DIY Makeup Brush Roll

I’m not very skilled in the sewing department, but I can do some basics. 
I needed a larger makeup brush roll, but I couldn’t find a pattern that I liked. I perused Etsy, of course, but oftentimes the fabrics used are busy. I was looking for something plain and simple!

And then I found myself in the placemat aisle at Target. I picked up a simple placemat, that was already straight, even, and nicely finished on all the ends. And I thought to myself, “Well, this could possibly be the easiest project in the world”. So I purchased this perfectly sized and prepared bit of fabric (for about $3.00), folded and sewed. 

And easy it was. 

Here was the process:

1. Fold up bottom of placemat approx. 3 1/2 inches. and pin in place.
2. Slip a 2 foot long piece of ribbon under pin to hold in place. (this will act as a “wrap” to keep the roll together) Sew a straight line along both sides to seal the edges.

 3. Measure makeup brush “pockets” depending on your needs and pin in place. I did 1/12 inch spaces for large brushes, and 1 inch spaces for small (eyeshadow, concealer, etc) brushes.

 4. And now for the hardest part, sew a straight line to the top of the folded section. Continue all the way down until you reach the other end of the placemat.

. . . and thats pretty much it!

ugly bathroom lighting. . .
See my small brush roll back there? I definitely needed more space! 

Look at this beauty! all my brushes fit! PLUS my eyeliners. I leave those 2 brushes in the middle out since they are double ended.
I was so excited about my finished product that I made TWO and I want to give one to one of YOU! (I can rhyme too!) <–nerd-alert.

Anyway, here are the details:
The brush roll is the size of a standard placemat. ( 18.5 x  9 inches )
It’s kind of a minty, greeny, blue. 
There are 6 large (1.5 inch) pockets and 9 small (1 inch) pockets.

Here is how to enter the giveaway for your very own Makeup Brush Roll:

Leave a comment below telling me your favorite makeup brush. If you don’t own any (which would make a brush roll an interesting win for you. . .!), tell me which brush you are planning to fill your roll with first!

The winner will be chosen Friday February 3rd at 8:00am EST via There will only be 1 winner, and that winner will be notified via e-mail.

Please include your e-mail address in each comment so I can contact you if you win!


And if you own a sewing machine, go make one for yourself! :) 
The Winner is. . . .

This is sooo cute! I’ve been looking for something simple also! My new favorite brush is my new foundation brush. I used to just use those sponges, I just never spend the money on a foundation brush but now that I have it I love it! I love all my brushes but its my new favorite!


Congrats Keyona! Enjoy your new brush roll!  


  1. says

    What a cool idea! Sometimes I find that with DIY items I end up spending more than the actual item were to cost if I bought it, but this one is great!! I recently purchased a stipple blush brush from ELF and love it, but I have my old standard Trish McEvoy brushes from college that I will never give up. Love your blog!

  2. says

    Great job – these would make great gifts! My all time favorite EVER brush is the MAC 217. If I could only have 1 brush for eyes, this would be the one.

  3. says

    Wow this is so cool, great way to turn one thing into something else. I love my eyeshadow brush, this would be very handy for me to store my brushes in (since i can’t sew, everytime I use the sewing machine it jams up on me) I would love to win this!! I am already a follower and love all your turtorials!!

  4. says

    Oh my! I love this! My current roll is about the size of your old one and it’s beyond bursting at the seams! My favorite brush is my mineral powder foundation brush. Can’t live without some foundation to even out my complexion! 😉

  5. Anonymous says

    How clever! I wish I was crafty like that. I can barely sew a button back on:(
    But, I would have to say my fav. brush would be my shadow brush. I have two and the are 13 years old. Think it’s time to buy some new ones!!

  6. Anonymous says

    Wow that’s awesome! I LOVE all my eyeshadow brushes! I can’t imagine just using the little sponge they give you with the eyeshadow!


  7. says

    My favorite brush is my Kabuki brush which is used for the all-important bronzer. I use it to brush it on my cheeks, sometimes my eyes when I when I don’t want to wear too much make-up, and even the cleavage just to accentuate a bit.

    ADORE your blog!!! I’m so glad I stumbled upon it.

  8. Anonymous says

    Oh. my. word! I want this! My favorite brush is a thick, short brush that I use to put eye shadow on. I don’t remember the brand….it was probably very cheap b/c I am! LOL! Anyway, if I win this, it will definitely go in it!


  9. says

    I didn’t know what a brush roll was until this post! Now I need one :) My go-to brush is my big, fluffy powder brush from Clinique, though I’d like to give a foundation brush a try. I’m just intimidated at the idea of having to clean it…


  10. says

    Kate… you’re adorable! What a clever little idea. My favorite brushes are definitly my Bare Essentials brushes. The blush brush… the eye shadow brushes… I use them all daily! This role would be a highly used item!

  11. Anonymous says

    This is so cute!

    My favorite brush is by Sonia Kashuk. It came in a 5-pack of brushes and it’s a big, fluffy blush brush that is so soft that putting on blush has become my favorite part of my makeup routine! And, to top it off, it has the cutest black and white patterned handle!

  12. says

    I love this!! What a great idea! My favorite brush is my contoured blush brush. I don’t know the brand, but it is so soft and does its job perfectly!

    blue_skies (at) ymail (dot) com

  13. says

    I LOVE this!! One more reason I NEED a sewing machine!! My favorite brush WAS my Kabuki Brish from Bare Esuentials, but my cat ate it. Seriously… my cat found it and all I found was the handle. I don’t even know where all the bristles went!!! I kept waiting for the mother of all hairballs, but it never came. (???)

    So happy to be following your blog.

