La Posh Style Giveaway/Closed

Have you checked out the online boutique La Posh Style?

It’s a lovely online store filled with beautiful, and perfectly on trend, clothes, shoes, and outerwear!

Here are some of my favorite items:

La Posh Style is giving away a $50.00 Gift Card to their online boutique!!!
 And there are so many things you can get from their shop for under $50!
All you have to do to enter is comment here letting my know your favorite color to wear in the fall! Please leave your email address in your comment too (written out like this: kate(at)thesmallthingsblog(dot)com, instead of!

For a second chance to win you can also “like” La Posh Style on Facebook, and leave a separate comment here! 
Giveaway ends Tuesday October 4th 2011 at 8:00AM EST. Winner will be chosen via!
The Winner of the La Posh Style Giveaway is:
Hilary said,” I love plum for fall. Reds are also great!

Congrats Hilary! Check your email! 


  1. Anonymous says

    I usually stick to neutrals in the fall – my go-to outfit is jeans, a black t-shirt, and cheetah print flats. But I’ve bought several things in plum, olive, and mustard this year!


  2. Anonymous says

    I love wearing greens, oranges and browns in the fall. Still working on the cute hairstyles! laurenmriddle(at)gmail(dot)com

  3. Anonymous says

    I like gray in the fall…but who knows when that will be for us in Texas! It’s supposed to be 96 here today!


  4. says

    My absolute favorite color to wear in fall is eggplant because it reminds me of our yearly family fall trip that we took growing up. It will always be a special color to me! PS- I love your blog! I’m obsessed with the hair tips – so helpful.


  5. Anonymous says

    I enjoy wearing yellow in the fall, i feel like it can go with almost anything and it brightens up a day in a flash!


  6. Anonymous says

    I enjoy wearing various shades of brown in the fall. This may be due to my obsession with chocolate perhaps :) kbedil(at)yahoo(dot)com

  7. Anonymous says

    My favorite color(s) to wear in the Fall are deep burgandy or wine and brown. I love all the jewel tones.
    My email is:

  8. Anonymous says

    I also like LaPosh on Facebook! I have actually heard of them a while ago and have bought a dress from them! Love LaPosh!!

  9. says

    I thought I would be the only person to say burnt orange and plum purple! But, it would seem that is the official color combo of fall! I don’t worry too much about what color I’m wearing, I just get excited to pull out ALL my scarves!

    shandi06 (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. says

    I love a gorgeous burnt orange. It’s my perfect gasp color. However I can’t wear orange to many of the fall social events Tuscaloosa so I wear ALOT of pretty houndstooth instead.

  11. Anonymous says

    I like to wear all fall colors, mostly mustard yellow! I love the fall I can wear all of my scarves! :) Thanks!


  12. Anonymous says

    I like to wear browns, orange, and purple in the Fall. Thanks for all your fun tutorials. You’ve given me hope that I can learn how to do my own hair! :)


  13. says

    I love wearing deep purple, black, and red in the fall. I love rusty orange too but i don’t really have anything in that color…. 😉 The store looks amazing! I have never heard of it before! Thank you for doing the giveaway!

    -Gabrielle Renee

    anne – girl 13 (AT) hotmail (DOT) com

  14. Anonymous says

    I love jewel tones for fall. I’m not sure what my favorite fall color will be this season though. I have been embracing navy more.

    hollyetf (at) yahoo (dot) com

  15. says

    What a great giveaway! Such adorable things that I would love to have. Fall clothing colors are wonderful– I never thought I would say plum because I’m not usually a purple kind of girl, but I’m loving plum right now. Thanks for doing this giveaway!


  16. Anonymous says

    I love wearing brown for fall, but this year i’m branching out a little. I’m going to add burnt orange to my wardrobe. Such a pretty color.


  17. says

    Favorite fall colors is dark green and purple with rich dark brown boots.. I love fall… and dark denim…. and red….. :)


  18. Regina says

    Right now I’m obsessed with a rich, pumpkin color for fall. Especially with navy. Love it! Thanks for all the awesome hair tips!


