October 4, 2011

DIY Fall Garland

The Winner of the La Posh Style Giveaway is:

Hillary Rock!

Hillary said," I love plum for fall. Reds are also great!

Congrats Hilary! Check your email! 

It's finally cool here in North Carolina, so I was inspired to make some fall decorations! 

Using this idea and this idea, I made this garland:

I like how it hangs unevenly, but if you want a "tighter" finish, make sure you measure your yarn before you make the garland. :)

The pom pom's are mustard and grey, and the string is a light beige. The pinecones came from Michaels ( I like the cinnamon scented ones ).

I tied a piece of yarn around the tops of the pinecones and then tied them on the yarn string. I attached the pom poms by spreading some of the "sprigs" out of the way, placing a small line of hot glue near the center, and then pressing it onto the yarn string. They hold up great!

Cheap, easy, and a little more interesting than the pre-made stuff! 

Hope you are enjoying cooler weather! 


  1. lurve! i want to make something like this!

  2. This is so fun! You are one creative gal! I am loving the cooler weather in NC!

  3. Very cute! Just wanted you to know how much I like your blog! You do a great job! :) I wish I lived close enough for you to do MY hair!!

  4. we need to discuss something. I can not navigate pinterest without seeing your cute little smile and perfect locks. I seriously search "icecream" and there you are, smiling at me, with a quote reading "pony tail sweet as icecream." Let's be honest. If there was a pinterest award, like most repinned or something, you would SO own it. You Go Girl. <3

  5. okay, hold the phone---this is providence. Just this morning I pinned a pin telling me how to make those pom poms ALL BY MYSELF. and then I stumble onto your blog. I am going to go reward myself with a huge bowl of ice cream.

    p.s. following you now!

    adventures of newlyweds

  6. You are a pinterest sensation! I have loved hearing about you from that site! Thank so much for the darling up do tutorials. They are so great for me!

  7. Ashley: hope you enjoyed that ice cream. :)

  8. Heather: Thanks for making me laugh out loud! You're funny! Pinterest is great though, isn't it?

  9. That is super cute! And best of all it's something I could actually do too!!! Great job!