  14. says

    Very cool project I love my shadow brushes because they are the ones that get the most use…I can’t remember the brand they are, and I’m too comfy on my couch to go see {sad, I know}, but I’d love to have the brush roll to put them in!

  15. says

    How cute! My favorite brush is my e.l.f. bamboo foundation brush. The bristles are so stinkin’ soft!
    Thanks for the giveaway!


  16. Anonymous says

    This is quite neat!!!
    My favorite brush is a blending eyeshadow brush made my Sonia Kashuk for Target! I also have an eyeliner from Clinique in a little pot that comes with a tiny applicator paint brush that I’m always losing and it needs a permanent home!
    Keep up the great work!!
    ~ Lauren

  17. says

    My favorite eye brush is the crease brush. All of my gf’s always ask me, “how do you get that definition in your crease? You will have to show me one day.” Little do they know thats its not my magician techniques of makeup application, but just the simple little crease brush which is amazing. One which they will all be receiving in a goodie bag for being a bridesmaid in my wedding! Great idea in using a placemat btw, and I am jealous of all of your mathcing, clean brushes.

  18. says

    I love this! My only DiY downfall is sewing, and my mother is literally a master seamstress, go figure. My favorite brush is my Ulta blush brush. It has a short, fat handle so it fits perfectly in my make-up bag. Something like this would give me an excuse to add to my collection!

  19. says

    I am just beginning to focus more on my makeup, so I only have two brushes right now 😛 I suppose my favourite of the two is my coverup brush. Works so much better than the tip of my finger.


  20. Anonymous says

    I have no idea what brand my brush is but it is a family hand me down. It is my powder brush. It started with my grandmother, made its way to my mother and now to me. They don’t make brushes like they used to. It is so durable and has just enough bristles that it doesn’t grab to much powder and it doesn’t loose bristles like the new ones do.

  21. says

    This is a great idea! I really like the angled brush for doing eye liner. I love mixing my bare minerals eye lid primer with a little bit of shadow and using an angled brush.

  22. Alexis says

    I am not entering since all my brushes have mini handles to fit in my medicine cabinet (small NY apartment bathrooms!) but I just wanted to comment that your post is inspiring me to check the placemat section of the store more often. I have a 2 year old so we avoid cloth placemats at all costs since she gets food on everything at every meal. Sometimes I miss the pretty colors but had never considered buying placemats and using them for other projects. Thank you!!!!

  23. Anonymous says

    Very cute! I am always scrounging around looking for the right brush in my make drawer. My favorite brush is my Smashbox powder brush. It’s big, soft and holds powder really well.


  24. Anonymous says

    I never win anything!! Please pick me!! I have a Merle Norman powder brush(59940) I’ve had it for years! I’ve recently been watching your tutorials & went out and bought some eyeshadow brushes to try,(Ive always just used the spongey things that come w the shadows) I love using the brushes but definitely need somewhere to put them now:)

  25. Jenna E. says

    That has got to be one of the most brilliant ideas! You are so clever. My favorite brush is my basic eyebrow/eyelash seperator brush. Can’t wait to fill your awesome bag with my brushes!

  26. Anonymous says

    I had to go to the derm and ended up getting some new makeup and am loving the Jane Iredale foundation brush. I also discovered the brush guard which is a mesh cover-like thing that keeps your bristles gathered together while in your bag. It is fabulous!! Helps them keep their shape. Thanks for the giveaway Kate!!

  27. says

    My fave brush is a Bare Minerals brush that is fluffy and great for using in the crease. Also my eye brow powder angled brush is awesome. I could go on all day about my brushes.

  28. Anonymous says

    I don’t have any brushes yet but I want to get one to apply eye shadow!! Any suggestions would be great!!!

  29. says

    This is great! I like the idea of DIY, but don’t quite have the skills to pull it off and make it look good! Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. says

    I LOVE my Mary Kay Brushes! My mom gave me my first set when I was in high school and I’ve been buying MK brushes ever since :) They are so soft!!


  31. says

    I like my double ended bare essentials brush and my estee lauder blush brush. I was just wishing the other day for a better place to put my brushes!

  32. says

    My favorite brush is my Sonia Kashuk blush brush. Of all the pricey options out there, this brush from Target is my fave! Love her angled eyeliner brush too.

    Seriously impressed with your craftiness too! I don’t own a sewing machine – I’d probably end up sewing my fingers together. :)

  33. Amy says

    I have a set of Mary Kay brushes. My fave is the non angled eyeshadow brush…but I do love them all and an in need of a new “carrying case” for them.

  34. says

    OmG I love the brush roll! FaBuLoUs IDEA!! My favorite brushes are from Bare Essentials. My old brush roll is from Target, nothing fancy. This idea is great…. It’s the perfect size to hold everything one needs. I LOVE your blog, such great ideas!

  35. Heidi says

    What a great idea! I never think of things like this so thank goodness for you! I don’t have a sewing machine so my only chance is to win this….fingers crossed:) my favorite brush is my contour brush from bare escentuals.

  36. says

    I have just entered the wonderful world of makeup burshes! I always just used the little sponge applicators that came with the makeup or my fingers! I really love one of my ecotools eye shadow brushes. It is an angled crease brush. It really helps me out :) Love your blog and thanks for sharing your wonderful tips and tutorials!

  37. says

    My favorite brush is my Bare Essentials Kabuki’s perfect for applying a powder foundation. Love the idea of a brush roll! I don’t have a sewing machine or I’d try to make it myself! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

    Thanks again,
    Alex Hughes

  38. Anonymous says

    I have tons of brushes that I’ve gotten over the years. I have them all in a drawer right now and honestly don’t use most of them because I forget that they are there, so this would be PERFECT for me! My favorite brush is my contour brush! Crossing my fingers in hopes of winning this!