  19. Anonymous says

    My favorite color to wear in the fall would have to be any and shade of brown and cream.

  20. Gina Collins says

    I love to wear plum in the fall! Oooohhh…and camel. And heather grey. I love fall!


  21. Jen says

    I love to wear browns…chocolate brown. Wish it felt more like fall here so I could get out the jeans, boots and sweaters.

  22. CJ says

    just one color?! i guess my favorite would be navy… or grey! too bad it’s still 100+ degrees in Texas! cjinaustin23(at)gmail(dot)com

  23. Anonymous says

    I love wearing oranges and yellows in fall! My favorite mustard yellow hoodie should be ocming out of the back of my closet soon! I can’t wait :)


  24. says

    Well, I live in Knoxville, TN so a very popular color here in the fall is Orange (go Vols!). Otherwise I really like to wear dark green.


  25. Anonymous says

    My favorite color to wear in the fall is off-white! … so I guess that’s not a color. But it’s just so cozy! By the way Kate, I am totally wearing a hairstyle inspired by you today! bridget.a.barton(at)gmail(dot)com.

  26. Marcela says

    In the fall, I love to wear black (as I do in most seasons) paired with cognac or gray.

    My email is marcesaid (at) gmail (dot) com

  27. says

    Right now, I’m loving that deep teal blue color, for fall and any season, really. Mustard yellow is murder on my skin tone and I don’t own any deep oranges in my wardrobe, although I love them.


  28. says

    I’m not one to stay in the lines when it comes to fashion, so I’m usually wearing any color I want whatever the season. If I do feel like dressing like the day, I’m usually in grey. It matches the Chicago weather!

  29. says

    I just found your blog last week on Pintrest and I love it! Your hair is beautiful! I love the way you style your hair and totally believe that to have great hair you must put some time and effort in styling it!

    I love to wear orange, taupe, and gray in the fall! There are so many great fall colors and one of my new favs is a hunter green color.


  30. Anonymous says

    I usually love all shades of purple for fall, but burnt orange is a new favorite for this season!


  31. Anonymous says

    I’ve started wearing olive green already for the Autumn season and am simply in love with it! It looks great with deep purples and browns. :)

  32. Anonymous says

    (I’m not sure if my comment went through since I’m not seeing it yet, so I’m posting again just in case.)
    I’ve been wearing olive green already for Autumn. I’m loving how it looks with deep purples and browns!

  33. says

    I love wearing grey in the fall!! And I would love to own the grey ruffle sweater that you featured! How cute!!!



  34. says

    Funny, I was just checking out their site earlier today. LOVE their stuff! I’m a brown girl for sure. With some turquoise or aqua thrown in.


  35. Anonymous says

    Brown, for sure. There are so many fabulous shades. My favorite is as close as you can get to black but still be brown.


  36. says

    My favorite fall color is…Carolina Blue! Just Kidding. but it is my favorite color the rest of the year… :) My actual favorite fall color is Red, because it goes so well with neutrals to wear to work or fun fall activities!

  37. says

    I like to wear brown and black in the fall. Boy, that sounds boring… maybe I need to liven up my wardrobe a bit.


  38. says

    Its all about wearing brown matched with a teal or deep green. The brown is slimming like black is and the teal/green hues bring out the brightness in your eyes and the natural highlights in your hair! Works for me, so fresh! dbuxton315(at)yahoo(dot)com

  39. says

    Thank you for introducing this store! I’ve never heard of it before. I still have some birthday $$ to spend, so I’m about to go shopping. :)
    My favorite color(s) to wear in the fall are earthy colors — browns, creamy whites, deep earthy greens, etc.

  40. says

    This fall I’m really loving beige. I just bought a cute beige cardigan this morning. Thank you for this opportunity! janineigliane(at)yahoo(dot).com

  41. Austin says

    I love to wear greens and oranges in the fall! I have my eye on a green cardigan at La Posh Style! ahp247(at)aol(dot)com

  42. says

    My first time to their site and I am liking what I’m seeing! My favorite color to wear in the fall is navy blue!


