  67. Jill says

    Thanks for introducing me to birch box. I’m always torn about your birch box reveal posts bc I want to be surprised when I get my box. But i always like to see what everyone else gets in their boxes. Since I live on the west coast it always takes forever to get my box. By the way, the customer service team is pretty awesome at birch box. One of my samples leaked last month and they credited 100 pts to my account. I wonder if you have a complaint about getting crappy boxes each month if you could complain to them about it.

  68. says

    I am really happy with my box. I decided not to get the Teen Vogue one. I love, love, love the box this month. I got a great smelling perfume, sunscreen, a sample of different teas, this great teal polish, and some face wash. Few other things as well. I hope the rest of the months are just is great. I hated last month but they really did a great job this month. I do love the glitter nail polish you got. Happy painting :)

  69. kaela says

    i got my first birch box and i was completely unimpressed! i wish i would’ve gotten the teen box….much more my style. hmph :-/

  70. Anonymous says

    After following your blog and seeing the birchbox, I decided to try it. I finally got my invitation to join and am looking forward to getting one next month. I don’t usually spend money on myself (just my kids and my husband) so it it going to be a real treat. so exciting. Thank you.

  71. says

    I looooooove my Birchbox! I talk about Birchbox quite possibely once a day. My March Birchbox had a wonderful aqua/turquiose nail polish this month. A color I would never choose. I have received more complements on this polish than I can count. Thank you for introducing me to Birchbox and my HotTools curling iron!

  72. says

    I wonder how they decide who gets what exactly? I am on list, but can’t order just yet. Waiting on the invite. Will probably join for a few months, but I find it frustrating when I hear some people get one thing and others get another. For example, I’d heard this Teen Vogue box was supposed to contain a Tarte lip product. And I see others mentioned it too. Now, I would actually like to try both the lip sugar and the Tarte, but I would have wanted the Tarte more. Thus, it would have really upset me if I had opted for this teen box but didn’t get it. If that happens 2-3 times in a row where I see others posting about their box which is so much better than mine, I’ll probably drop the subscription. Oh well. No sense getting upset before I get the first box, lol! Just a thought though. Someway, somehow, I am determined to try out Tarte. I know Sephora had a trial box for those with over 500 points (which I do after years of saving points) but the problem is the colors were really dark. The light one in this box would’ve been great, but sadly, I hadn’t even heard of BB until it was too late for that box.

  73. says

    I wonder how they decide who gets what exactly? I am on list, but can’t order just yet. Waiting on the invite. Will probably join for a few months, but I find it frustrating when I hear some people get one thing and others get another. For example, I’d heard this Teen Vogue box was supposed to contain a Tarte lip product. And I see others mentioned it too. Now, I would actually like to try both the lip sugar and the Tarte, but I would have wanted the Tarte more. Thus, it would have really upset me if I had opted for this teen box but didn’t get it. If that happens 2-3 times in a row where I see others posting about their box which is so much better than mine, I’ll probably drop the subscription. Oh well. No sense getting upset before I get the first box, lol! Just a thought though. Someway, somehow, I am determined to try out Tarte. I know Sephora had a trial box for those with over 500 points (which I do after years of saving points) but the problem is the colors were really dark. The light one in this box would’ve been great, but sadly, I hadn’t even heard of BB until it was too late for that box.

  74. Anonymous says

    I would love to have Birchbox in Canada. Does anyone know of the Canadian version of this? I know the UK has one, so I’m hoping we do too!

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