  39. says

    Oh wow! Awesome giveaway, and I love that it is hand made :)

    I have two brushes that I always claim I can’t live without. If I had to pick just one it would without a doubt have to be my eyeliner brush. I am addicted to powder/gel liners. I have used them so long that pencil liners are difficult for me to put on now, lol! My pencil brush for crease application is a close second :)

  40. says

    My favorite is Sephora’s mineral foundation brush – I actually use it for my BE and MUFE HD foundations… liquid or powder, it applies like a dream!!

  41. says

    My favorite brush is the $14.99 Sonia Kashuk synthetic flat brush from Target. I use it for my foundation! lmillerharris (at) gmail (dot) com

  42. Anonymous says

    I have a lot of great brushes, but my favorite is an Elizabeth Arden shadow brush that my mom gave me when I was about 12 years old (I’m 37 now). I can remember playing with it in her bathroom before she gave it to me. I use it every day!

  43. says

    Love the brush roll….looks so simple to make! If I don’t win I will make one! I really don’t have a favorite brush I really love all of them I have Mary Kay and Bare Essentials. If I had to pick one it would be my angled brush from bare essentials for my eye shadow.

    I love your blog – and all your hair tutorials. I always get complements on my hair when I try one of your styles

  44. Megan says

    First of all, I LOVE your blog! I found it through Jenna’s (eatliverun) blog and am officially addicted! My favorite brush would have to be the one I use for all-over shadow. Not sure what the name of it is, but its fat and fluffy. I have way too many brushes, so this would be so awesome to help me organize!!
    My email address is:

  45. Anonymous says

    This is the neatest idea! I hate the way my brushes “tint” everything in my makeup bag… I would have to say my favorite brush is either my Bronzer brush or my eye shadow brush. I would love to win this item!

  46. Anonymous says

    So crafty, I love it! My fave brushes right now are the Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman-I have several, and they are all amazing! Email: bpopro(at)att(dot)net.

  47. Anonymous says

    Favorite Brush is my angled eye liner brush from Smashbox. I love your blog and I love the make up roll bag! Sweet!

  48. Jessica A says

    I have a lot of brushes…2 different sets from E.L.F. I would add my most used brushes to the roll. I think my favorite brush that I have would be the flat top blush brush that I use for foundation.

  49. says

    I don’t have a sewing machine, but I may head to my friends house (that has one) and make it a group project. Although I don’t have3 many brushes, I would like to add a foundation blending brush to my (small) arsenal. Or, I could just make the sleeves different sizes to accommodate my small hair cutting scissors and tweezers.:)

  50. says

    It’s a toss up for me! I’m stuck between my clinique bronzer brush and my clinique powder brush. I can do my eyes with pretty much anything, qtip, finger, sponge, but I cannot get the application of my powder foundation (glo minerals) with out one of this two brushes.

    Love your blog! I check back daily hoping for a new post.

  51. Anonymous says

    The brush I use everyday is for my mineral foundation from Mary Kay so that would be my favorite because without it I would have no makeup on :) ! I have had it forever and defintely need a new one (plus all new brushes :) )

  52. says

    I would have to go with my Tarte blush brush as my favorite! I have so many brushes and have been trying to figure out a way to organize them. The solution for now is to throw them in a drawer but this is so much better!

  53. Anonymous says

    I LOVE this idea!! I was just looking for something like this for the many brushes I have. At the moment they are sitting in a make up bag and it is a pain to not see them all laying out when I use them. My favorite brush is my Bobbi Brown Face Brush! I have had it forever and is the one I use every single day.

    Jillian Futrell

  54. says

    This is sooo cute! I’ve been looking for something simple also! My new favorite brush is my new foundation brush. I used to just use those sponges, I just never spend the money on a foundation brush but now that I have it I love it! I love all my brushes but its my new favorite!


  55. says

    Wow! Another great idea. I need one of these! I have recently developed a new obsession with make-up and brushes. My latest favorite is one I got free at sephora (gotta love those freebies) that I didn’t even notice for several weeks after I got it. On one end it is a liner and the other is just a perfect blending tool for eyeshadow. If I don’t win yours, I am going to brush the dust off my sewing machine and see if I can make it work.


  56. says

    I love all my brushes for bare minerals…I have 2 favorites that I cant live without!! The full coverage and the handy buki… I just got a bunch of new brushes too & I have no place to put them so that cute little wrap would be perfect!!! My email is
    Ps I LOVE your blog!! 😉

  57. says

    I love, love, love my Studio Gear brushes. The kabuki brush is my favorite because it’s super soft and fluffy. The one I use the most is the foundation brush. They’re fabulous brushes.


  58. Anonymous says

    I use my bronzing brush practically every day, cuz I like being tan :). Great idea on the placemat/brush bag! If I don’t win, I’m going to have my mom make one for me (she’s the whiz with the sewing machine!).


  59. Jennifer says

    WOW.. YOU ARE SO CREATIVE AND CRAFTY :) I dont even know where to begin to sew. hehe.. I love all kids of brushes. But my favorite is the big powder brush. I got it from clinique. I love the way it feels on my skin. My email is ;0)

  60. Anonymous says

    My roommate has been nagging me for the past week about how i keep my makeup brushes in a little basket beside the sink in the bathroom! He will get mad at me and sit a couple of my little eye brushes out on the sink for the water to drip all over. I’ve been looking for one of these, but i don’t like busy patterns or plain black and haven’t been able to find one! This is such a great idea! If i don’t win this, I will definitely try to make one. Although, I haven’t used a sewing machine since I was a Freshman in High School! My favorite EcoTools Kabuki brush definitely needs a better place to be stored! Thanks so much for posting this!
    My email is !

