November 5, 2011

Date Night

Last night my man and I went on a date! I was craving a big 'ole juicy burger and discovered that MoJoes, which we have always wanted to try, serves exactly that!

But more importantly than the burger, which was good, the chili cheese fries we split were delicious. Y.U.M.
We devoured those quick.

Happy Saturday! 


  1. I love date night! In fact, that's what I blog about. Hubby and I try and have a date once a week and I love it. Glad you had a fun night out!
    -Mackenzie @

  2. Looks delish! Date nights are the best Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  3. YUM! That looks so good!

    PS, your hair = AMAZING!

  4. Hi Kate! I found your blog through the Brown Eyes Have It's Versatile Blogger Award. Your blog is super cute and I'm now a follower!

    Shannon @ Imperfectly-Inspired

  5. Mmm... MoJoe's. You just made my mouth water. I used to go there all the time in college, but now I live in Texas. Thanks for the fond memory!

  6. Ummm that looks DELICIOUS!!!

    Thanks for making me drool all over my keyboard ;)