  43. Anonymous says

    Grey is my fave color to wear during the fall. I especially LOVE the grey, ruffly sweater shown in your blog. Gorg. jennalr(at)yahoo(dot)com

  44. Anonymous says

    my favorite color in the fall is chocolate brown, deep orange and red!!! I love the fall.
    thanks for the great give away
    wchoaglin (at) frontier (dot) com

  45. Anonymous says

    I just tried really hard to make up my mind on one color I like to wear during fall. I started with black…but I always wear black, then grey – but again, grey is all year. Perhaps I wear more brown in the fall – but it could be yellow. Ugh. I don’t know. Let’s go with Brown. I for sure wear more brown in fall.


  46. Amanda says

    my favorite color to where in the fall is eggplant purple! or grey & cream! thanks for the chance to win! acgraham(at)crimson(dot)ua(dot)edu

  47. Samantha Stone says

    I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago and love it!! I love wearing shades of grey and camel!! Samantha.toma.stone(at)gmail(dot)com

  48. Brianne says

    My favorite fall color is any shade of Brown or Dark Purple!!!! Love it! My favorite season… jbosborne614 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  49. says

    My favorite color for this fall is olive green. It is the new staple in my closet! Olive green is a classic color that goes great with black or brown! I am also loving the mustard-yellow color!


  50. Anonymous says

    My favorite Color(s) to wear in the autumn are Teal and Orange! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  51. Anonymous says

    My favorite fall color is mustard yellow… And I love to pair it with gray or ivory.

    My email is lizabeth (dot) greenfield (at) gmail (dot) com


    (for some reason I have to post as anonymous?)

  52. Anonymous says

    I liked La Posh Style on Facebook too!

    (I have to post as anonymous?! But my email is lizabeth(dot)greenfield(at)gmail(dot)com )

  53. says

    Yay!!! I’m so glad I found your blog site! and just in time for this AWESOME giveaway!!!
    Okay, so I usually stick to tans, creams, and browns in the fall because once I lose my summer tan I look pretty washed out in most colors. But i ALWAYS have to throw in a splash of color somewhere. and since it’s fall I usually like to throw in a Mustard, some darker purple or (MY MOST FAVORTIE FALL COLOR to accent with) darker red (like the color of red in those boots you showed… LOVE IT!!!).
    eeps! pick me!!!!
    email address is

  54. Anonymous says

    My favorite color in Fall is anything that looks like Fall. Any of the colors from the trees.


  55. Mareena says

    I honestly love to wear brown! I wear black most other times, but fall is the perfect time for warmer neutrals


  56. says

    I love me some gray in the fall. You can add almost any color for a little pop, and gray looks so sleek with black. I just bought some gray opaque tights last night…now I just need Texas to cool down so I can wear them!

  57. Anonymous says

    I love La Posh! My fall go-to colors are navy, a rich brown, burnt orange and yellow mixed in.

  58. Kaci says

    I love the brown template for fall! It’s always been the color that complements my skin tone the most!


    Kaci M.

  59. says

    My favorite color is a cranberry color. It makes me think of Fall due to all the leaves changing to the deep shade of red finally and works with my hair color (which is brown) Crossing my fingers hoping I win!

  60. KristinLockwood says

    I tend to wear a lot of black and grays – but I’m trying to add more color. Dark purples/plums seem to look good on me…and I just picked up a new OPI purple polish that I’m excited to try out!

  61. says

    Coral is my fall favorite. It reminds me of the changing leaves of the season and coral adds that accent of color that’s very skin-tone friendly!

    I came across your blog for the first time today, how have I not come across it sooner? Thank you for the step-by-step tutorials! I will definitely be waking up earlier this week to practice my styling techniques.

    Your new follower,

    P.S. La Posh Style has some rather amazing dresses, thanks again for the info!

  62. Anonymous says

    Hi Kate! I love fall because it means I can break out all of my army green. It’s the perfect color to bring out my hazel eyes and it looks fantastic with my auburn hair.
    ksmith567 at gmail dot com