  61. Jamie says

    Bare Minerals brushes! They come with a brush cleaner, which I love. I also have a couple brushes from Benefit of San Francisco, but BM is my go-to brush 99% of the time!

    jfitzcunningham[at} gmail [dot] com

  62. Michea says

    I was just saying last week how badly I need one of these! I just got a ton of new MAC brushes for Christmas, and I need something to keep them organized. It’s so hard to pick my favorite, so I’d have to say it’s between the 217 eyeshadow brush, and my stippling brush.

  63. says

    Great tutorial! My favorite brush is probably the kabuki because it’s great for putting on powder foundations. If I don’t win, I’ll likely try to make one of these myself!

  64. Anna Willis says

    I totally love a good blush brush. Even if you’re in a rush there’s still probably a little blush left in the bristles for a quick swipe across the cheek:) Great DIY idea Small Things! Love it. It’s adorbs!

  65. says

    What a great idea! I have a sewing machine, but I can never figure out how to thread the thing, and I am too ADHD to sit and read the directions – zero patience! Anyway, my favorite brush is my dual ended eyeshadow brush from bare escentials. Use it every day!


  66. Anonymous says
    Tasha Rasmusan
    I actually am in the process of redoing my makeup set….my old brushes are all off brands from discounts stores. Decided this is the year to ‘grow up’ and treat myself on all beauty products, etc. that I want. I work hard and deserve it :) Great idea!

  67. says

    Oh this is a good idea!!! I have some MAC brushes that came in a case but I’m not a super big fan of the case anymore. I bought my brushes a LLLOOONNNGGG time ago and I absolutely love them but a new case would be just what they need!

    Question – when you need to wash the case, do you just throw it in the washing machine?

  68. says

    Genius! This is one of those “why didn’t I think of that?!” projects. I can’t wait to attempt it myself! My favorite brush is my blush one from Eco Tools. It’s the softest one I have EVER purchased, which is staying a lot for a brush junkie like me. The fact that it’s inexpensive makes it even more fabulous!

    My email:

  69. Anonymous says

    LOVE this idea!!!! I have been wanting a new brush holder!!! I currently use a caboodle (YUCK) and they are jumbled together and it DRIVES ME CRAZY! But I wanted something inexpensive. Anyway, I would fill mine first with my eye brushes…I ALWAYS have to do my eyes. I don’t leave home without eye makeup.

  70. says

    My favorite makeup brush is the blush/powder brush. I love my blush brush. It is big, it is soft, and it is so easy to use. I loved swirling it around on the powder and then applying it- it is a comfort tool.

  71. Eskyborn says

    My favorite is my Bare Escentuals foundation brush. BTW, love the makeup roll. You’re so crafty! If I had a sewing machine I would have no idea how to use it! Good for you!

  72. Anonymous says

    I just purchased a set of new brushes, and since I don’t have a rollup like this, I just keep them in the container they came in, not attractive :/ I dont’ know which brush I like best, I love them all, and I enjoy using different brushes for different things and challange myself :]


  73. says

    Love it!! My favorite brush is my daughters! She uses brushes from bareMinerals. I guess I will have to buy my own as soon as she figures out I have one and takes it back!

  74. says

    I seriously need a sewing machine in my life. I’m not sure I could justify the expense to the hubs though. My favorite brush is my Sonia Kashuk Flat Blusher Brush, which is perfect for foundation.

  75. Dorothy says

    I love my eyeshadow brush. It is an absolute must when applying eyeshadow. You just cannot use those little plastic things with “sponge nubs” that come in the compacts. Another one I can’t live without is my blush brush. I don’t wear foundation for the most part, but I do like to add color to my cheeks, and this soft, fluffy, but not overly large brush provides just the amount of color and slight contour needed to make a face beautiful. dorothy(dot)wu(at)live(dot)com

  76. says

    I am in love with my bronzer brush from Bobbi Brown!!! It is amazing!!! I really want to try and find the contour and define eye shadow brush you have. I think you mentioned it was from Bare Escentuals, but I didn’t see it on their website. Is there a similar brush you would recommend?

    ps LOVE your blog!


  77. Candy says

    I love my blush brush from The Body Shop. Can’t remember what it is made of but I’ve had it for years and it looks like new still.

  78. says

    I stumbled across your blog and now follow it religiously each and every day! I’ve never been too skilled in the hair/makeup department but with your help I’m polishing my skills daily. I really hate to admit this but my absolute favorite brush is from the E.L.F. collection from Target (i’m sure you just fainted…) They work amazing for me and are inexpensive to replace. Thanks for all of your tips and tricks!! You’re beautiful and incredibly talented!

  79. says

    Love your blog and love this giveaway! I am always trying to creatively think of a way to travel with my brushes while still keeping them neat and organized…and this is PERFECT! And such a great sized brush roll bag for my (what seems like) thousands of brushes!! I hope I win! My favorite brushes are MAC 286 and 239, and I also love my Sonia Kashuk eyeliner smudger brush! :)

    email –

  80. Anonymous says

    I love the HD Foundation Brush at Sephora- it has changed my whole makeup routine. Currently, my brushes are at home in a messy makeup drawer so this would be perfect for me. PS> Your blog is AWESOME!!!

  81. Anonymous says

    Love this! My favorite brush is my full flawless application brush from Bare Escentuals, which is also the brush that I would start filling this awsome brush roll with! This is such a great idea, I always try to stuff my brushes in my makeup bag which will then not zip! Thanks for all of your tutorials love them!

  82. says

    Oh my gosh i love love love love this!!! all my brushes are floating around in my makeup bag. My favorite brush is the full coverage one that I put my mineral veil on with. It’s so soft and it does the perfect job!

