January 5, 2012

Restaurant Review: Buona Vita

Last night we all went out to dinner at a delicious italian restaurant, Buona Vita, downtown Park City, Ut. I read some great reviews online and was really hoping they were accurate.

Well, they were.

The atmosphere was really cool. Everything was dark and either stone or wood. There was a large fireplace across from the bar. The menus came in little leather booklets. 

And the food was amazing. Probably the best italian I have had. Ever.

For an appetizer we ordered grilled mozzarella. It was topped with basil and tomatoes. 

About 5 minutes later, this was what was left of it:

And then we finished it off from there.

For dessert we ordered a Lava Cake. It was chocolate heaven.

And we destroyed it.

It was absolutely delicious. Great service. Great atmosphere. We'll definitely come back here when we come back to Park City!

If you are in the area and haven't been to Buona Vita, make sure to check it out!


  1. OMG!! Great Italian food can be such a wonderful experience. Enjoy and thanks for sharing the pics....

  2. It sounds so good! I've never had grilled mozzarella, but it looks like a lot of cheese. Ha. And I just had a chocolate lava cake last night too, although, it wasn't as fancy as yours! Have a great day!


  3. That looks sooo good and now I want to try it!!!

  4. Yum! I love Park City! Enjoy the slopes!


  5. The best you have had, nice! I wish I could say that about a restaurant lately. Most seem so lackluster, I don't want mediocre food, I want amazing food, I want to be wowed. I would love to take a trip to NYC to just eat, try everything and be wowed.

  6. Yum! I loved Park City - we loved our meals (though on the higher end price) at the Stein- erickson Lodge & the Snake Creek Grill (totally worth the drive if you have a car, but be sure to have reservations).

  7. Looks delicious... and devoured!

  8. If you like Mexican food go to Cafe Sabor. It is soooo good. It is in Park City. I live in Logan, Ut and go to it there, but have never been to the one in Park City, but it is the same menu.

  9. As a cheese addict - that mozzarella looks amazing!!!!

    I laugh and think of when we go out...always have blogging on the brain so take a million photos (better to have more than I need). By about photo 10 Brent is groaning and asking me to put it away...do you have the same problem? lol

  10. Thanks for the recommendation! My husband and I have been to a Mexican place up there, Reyes Adobo (Adobe?) Restaurant. It doens't look like much, but the food is absolutely incredible. I love to cook, so I know fresh ingredients, and all their stuff was top notch.

  11. Totally making me hungry. Mmmmmm.

  12. OOH, I'll have to keep that in mind. We go skiing every once in a while in Park City to Canyons or Deer Valley....Deer Valley is the way to go! If you like Steak, the best place we have eaten at is Prime Steak House in Park City. Delicious! Great atmosphere!

  13. So . . . when I win the HGTV dreamhouse in Park City my first stop will be Buona Vita!

  14. Mmmm that looks so good! You're making me hungry.

  15. You are too funny! You had an appetizer and dessert but no entree!

  16. Looks really delicious. I want to try the

    grilled mozzarella. I have not tried this

    kind of dish in Buona Vita. I am currently

    trying restaurants in Norwich.When I

    have a chance to visit Park City I will try

    it too. You are funny.Thanks for the review.

  17. Grilled mozzarella is my favorite. YUM!!!! My mouth is watering right now! corporate catering

  18. No amount of food presentation beauty is immune to the destructive force of hunger. I'd devour that grilled mozzarella in seconds.