DIY Infinity Scarf

Take your scarf from this:

To this:

All you need is a scarf with loose ends and a pair of scissors. My scarf came from Forever 21 and it was about $9.00. :) 

This could NOT be easier. 

1. Lay your scarf flat

2. Match up 1 end to another, and tie together. Continue until you have tied all the ends together.

3. Cut off extra strings.

You are done! Throw on that infinity scarf! 

Grits was watching the entire time. See how bored he is? Thats how easy this scarf makeover was.


  1. says

    If you want to be able to wear the scarf both ways, just use an oversized safety pin. Lay the two ends over one another and weave the pin in and out of the overlapped ends. Just making sure the safety pinned section is in the back when you wear it! :)

  2. says

    you know,most of my scarves,but maybe 2 ,have fringe and I hate I have a project! thanks(and trust me,ALL the pics were necessary,for me anyway. I am “craft challenged” :)

  3. says

    Going on the vein of the previous poster (Jenna T) who did not want to knot it, but use a safety pin. -a bit of a different solution would be to weave a bit of ribbon through it then tie it. That way you wouldn’t have pins showing and you could just untie the ribbon when you wanted to wear it a different way than infinity.

  4. says

    So cute! I was just about to do a blog post very similar to this on my blog when i found yours! Love it. =) Mine is up at Blessed to be a Blessing blog or =)

  5. says

    funny…just opened your blog to check out your post and I am wearing the same earrings…love em! Love you blog, keep up the good work. ~Heidi

  6. Crystal says

    Hi Kate! A girlfriend just turned me on to your blog and I couldn’t be more excited! I saw this post about making the infinity scarf and knew I had just the perfect scarf to make my own. Ten minutes later, I have an infinity scarf created from a handmade scarf that my mom made me. I liked it before but I love it now :) Thanks!

  7. Leah says

    Thanks for posting this. I bought a scarf like this from modcloth when they were having a huge sale a few years ago and I’ve wanted to make it into an infinity scarf since the day I got it. I will have to try this!

  8. says

    Wow I just did this and it was so easy, I took a scarf that I wasn’t going to wear anymore because it was just too long as a regular scarf and I found myself feeling bulky wearing it. Such a great idea!

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