  83. says

    Sadly, my favorite brush is my blush brush from Avon years ago! The way it’s shaped just fits perfectly to where your blush should go on your face, and it’s the right thickness too! Just haven’t felt a need yet to find another one! My favorite eye brush set though is my sigma ones, they work wonders!

  84. says

    that’s pretty cool! what a great idea! my fave brush is my concelar brush, it’s the first one i use in the morning and a great start to my make up routine.

  85. says

    My favorite brush is my 2 in 1 brush. I just just recently got a brush to have dramatic smokey eye and love that everything i need is on one brush. Its rounded on one end and loose on the other. Boy am I HOPING to win this AWESOME brush bag!!!!


    Good luck everyone!!!

  86. says

    My favorite brush is my 2 in 1 brush. I just just recently got a brush to have dramatic smokey eye and love that everything i need is on one brush. Its rounded on one end and loose on the other. Boy am I HOPING to win this AWESOME brush bag!!!!


    Good luck everyone!!!

  87. Rhonda says

    Wow! That’s awesome! I love the idea! I just recently purchased brushes from barescentuals and I love my new blush brush! I love all make up brushes! I feel like a real “artist” and they make putting on make up fun for me!

  88. Stephanie says

    My favorite is my MAC pencil brush – it defines the outer “V” perfectly and is great for smudging shadow under your lashline. stephlr(at)hotmail(dot)com

  89. Anonymous says

    Too cute! My fav makeup brush is MAC #187 ~ Duo Fibre Brush. It’s the perfect foundation brush to give you the airbrush effect. My #187 would love a new home for storage and travel!. =)


  90. says

    I love love love my Mac Brushes (ALL OF THEM)!! they are the only ones I have ever found that do NOT fall apart after washing them. I have been looking for a brush roll up bag that would be perfect for traveling and keeping in the bathroom.


  91. says

    I am very challenged when it comes to make-up as I am the only girl in my family that wears more than lipstick. I know, gasp! I have recently discovered ELF for practice make-up and currently have that brush collection even though I am not quite sure how to use them yet. ha! Cute idea!

  92. Anonymous says

    my favorite would have to be the eyeshadow contour brush….i think. i use it almost exclusively because its one of the few that i have (but i would buy more if i won). my second favorite would have to be the blush brush. i love how big and fun it is! thanks for the fun post!


  93. Anonymous says

    Love this idea I would totally make it if I don’t win one!! My favorite brush there is so many but I would have to say its my smashbox eye liner brush. Or my Bobby Brown blush brush. I totally found your blog through Pinterest and I love everything about it. Keep up the great work. Also so happy to see your a Christian made my day when I was reading through old stuff. Have a wonderful day

  94. Anonymous says

    I love my eye shadow crease brush. I found a makeup brush roll that was far more involved that this one. This would be about the right speed for me as I don’t sew, but it would be even better if I didn’t have to do anything!! :)


  95. Anonymous says

    I love this idea. i came across your blog and i love reading about your interesting ideas!!!

    I just learning how to do my own makeup so i have a bunch of brushes im not too familiar with…so i will go with the blush brush since its the one i know how to use :)

  96. says

    I love Sonia Kashuk eyeshadow brushes…they work well and are a great value. I love the brush roll and your creativity is amazing…who would have thought a simple placemat would double as a brush roll…love it!!!

  97. says

    I love the angled eyeliner brush. I’d love for you to do a tutorial on how to utilize different types of eye brushes… I feel like I’m not ever sure what each one in my big set is for (mine aren’t all labeled like yours! What brand are yours?) Thanks for the chance to win. I love your blog!

  98. Page McBay says

    Believe it or not, my favorite brush is an eye shadow brush made by “Jane” cosmetics—a drug store cheapie that I’ve had for years! Thank goodness I purchased more than one since they no longer make them. It’s a perfect narrow brush great for doing my creases with shadow. It’s not even contoured. I’ve purchased more expensive brushes from department stores, but some of my favorite (read: “easy to use”) are my drug store brushes! Ulta and Sephora also have good brushes via their store brands. Love the cosmetic roll! What makes it even better is that you can probably put into a lingerie bag and wash on gentle cycle when you need to freshen it up! Fabulous! Love your blog!
    Page McBay

  99. says

    Love this!
    My favorite brush right now is a sonia kashuk crease brush I bought on sale and have become obsessed with!


  100. says

    The only make-up brushes I own came with some of the products I bought. I would like to get more eye make-up brushes though.

    Your make-up brush roll turned out really good!


  101. says

    What a genius idea–and so adorable too! My favorite brush is the angled blush brush that I got at Ulta. suzannearrabito[at]gmail[dot]com

  102. FallonMom says

    My FAVORITE of all times brush is my buffer brush from MAC! I love using it for my blush! It goes on perfect! I do not know what I would do with out my brushes! This is the best idea! I love it!:)


  103. says

    My favorite brush is my organic full coverage brush. Being that I have really bad allergies, I find this brush to be A-MAZING!!!!! It is all natural and gives me a flawless look while not affecting my allergies. Being that I have experienced an Anaphylactic reaction, I have to choose everyday items very carefully! I just came across your blog and have falled in love with it! In fact, I used your flat iron straight techniques this morning and have gotten so many compliments at work today!!! THANK YOU!!! If you were in Virginia, I would drive to you and let you be my hairstylist!!!

  104. Anonymous says

    I love my mac eyeliner brush! It’s dainty and precise and always brings a smile to my face when I use it because knowing i’ve washed it and used it a million times that the quality is there and it looks brand new! give me the perfect cat eye with my creme liner.. oh Mac eyeliner brush.. I lurve thee!!!! <3 <3 <3 – I will take care of your brush mat and promise to LURVE it too! -Andrea ….

