Half French Twist

Here is a tutorial for a simple 1/2 up style:
Start with hair curled! See this video for tips!
1. Pull a section from one side of your head back to the center and insert bobby pins vertically.

Then grab a section from the opposite side, bring it back to the section, flip it around and insert bobby pins on the underneath section. 
And then you’re done!

Perfect for a fancy occasion or simply to get your hair off your face!
Please let me know if you have any questions!


  1. says

    you have beautiful hair, also love your hair tips, I always thought you weren’t supposed to flat iron close to the scalp or you would have flat hair, good to know that it is the other way around.

  2. Anonymous says

    love this- any tips for LOTS OF THICK hair in this style?? (When I say thick, and lots, you can’t even imagine!)

  3. says

    Anonymous: You could absolutely do this style with thick hair. Just grab less of it as you are pulling it back and keep it more at the top of your head instead of the back. Also, get some high quality bobby pins! Good luck!

  4. says

    beautiful!! Do you just flip it underneath the other section and then hide the bobby pin?? Also how did you get your hair to poof in the middle? Looks perfectly natural, and simple. love it.

  5. says

    So, I did this today since my hair is suddenly taking curl again. Somehow it ended up looking like those 90’s put it in a pony and flip it over. I’ll have to keep trying.

    BUT your tips about styling your hair first before putting it up is really helpful. I’ve never been one to just put my hair up or intend to. It is usually an option on day two or three. :-)

    Thanks for all the help!

  6. says

    Hi Kate- I just found your blog this morning through this photo that was up on Pinterest. I’m obessed with your hair and have written down all the products that you use for my shopping list. I actually live in Raleigh and wondered what Salon you work at???
    Love the blog! Thanks for all the pictures and videos- they’re great.

  7. Anonymous says

    What does your hair look like when it’s not curled? Do you have layers? How would I ask my stylist to get my hair but like yours? I have long dull hair, and am looking for a new do. I LOVE all of your styles, and would like to have the right cut to start!
    Thanks for all of your awesome tips:)

  8. says

    A HUGE thank you to Pintrest! So happy I found your blog! And it’s nice to see someone with shorter-ish hair doing tutorials! I’ll probably try this one for work tomorrow (with dirty hair-have to be to work SO EARLY)! Would this work with dirty hair or should I still wash?!

  9. Anonymous says

    You have gorgeous hair! I can’t seem to figure out what you’re doing on the “flip it around” section to hide the bobby pins. Any help would be appreciated!

  10. Monét says

    So easy! I love your tutorials! You explain them so well, and they’re so easy to follow :) Please keep posting with new ideas! With the holiday season, I’m always looking for new ways to do my hair!

  11. says

    I am going to try this tomorrow:) i hope it turns out good! it is just to go to church and i am tired of my hair being all plain:) will let ya know it turns out. So glad i found you thanks to Pinterest:) :)

  12. Anonymous says

    Hello, My name is charity and my friend from Utah back in the states( i’m in France for a exchange program) but anyways I’m trying to find new ways to do my hair it getting boring haha I have long hair and i would not say its think but not thin either somewhere in there closer to the thick side do you think this style could be done on my hair? I’m having trouble getting it to work it does not look the same as in the picture

  13. says

    Hi Kate! Just found your site via somebody’s post about Blissdom, and so glad I did! I’m a low-maintainance sort of person, and not-so-young anymore, but I do still care about how I look, and think it is important. Your hairstyle tutorials are inspiring! You make it look so easy. I just had to try this one. I did it with my hair straight, and it has taken a few tries to get the bobby pins centered and get the right amount of hair in, but I really like how it looks. Thank you so much!

  14. lia says

    I’ve been trying this style for a couple days but I can’t seem to get my hair to go in the right direction after the second bobby pin – it wants to go straight out, towards my ear, instead of vertical. Any tips?

  15. TeacherChick says

    Love your ideas! I was wondering if there are certain bobby pins that work better for thicker hair. I bought some “hair pins” but they totally don’t work, or I’m not using them right. Any suggestions? I’m about ready to chop my hair and thin it out so I can use more of your styles. They are just too cute! :)

  16. Anonymous says

    Love this style, but I just don’t get what you mean by flip it! Could you please explain again for a beginner?

  17. Keri says

    If you get a chance to do a video tutorial for this, I would be so thankful. I also cannot figure out how to get this style flipped and pinned right. It looks so easy, but I am reallydumb when it comes to hair. Today I finally got it to where I thought it was safe to go out in public, but by the time I stopped at the post office and got back home, it was falling out. Thanks for all your tips! I have been looking for help with my hair my whole life and your demonstrations have been just what I was looking for!

  18. Leana says

    I love your hair style!!! Is there a way to get my hairsylist to do it just like it? Your hair is perfect length for updos and for wairing it down!

  19. says

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  20. Anonymous says

    I have long (1/2 way down my back)curly, thick hair. This works beautifully in my hair and is SUPER easy!!! My kind of style!!!! Thanks!

  21. says

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  22. says

    stunning! ! Would you just change it underneath the opposite part then and afterwards cover the bobby pin? ? Also how managed you get the hair to poof from the center? Looks completely normal, and simple and easy fashion . adore it.

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