December 31, 2011

Annual Ski Trip

For the past 3 years, my family takes a ski trip to Utah as a Christmas gift. It's great family (except for my brother who, like, hates being cold 'er whatever. . .) memories and we look forward to it all year. 

The past 2 years we went to Park City, which was phenomenal. This year, however, we are going to ski at Deer Valley! See ya snowboarders! (Deer Valley only allows skiers on their mountains.) 

So we'll enjoy views like this:

And I'll try to get my hubby to take more action shots like this: 

Enjoy your week at work. ; P 

December 30, 2011

DIY Infinity Scarf

Take your scarf from this:

To this:

All you need is a scarf with loose ends and a pair of scissors. My scarf came from Forever 21 and it was about $9.00. :) 

This could NOT be easier. 

1. Lay your scarf flat

2. Match up 1 end to another, and tie together. Continue until you have tied all the ends together.

3. Cut off extra strings.

You are done! Throw on that infinity scarf! 

Grits was watching the entire time. See how bored he is? Thats how easy this scarf makeover was.

December 29, 2011

This post is juicy

My husband, the health nut. 

Okay, if you know him you know that isn't true. But he is becoming more and more aware of being healthy. Especially when he watches documentaries about food and nuritrion.
Most recently, he watched a documentary (Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead) about juicing veggies. And he jumped right on that.

We went out a bought a juicer a few days later. Merry Christmas to him! ;) The new juicer + the electric toothbrush I bought him for Christmas = kind of the least romantic gift ever. . .unless you look at it as a "I want to be married for a long time, so get healthy so you live long" kind of gift. 

He decided to go ahead and start with the Mean Green drink. Here is what he needed:

6 Kale stems
4 celery stalks
1/2 a lemon
2 apples
1 cucumber
and a "thumb" size of ginger

Who knew ginger was so. . .stringy?

I felt really healthy just being NEAR so many green veggies.

 Beautiful little lemon.

There is it. (Look at that plethora of counter space)

Also, please note what is stacked nearly to the ceiling behind the healthy juicer. . 

CUPCAKES! I've got 2 words for you: Conflicting interests.

Lets begin with Kale. 

That is GAAA-reen. 

That is what celery looks like juiced.

There is 2 apples. . .juiced.

And 1/2 a lemon.

Look at all the leftover leafiness!

So all these veggies made this much juice:

Of course, we had to try it. It honestly didn't smell all that bad. I mean, it's veggies and some fruit!

My husband definitely "enjoyed" it more than me though. But he is exponentially more excited about juicing than I was.

I'm scared.

(here I did the "block with your tongue move" so it looked like I tried it. . .but Justin knows my ways all too well and made sure that cup was empty after the swig.)

So I did it. And it honestly wasn't that bad. I felt super healthy the rest of the night. . .until I bought a medium popcorn and Coke for myself at the movies. As my dinner.

Grits was even slightly interested in all the ruckus in the kitchen. But he quickly turned his nose up and shook his head after he got a whiff of the Mean Green!

So there was our juicing day. I'll let you know if we/he comes up with any delicious juicing concoctions.

In the meantime I'm going to stick to roasted/sauted veggies and salad. 

And cupcakes.

December 28, 2011

Homemade Buttercream Frosting

Is there anything better than a homemade cupcake? And when I say homemade, I'm talking Funfetti box mix. That is the real stuff right there.

But the frosting you see pictured above? Well that is actually homemade. And it couldn't be easier.

Homemade Buttercream Frosting

1/2 C butter, softened
1/4 C crisco
1/8 t. salt
2 C powdered sugar (keep it out, you'll need more)
1 t. vanilla
approx. 2 tbsp milk

1. Cream butter and crisco until well blended.
2. Add salt, mix well.
3. Gradually add powdered sugar. Add milk to thin out/fluff up the frosting. Begin with 1 tbsp. . .add more if necessary. Add extra powdered sugar (approx.  6 tbsp) if you like it sweeter. 
4. Add vanilla and beat until light, smooth and creamy.

Enjoy on a cupcake, or simply:your finger.

December 27, 2011


Gravy, or as we call him in our house, "Mr. Gravison" (yep--I'm that girl), loves a bag. As SOON as he sees a bag, he gets in it. He has to. Usually it's at 3:00a and we end up going to war with the spray bottle.

This is what happened today. And I'm pretty sure my commentary is completely accurate. 

Gravy is stealthy, but no one can escape from Grits' ability to stalk and irritate at any given moment.

In other cat news, my sister-in-law got 2 cats this weekend! 

Meet The Boss and Addy.

Boss is the black and white kitty whose original name was Hugo. And she choose Boss because of "Hugo Boss", the cologne/perfume. And Addy is that little grey nugget on the left, who would be Gravy's daughter if he had one, and her name is short for Administrative Assistant. Thats right. We named her Administrative Assistant, shortened it to Admin, and then to Addy. She follows the Boss around all day. She does anything he tells her to do. 

It just fit. 

*the yellow bag is from Fossil Outlet!

December 26, 2011

Loose and to the Side Updo

I whipped up this soft updo while I was getting ready to go on my Christmas date with my husband! We went to a new (to us) restaurant downtown Raleigh and then stopped by the mall so I could pick out my Christmas gift--a beautiful pair of high quality sun glasses. I always buy the cheap Target brand, and then treat them as if they cost $20.00. So this pair that I got for Christmas is my first nice pair and I love them already.

Anyway, my husband likes my hair in ponytails. He loves it back, off my face. I love my hair down. So as a compromise, I wore it in a soft and low updo that is "back" but still shows some hair around my face.
This style is very soft and pretty. It's best on shoulder length hair that is not too thick. If you have thick hair, it may fall as soon as you begin pinning it up. If you want to try this concept, and you have long or thick hair, just try tying knots in the hair as you pin it into the teased section. And use more bobby pins!

Refer to this post to see what's in my hair. 

**I'm wearing my new red lipstick

Low and to the Side

I also took some tips that you all left me from this post and made my casual outfit into a dressier look!

(My husband is taller than me, can you tell?)

Sweater: J.Crew Outlet, Dress: Francesca's, Tights: H&M, Shoes: Target, Jewelry: Elisabeth Ashlie