  105. Marilyn says

    I love my Bare Escentuals flawless face brush and anything from their line really.


  106. says

    I have a cheap one from target that I love. Of course, I’ve never even owned one brush until a couple months ago, so maybe I’m just getting into the brushes and would need this roll-up!

  107. Allison says

    I love my Bare Escentuals shadow brush! Don’t know how I lived without it in my life :)

    allyblogs at gmail dot com

  108. says

    This is too cute! I love cliniques’ blush brush, its fluffy and covers the blush or bronzer in all the right places. I right now do not own many brushes, but I am seriously looking into bare minerals brushes after all the hype I’ve seen on the small things blog!

  109. says

    I love this …too cute! At the moment my favorite brush is clinique’s blush brush …I’ve found its great for using bronzer and blush. This brush is great at applying makeup in all of the right places. I do not own many makeup brushes, but i am looking inti bare minerald brushes after all of the hype that I have sern on the Small Things Blog!

  110. says

    Oh my gosh this is the most ingenious thing I’ve ever seen! Who needs to spend $30+ on buying one? Anyways – my favorite brush is my flat top synthetic kabuki from Sigma Brushes. It’s the most amazing brush for any kind of foundation – gives you an airbrushed finish! <3

  111. says

    I love this…it’s super cute! Currently my favorite brush is actually made by elf! I was shocked but this brush is actually a blending brush…its great at blending and removing the excess eyeshadoe. I am looking into bare minerals brushes after seeing all of the hype, here on thr small things blog!

  112. says

    I am so excited for this! I went to art school and paint on the side still, and this is SUPER cute! I have one of these for my paint brushes but NEVER thought of it for my makeup brushes!? I just have those in a little tall metal canister! this is genius!

    My favorite makeup brushes: 1) brozer brush….what can i say? I LOVE bronzer! I used to work at a tanning salon, and since I dont anymore and my fiance made a pact with me that I am not allowed to tan, and when I travel to warm places I am required to wear spf 15 minimum…..bronzer is my friend <3 i actually prefer it to blush. i hardly ever wear blush. but bronzer i LOVE
    2) my eyeshadow blending brush. I love being able to get a great fade/gradient in my eyeshadow colors, making the outer edges darker and having it be gradual and not super drastic. love this brush!

    what a crafty lady you are :) never would have thought of that! and your color choice is superb! very clean!

  113. says

    That is adorable. I need to learn how to sew. My mom is a pro at it, but I just haven’t picked it up. I would use this for all the random eye brushes I have scattered around my makeup drawer. Every morning while I’m still half asleep, I spend at least 5 minutes digging around until I find the right one.

  114. says

    I like my bare minerals concealer brush. It makes my well rested go on so nice that it looks like I am rested even though I’ve two very active little boys!


  115. Jules says

    Well pretty much the only brushes I’ve ever owned are from ELF (that really cheap target brand) $1 dolla haaaay! And that’s because i’m 19 and extremely cheap b/c really i have no other option than to look out for the best deals. I’ve always wanted to have a mac brush (my older sister uses them) but i’ll have to wait till i either win the lottery, get her leftovers, or marry a man who is loaded. The most realistic is my sisters hand me downs. Yay siblings!

  116. says

    My favorite brush is my MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush (had to look it up… I just always call it my “fluffy brush” hehe) because it allows me to control the amount of studio fix foundation I apply and it goes on so evenly.


  117. Katelyn says

    I can’t live without my foundation brush. It creates the best finish! I also love my kabuki because it creates great coverage. Making a brush holder is such a great idea! It would be perfect for using at college.

  118. Ashley says

    I would definitely have to say any of the Sigma brushes are my favorite. But I really, really love using an angled brush for my foundation.

    Oh and can I mention I also need this because I can’t sew even if my life depended on it:)

    My email is:

  119. says

    I have some elf brushes too but I love my Sonia Kichuk brushes. I have had them a very long time though and would love to start building up a better collection. My fav brush right now is my foundation brush and my slanted point eye brush. You are such a thinker. I would live that carrier. :)

    Email: kingleenie(at)gmail(dot)com

  120. Anonymous says

    My Clinique contour brush for the eye crease. I love it because not only can it be used in the creases of eyes, but it’s perfect for highlighting under the brow, adding that shimmer spot in the corner of the eye, and even on the top of your cheekbones for some added highlight and shimmer! It’s like 4 brushes in one! LOVE your little makeup roll!

  121. says

    Love this! I have no idea what my favorite brush is, but I adore it! I use it everyday for my powder and my blush. It’s so soft I only hope it lasts forever.

  122. Anonymous says

    I love this idea, I have one for all of my knitting needles!!! This is perfect and so easy!!! My favorite brush is the full coverage kabuki brush. I love bare escentuals brushed – I purchase them off of ebay because they are so much cheaper!!!

    Thanks for the great idea!!!

  123. says

    My favorite brush I would have to say is my MAC foundation brush. Of course I have plenty of brushes like you just for those times when I just may need them. This is a terrific idea, if I am not the lucky winner I may just have to make one. You should put this on Pinterest!


  124. Anonymous says

    This is an excellent idea! I currently have all my brushes in a glass square cup, but I’m quickly running out of space.

    My favorite brush would have to be my Kabuki brush by BareEssentials. I also love my Stila eyeshadow brushes.


  125. says

    If I don’t win then i’ll have to ask my mom to help me make this since we are going on a vacation and i need something to put my brushes in:) My favorite brushes usually come out of the Costco Kirkland Holiday sets. I find myself reaching for these brushes very often. I noticed one in one of your pictures:)) Bianka

  126. Anonymous says

    I love my angled eyeshadow brush! It is just the right size and just glides smoothly across my lids. I really could use one of these fab brush roll ups! Nice job!
    Thanks, and I love your blog! God Bless,

  127. says

    So before I even got to the part of the blog where you wanted to know our favorite brushes, I was going to comment to suggest a piece on all of your brushes(or what different types you suggest every girl should have!) I own a few, my favorite being my bare minerals foundation brush bc it seems to put the powder so evenly on my face and its lasted for years. But I noticed in one blog you said to use a eye shadow brush for light shadows only, and I never thought about that but it makes perfect sense not to mix light and darks. So anyway I would love to see something along those lines with all of your brushes!! Now I must go find (or make) a brush roll bc yours looks great!

  128. says

    I can’t live without my MAC brushes, especially my foundation brush! It has taken me forever to collect them all, but I now have two full rolls of them. This idea is genuis! I love to sew, so off to Target I go to buy a placemat haha! Thanks for the great idea!

  129. Anonymous says

    Nice work!! Way to be crafty! My favorite brush has got to be my bronzer brush. I got it from Clinique and after a lot of use and washes it has held up perfectly!


  130. says

    My favorite brush is really ALL of my Bare Escentuals brushes – lol! It is amazing what you can do with a placement! I’ve made purses and bedside organizers with them! Love your brush roll!

  131. says

    Great idea! I have more than 100 makeup brushes, so it’s hard to narrow it down to one favorite, but if choosing one, I would have to say my IB106 – Italian Badger Angle Brush from Crown. A little tan powder contouring with this brush takes off at least 5 lbs.! I also can’t live without a metal-toothed eyelash comb!

  132. says

    That is so cute! I’ve always despised the too-busy look on most carriers, but that is so easy to do! I like the sable tuft paint brush… I never learned the make-up stuff, but I love art:)

  133. says

    Great idea! I have over 100 makeup brushes, so it’s hard to choose just one, but I would have to pick the IB106 – Italian Badger Angle Brush from Crown. With a little tan powder and this brush, I can contour 5 lbs from my face! I also can’t live without a metal-toothed eyelash comb! Thanks!

  134. Anonymous says

    LOVE this idea!!! My favorite is the kabuki brush, and it would be SO nice to put it in a nice place, instead of my makeup bag where it gets tossed around all the time! :)


  135. Anonymous says

    Hi Kate – You are sooooo talented….I check your blog daily!!!! I would have to say my favorite makeup brush us the bare esentials max coverage concealer brush I use with my bisque….it is magical!!! I would love to receive a “gift” from you. My e-mail is
    Thanks for your terrific blog!

  136. says

    I am a newbie just starting to really get into doing my makeup. I love all your tutorials on hair also (just started enting to do cute things to my hair also) LOL.. So I dont have any brushes yet but plan on starting my collection NOW! Hope I can win!


  137. Anonymous says

    My Favorite is my Bare Minerals Powder Brush!!! It helps to distribute the powder evenly without caking it on!! Currently my brushes are scattered among my makeup bag and it’s a seek & find while getting ready to find the right one.
    My email is

    Thanks for all the great ideas/advice!!

  138. Anonymous says

    I love the mark eyeshadow brush by Avon. last time they were b1g1 i doubled up. Love applying eyeshadow with a brush.

  139. Lindsey says

    Hey Kate! I love your blog! My favorite makeup brush is the M.A.C dual fibre brush for foundation application. By the looks of your picture, you have a brush like this as well. It definitely gives my foundation a lightweight feel and helps to evenly distribute around the face.

  140. says

    Such a great idea! I am going to pin it on Pinterest! I’m sure you already have. 😉
    I love my bare minerals eyeshadow brush…and all my brushes have a great purpose that I don’t want to live without. :) I have several of the same brushes you have. :) I REALLY hope I win!!!! Thank you!

  141. Anonymous says

    My makeup brush inventory is slim to none, since finging your blog in December I have invested in and use many of the products that you sugest. I really only use like two make-up brushes but I have been wanting more ever since you did the your make up blog. I think that even if i don’t win this one that I will attempt to make my own so that I will just “do it” and invest in new brushes for myself! Thank you for your time!!

  142. says

    My makeup brush inventory is slim to none, since finging your blog in December I have invested in and use many of the products that you sugest. I really only use like two make-up brushes but I have been wanting more ever since you did the your make up blog. I think that even if i don’t win this one that I will attempt to make my own so that I will just “do it” and invest in new brushes for myself! Thank you for your time!!

  143. says

    Such a great idea! I am going to pin it on Pinterest! I’m sure you already have. 😉
    I love my BM eye shadow brush…..I love all of my brushes! I wouldn’t want to live without any of them! We have several of the same brushes. :)
    Thank you! I REALLY hope I win!!!

  144. says

    My favorite brush would have to be this eco tools face brush my 3 year old daughter picked out for me for Christmas and my husband let her glue pink rhinestones on it special for her mom! Love the brush and thanks to her the handle is cute too!

  145. says

    This is impressive! I can’t even sew on a button so your sewing skills far surpass mine :) I am a Bare Minerals and Mac brush girl. I recently started applying liquid foundation with a brush and it changed my life!


    jlhall {at} scentsy {dot} com

  146. says

    I actually only have a few make-up brushes, none of which I would consider a favorite. But I am starting to get a bit more “girly” + into wearing make-up more often, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing a lot of brush buying in the future. Thanks for the chance to win :)


  147. says

    This may sound strange, but I just started using eyeshadow brushes last year when I started learning more detailed eyeshadow techniques for my wedding, and I purchased Target’s brand of eyeshadow brushes (Up and Up) and I think they work great. Maybe it’s just my novice talking :)
    P.S. – I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog – even though I’m not creative like you with your hair and makeup ideas, you really inspire me to try new things! I have Pinterest to thank for introducing your blog to me!

  148. says

    Love this! Great gift idea! I have my brushes in a cute clear glass vase with beads in it, but this would be perfect for travel. My dave brush is my MAC foundation brush, leaves a flawless finish! Make sure to clean your brushes ladies! If you notice breakouts for no reason, it may be your brushes! A little bit of baby shampoo works, no need for any fancy cleaners. Wash it till the water runs clear and let air dry. I do this once per week before I go to bed. :)

  149. Anonymous says

    I love my flat top kabuki brush (I think it’s from Ulta). This is a VERY CLEVER makeup brush bag! I hope I win! :)


  150. says

    This may sound strange, but I just started using eyeshadow brushes last year when I started learning more detailed eyeshadow techniques for my wedding, and I purchased Target’s brand of eyeshadow brushes (Up and Up) and I think they work great. Maybe it’s just my novice talking :)
    P.S. – I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog – even though I’m not creative like you with your hair and makeup ideas, you really inspire me to try new things! I have Pinterest to thank for introducing your blog to me!

  151. says

    Im not much of a makeup person simply b/c I haven’t had the time to explore it. But what i do love is eyes! I love my eye shadow detail brushes and smudge brushes. So this would be a great thing to get me organized with what little makeup stuff I have! and have room for more! :)

  152. says

    And yet another great tute!…I would have to say my favorite make-up brush is my Bare Escentuals concealer brush! As a working mom of two active little boys, I always need the superb dark circle under eye coverage 😉


  153. Anonymous says

    My Aveda angle brush, I also have a Sonia Kashuk one as well. They were perfect for filling my eyebrows, smudging eyeliner, and applying eyeshadow as eyeliner to my lower lid.


  154. says

    My favorite brush is my Everyday Minerals foundation brush. It is soft and works well and easy to clean. It has a wooden handle that feels good and is sturdy. The e-mail associated with my blogger account is valid.

  155. Jaime says

    I LOVE my entire set of make up brushes that I received as a graduation present! They are Bobby Brown brushes and my favorite one would have to be my concealing brush. It is so lightweight and doesn’t clump my concealing make up, making my zits way less noticeable! LOVE them, just need a brush roll for them! :)


  156. says

    This is such a great idea. I wish that I a) had a sewing machine and b) new how to sew! :)

    My favorite brush is my new concealer brush. It is perfect for my under eye area.

    maria at mariamakesmuffins dot com

  157. Anonymous says

    I lovvvee this makeup brush roll up…so cute!! MY favorite makeup brush is the heavenly blush brush from bare minerals. I LOVE all their brushes and think they are all worth getting!!! Kabuki brush is also my favorite it gives you the more coverage!

  158. says

    I love my Mirabella details brush. It holds the makeup so well and allows me to draw the perfect line just above my eyeliner. My next favorite would be the Mirabella crease brush. It helps those of us who are makeup challenged. I will begin filling the roll with my concealer brush.


  159. says

    I have Sonja Kashuck brushes and Bare Essentials brushes-I think my favorite one is my B.E. face brush-so easy to get my foundation on my face in the mornings!

  160. Anonymous says

    Wow…I am amazed at your talent…God has definantly given you a talent and is using you to spread his word through your great blog. Thank you for sharing this, I would LOVE it so much as I have small counter space and this would work perfect. My favorite brush is the Mary Kay Mineral Foundation brush.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this!!

  161. Anonymous says

    I love this idea! I can’t find decent brushes that I actually love, but I would love to have a blush brush to fill the brush roll. I’m buying myself new sephora make up and brushes for my upcoming birthday! I absolutely love your blog, you have taught me so many useful tips! Thank you!

    Rachael Smith

  162. Holly says

    What a cute idea, and it matches the colors in my bathroom perfectly! My favorite brush would have to be my Bare Escentuals kabuki brush. I actually have two of them, one for foundation and one for bronzer. This would be perfect to organize all my brushes in!


  163. says

    Kate what a fabulous idea! I absolutely love my slanted contour eyeshadow brush by Sephora. It took me a long time to figure out that whole eye make-up thing and this brush makes things so much easier!

  164. says

    Hi Kate – You are so creative and talented.. I love this idea! I absolutely love my Sephora powder and blush brushes because they are ultra soft and the bristles never fall out. I do have a few Sonia Kashuk for Target brow and lip brushes that are also very good quality but for less money.

    I’ve been looking for a sewing machine actually- can you recommend a particular one?

    Jodi Peroutka

  165. says

    What a great idea!! I have Mary Kay brushes and I really like them all but I think my new favorite is the one that is used for the cream eye shadows. I have funny chubby fingers and it just makes it go on much smoother.

  166. Anonymous says

    This is great idea! I can’t tell u how many times my brushes use to end up all over the house! I just had a baby this past summer and have fallen out of my daily makeup routine and am dying for an excuse to get back into it! The only brush I have and use now is my bronzer brush that’s about all the make up I had time for! But winning this I will def. Find the time, this idea is so cute and handy for us moms on the go! Thanks so much for this awesome blog!

  167. says

    I got my brushes as a gift from Target (glorious of all places) a few years ago and I love them! I have a few cheap-o ones from the elf section of Target that I can’t seem to stop buying…

  168. Anonymous says

    I am desperate for a makeup brush solution and this is just what I need! I collect brushes so it is hard to pick a favorite, but I think it has to be my big fluffy Bare Escentuals flawless application face brush. It is so soft and provides great coverage. Thanks so much for your amazing blog! I’ve learned so many great tips and tricks!

    Lauren Jones

  169. Anonymous says